Jerusalem’s Old City: Explore and learn about Jerusalem’s Old City. Visit all four quarters and witness Jewish life coming back to life across the Old City. 

See where young Jewish Pioneers are building communities in the very same areas, Jewish families fled from during the Arab pogroms of the 1920s and 1930s.

Learn about the history of the Jewish history of the Old City in the pre-state era.

Experience Redemption as it happens.

Tour Length: Approximately 3 hours.

City of David: Travel back in time to the days of King David by walking through streets of the Old City. Descend down to the Gihon Spring, where the Biblical Kings were crowned. 

Then walk through the Kidron look up at the Shiloach neighborhood and learn about the growing Jewish community returning to what was the Old Yemenite Village. 

Tour ends up at the Southern Excavation area.

Tour Length: Approximately 3 hours.