Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN During “Palestinian” Envoy’s Speech

Nikki Haley keeps on showing why she deserves to be the United States Ambassador to the UN.  After her speech at the UN, where she defended Israel’s use of force against “Palestinian” terrorists dressed as protestors, she decided to lodge her own protest against the “Palestinian” Authority by walking out while its envoy Riyad H. Mansour was speaking.

Mansour claimed Israel indiscriminately shot unarmed civilians and committed genocide.  Two claims proven false by Hamas’ own admission. Later he spoke with ABC outside saying:  “We condemn in the strongest term the atrocity by the Israeli occupying forces using this massive firepower against civilians who have the right to demonstrate peacefully, and they have been demonstrating peacefully.”

Mansour continued: “We demand that this action be stopped immediately, and we want those responsible to be brought to justice from the Israeli side because this is not allowed under the provisions of international law.”

Yet, Mansour’s claim the “Palestinians” were protesting “peacefully” has been proven wrong by Hamas’ own admission.

See the image in the Tweet below:

Here is just one of many examples of their “non-violent protest”:

and of course another example:

Nothing beats their own leadership admitting “these are not peaceful protests,”:


JERUSALEM FALLOUT: Nikki Haley Cuts $285 Million from the UN’s Budget

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced Sunday that the United States negotiated a $285 million cut in the United Nations’ “bloated” budget for next year.

“The inefficiency and overspending of the United Nations are well known,” Haley said in a statement from the US Mission. “We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked.”

Haley added that the “historic reduction” in spending is a step in the right direction and that the US would make many other moves toward a more efficient and accountable UN.

“In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key US priorities throughout the world and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the UN system,” the statement said.

The new UN budget deal for the 2018-2019 fiscal year totals $285 million less than the United Nations outrageous $5.4 billion budget for the current year .

Haley continued on to say that she hopes to continue making more reductions in the UN’s budget in the years ahead.

JERUSALEM FALLOUT: Haley Scolds United Nations over Attempted Repeal of Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition

Nikki Haley said the following at the United Nations in relation to both the one year anniversary of the passage of UN Resolution 2334 and the UN attempt at repealing the United States’ decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

“The United States refuses to accept the double standard that says we are not impartial when we stand by the will of the American people by moving our US embassy, but somehow the United Nations is a neutral party when it consistently singles out Israel for condemnation.

For decades, Israel has withstood wave after wave of bias in the UN and its agencies. The United States has often stood beside Israel. We did not on December 23, 2016. We will not make that mistake again.”

UNESCO, “Palestine,” and the Erasure of Indigenous History in the Land of Israel

On Friday, UNESCO voted in a secret ballot to declare that Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarch is actually an Islamic and Palestinian Word Heritage site. This vote disregarded the Jewish connection to the city and the Cave of the Patriarchs entirely.

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister of Education responded with the following:

“The Jewish connection to Hebron goes back thousands of years. Hebron, the birthplace of King David’s kingdom, and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the first Jewish purchase in Israel and resting place of our forefathers – are our people’s oldest heritage sites,” he said. “Unesco’s resolution must be rejected, and our efforts to strengthen the city of our fathers increased,” he added.”

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN slammed the decision as well.

“The UNESCO vote on Hebron is tragic on several levels. It represents an affront to history,” Haley said in a statement. 

“It undermines the trust that is needed for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to be successful,” she said. “And it further discredits an already highly questionable UN agency. Today’s vote does no one any good and causes much harm.”

“The United States is currently evaluating the appropriate level of its continued engagement at UNESCO.”

In order to fully understand where to go from the UNESCO travesty, one must understand the partnership the agency and the Palestinian as well as the broader Islamist goals are in Israel and beyond.

The Palestnians were created in 1964 by Yasser Arafat when the Arab world realized they needed some sort of indigenous claim to the Land of Israel, as their broad claim of Zionist colonization failed to make any imprint on a post World War Two Europe and America.

So, in a strategic switch the PLO was born and somehow rewrote history in a bid to claim the mantle of the truly indigenous people belonging to the Holy Land. In 1967, when the Jewish people liberated the heart of their homeland in Judea and Samaria as well as the Golan, Gaza, and Sinai, the newly created “Palestinians” claimed their Land was being colonized even more.

Of course, history shows this is all nonesense as the influx of today’s Palestnians came in waves and usually mirroried Jewish immigration to the Holy Land.  In the 1860’s according to Turkish records the majority population Jerusalem was already Jewish. Beyond Jerusalem, the ancient cities of Sefat and Tiberious had Jewish populations as well as Hebron’s Jewish community that went back well over a thousand years before the Muslum conquest.

