Israel Rising

Connecting You To The Land Of Israel And To Yourself

Israel Rising is a frontline VIP tour and educational experience that focuses on Jerusalem and Hebron. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the roots of the Nation of Israel and experience the national return happening before our eyes in a way unique to any other tour.


David Mark

David Mark is a frontline tour guide specializing in strategic and culturally significant locations in Israel. He has been an on the ground Land of Israel Activist for nearly two decades and has a rich background in land  reclamation activities in Jerusalem’s Old City and the Southern Hebron Hills.

Besides guiding, he teaches a series of classes in Jerusalem focusing on Jewish Law, philosophy, and the Land of Israel. He is a member of the faculty at Jerusalem’s Peninei HaOr conversion program. 

He also writes regularly for Israel Unwired and serves and the managing director of Pulse of Israel.

He lives in Kiryat Arba with his wife and children.