Why is Trump Pushing Peace when War Seems more Likely?

With Russia supporting  a Syrian-Hezbollah-Iranian attack on rebel positions in Daraa, putting them in striking position of northern Israel and Gaza continuing to heat up, literally, the USA has placed extra emphasis on its alliance with Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following in yesterday’s cabinet meeting:

“Over the weekend I had two important meetings with Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt. We discussed the diplomatic process and regional issues, and there was special focus on the situation in Gaza. I must say that there was absolute support for our positions and our actions to ensure the security of the State of Israel and its citizens in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, which was expressed publicly by the American administration’s envoys. The issue also came up of how it might be possible to resolve the humanitarian problem in Gaza without strengthening Hamas. These matters are clear – first of all how to ensure security and how to prevent a broader flare-up, if it is at all possible. I expressed great appreciation for President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo and of course for Ambassador Haley for the continual and strong support at the UN, which is very impressive.”

Given the tension rising in the region it is hard to understand why President Trump is still placing an emphasis on Middle East Peace.  The President met with Jordan’s King Hussein yesterday at the White House while Kushner and Greenblatt were speaking with Netanyahu just days earlier. With the proverbial noose tightening around both countries, why is the administration focusing on something that seems so far away?

Jordan is Cornered, Will they Fold?

The administration’s peace plan is done and like the Palestinian Authority has hinted, they are not included.  President Trump’s style is to apply maximum pressure to the side who is most obstinant.  In this case, it is Jordan, or let’s say Jordan’s King.

The Hashemite’s rule over its population, which is 80% Palestinian is tenuous.  In fact he relies almost entirely on US and Israeli security to keep safe. Now the Saudis and Gulf States have decided to prop up Jordan’s economy. With years of playing both sides, President Trump has decided to call the king of Jordan out.

With Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria closing in and the Palestinians in Jordan threatening a real revolt, Trump has the leverage he needs to force Jordan to accept the USA’s peace plan. Of course, that would mean an end to the Palestinian Authority with Jordan taking responsibility for those residents in 40% of Judea and Samaria that identify as Palestinian.

President Trump wants to use the external pressures of Iranian hegemony to force Jordan to accept it real role as “Palestine.”

2 Palestines and One Greater Israel

The plan that has seemingly been accepted within the Trump Administration is the breaking apart of the Oslo Peace narrative of the last 25 years. With Gaza, essentially independent, it has become a defacto Palestine. It has a government and is in charge of its own security and yes, very contiguous. Jordan will take over responsibility for areas A and B in Judea and Samaria and retain their custodial rights over Islamic religious sites in Jerusalem.  Israel will annex area C.

This is the plan that appears to be on the table and this is precisely why Jordan is so nervous about it. King Hussein has refrained from giving any credence that he already rules over Palestine.  Afterall, it is his rule which is artificial and if he agrees to Trump’s plan without any security and economic guarantees he will be risking his own neck with nothing in return.

President’s Trump’s emphasis on pushing a peace plan at this time is part of his larger strategy in using the rising tensions of war to force those leaders to come to the table.

2 Replies to “Why is Trump Pushing Peace when War Seems more Likely?”

  1. Is their such A thing as the right time to establish justice for the Jews? Is their such A thing as the right circumstance? Does strategy exist? For the most part asserting justice should always be the right time to raise the alarm if you are among fair people who champion justice. If not, then the question becomes do the Jewish people have the power, to assert their rights, followed by the knowledge of the power and their moral rights. In the case of the Jewish people, we always have the power. Our leadership is vastly superior to American leadership in the world, the moral standards that the Jewish nation can achieve is far more than the moral standards the americans can achieve in the world, as is the economic abilities of our people to elevate the world, whose laws are created by G-d. The reality of our current situation is that we do not have access to the Israeli people through the Israeli media, not to educate them as to the existence of our G-d, or how his laws have made it so that if we fight for Jewish leadership of this world we will be granted victory over those who oppose us. Therefore, A path exists by which we can assert our rights, and move on from this circumstance where we can offer no leadership and the americans get to decide what new freedom of speech gets promoted and what Jewish free speech typically gets buried.
    We the Jewish people of Israel the real representatives of the Jewish people of the world as opposed to the Jewish American leaders who betray the Jews regularly declare to the world that the British, the americans and the Europeans have been discriminating against the Jewish nation of Israel for the better part of 100 years or more. They have denied us access to their media, and continue to do so. In submission to G-d, and in the pursuit of justice we lay claim to Jordan in an attempt to establish justice where none is available to us. We were unfairly robbed of our nation as was agreed to us, which was only the case based on our ability to do anything about it, proving that the basis of western power in practice is might not right. The aggression against our nation continued immediately afterwards, with americans, British, europeans and their muslim allies then claiming that Jerusalem was not ours, nor Judea and Samaria, nor gaza. It is within our right according to G-ds Law to seize those lands and Jordan. It is also within our right according to international law to seize lands denied to unjustly by aggressors leveraging force as their justification. The war against us has been ongoing and the people of the middle east and the people of America and Europe have been complicit. This also fulfills moral law as the secular of our time understand it. No other potential solution is possible due to the reality that we do not have access to the American public nor the Europeans media or the middle eastern public, assuming they were open to being swayed towards justice in the first place. It is like the Torah says, due to gentile immorality, there is no other option than asserting our G-d given right to the land. We chose to assert it pertaining to Jordan, and our right to remove gentiles from our living space as our faith does not believe what muslims or Christians believe, and we are free and sovereign under G-d. Our people do not share the beliefs of the American people, our values are not the same no matter how much media propaganda likes to pretend it is. There is no better place to announce our break with the American establishment consensus than in re-establishing justice and taking possession of Jordan, no better justification for defending ourselves than engaging the Iranians who threaten to exterminate us, their allies the Syrians, and then once the wars begin, moving in and occupying Jordan, removing the gentiles for united Israel, and making our case to the Jewish people of Israel. In G-d I trust.
    The west may try to boycott us, but we can tell the people of Israel the truth about how the americans and the Europeans have been rigging their media and establishment for the past 70+ years. This would make A return to the past beliefs impossible. The west can continue to censor us, then demonize us and eventually attack us, at which point Hashem will show the world on what side He is on. It is not as extreme as it sounds, the americans had the ability to boycott Israel any time they wanted to and censor us more over any issue they want. It is to our advantage, the more we dump the americans and the Europeans, the less important it becomes to continue the first world status of the west and the illusion of the friendship with the Jewish people. In G-d I trust.

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