WHITE HOUSE READIES FOR WAR: Assad Preparing Another Chemical Weapons Attack

Sean Spicer Tweeted the following late last night concerning advance preparations for Syrian regime massacre with chemical weapons.

Then Nikki Haley followed Spicer up with the following Tweet:

Whether the assertions here concerning Assad’s preparations for a chemical attack are true or just a false flag in order to provide a reason for the USA to enter the Syrian war doesn’t quite matter.  At the end of the day if the US is trying to make the case that Russia and Iran are also culpable then the Syrian crisis is moving beyond the scope of anything we have seen.

Assertions of the kind made above have real world consequences.  This is not to say that Assad should be backed or Russia’s Putin is really a friend like so many others push on their blogs, but entering into the Syrian foray would radically change the Middle East and probably the world as a direct war between Russia and the USA would become a real possibility.

It is true that Trump has no interest in starting pointless wars, but there are those in the White House that are. As we have seen Trump is highly suceptible to advice given by those he deems loyal even if it is partially skewed and misguided.

The ominous situation that Syria and those countries near it now find themseves in is about to get a lot more crazy. There are those in the Kremlin who are very susicious of US intentions. Bellicose statements, even if they are not backed can have the potential to spark a wider conflict.

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