This is not to say there were no Arabs, there were. Many of these Arabs came from Syria and even Chechnya or Turkey. A small minority of indigenous Arabs lived in the Southern Hebron Hills, most likely dscended from Jews who vere forced to convert around the 9th and 10th centuries.

It was not until the early 1900’s that Turkey began to encourage intra-migratrion within its empire as to offset the growing Jewish population.  By the time the British took over the Holy Land and renamed it Palestine, the Arab population had artificially exploded.

The Palestinians have no indigenous culture.  They, like the broader Islamist movement sees others’ indigineity as an emotional affront to their lack of historical claims here in the Land of Israel and elsewhere.  Instead of accepting history, they have learned that they have willing partners in the international community that will simply help them appropriate it.

Hebron is the earliest site of spiritual significance to the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  Allowing a group of clans that moved to the area relatively recently to claim historical connection to the site that was actually built by the King of Judea is absurd and renders their ability to detect right from wrong obsolete.  Of course, truth is not UNESCO’s or the Palestinian’s goal.

UNESCO believes it’s mandate is to encourage the appropriation of history so as to not be bothered by the Jewish people’s steadfast return and reclaiming that which is mandated by heaven as well as acquired here on earth. Afterall, for UNESCO, the Holocaust is but a distant memory; one where a European group called the Jews were sytematically murdered.

For UNESCO, these Jews are just Europeans with no historical orindigenous claims within the boundaries of ancient Israel. Of course, this is also a perversion of history Israel is made up of Jews of all backgrounds, with a majority from Arab lands. Not to mention, Jews of European descent can trace their origin back to Israel. Once again, history and truth has no place in UNESCO’s perception of reality.

The faster that Israel works to ensure that Hebron is an indisputable part of the State of Israel by providing easy access to its Holy Sites as well as encouraging continued purchasing of private homes by Jews within the ancient city, the faster the world will have to come to a conclusion that the Jews of old have actually returned to their forefathers’ Land.

Haley warns UNESCO: “Hebron is not in Danger, Don’t Believe the PA”

The Washington Free Beacon obtained a letter penned by Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to UNESCO, warning them not to add the Cave of the Patriarchs to a list of World Heritage sites that are in danger.

Haley started by saying it is the “strong opinion of the United States that the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank, not be added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Danger at the Organization’s meeting in Krakow.” 

“The Tomb of the Patriarchs, which is sacred to three faiths, is under no immediate threat,” according to Haley. “Such a designation risks undermining the seriousness such an assessment by UNESCO should have.” Haley cited other sites in Congo, Libya, Iraq, and Syria as “under real and imminent threat of destruction today.”

It is these sites that “demand UNESCO’s full and immediate attention, which should not be wasted on this sort of symbolic action.”

“As the United States in engaged in trying to increase the chances of a peace deal that is in the best interests of both Israel and the Palestinians, this effort at UNESCO … is particularly ill-timed and unfortunate,” Haley writes.

Trump officials added to Haley’s letter by commenting that the PA is using the UNESCO vote as a platform to bash Israel.

“We’re at a unique moment when progress towards a resolution of the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians is possible, but it has to happen in the context of direct negotiations between the two parties, not through unilateral action at an international organization,” the administration official said. “The politicization of UNESCO is deeply unfortunate and we hope all countries truly hoping for peace will oppose this counter-productive measure.”

‘The Palestinians are rewriting history’

Sharren Haskel, an MK for the Likud visited the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Sunday, urging the World body not to cave into the lies  of the Palestinians.

“This is a test for the international community. The Palestinian claims are baseless and distort reality. The Palestinians want to rewrite history and use UNESCO as their mouthpiece,” said Haskel.

“As religious sites that are thousands of years old are being destroyed in the Middle East, Israel preserves the sites that are sacred to everyone, and they are open to all religions to visit and pray,” she added.

Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs in particular is the birthplace of the Jewish nation.  It is where Abraham made his home and where he and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah are buried. On the hill overlooking the burial site, the  ancient city of Hebron has been uncovered.  Next to the same walls that Abraham entered is the burial place of Ruth and Yishai.  Hebron is where King David was first crowned ruler of Judea.  Jews have been living in Hebron for thousands of years dating back well before the first Muslim arrived.

The Palestinians have been focused on stealing Jewish religious and national sites by using world bodies such as UNESCO to rubber stamp their claims. Hebron is now ground zero in the Palesinian war on the truth.

PUTIN RESPONDS: “White House Threats Against Syria Are Unnacceptable”

With the White House catching even the State Department off-guard with its veiled attack on “Syrian preparations” for another chemical weapons attack, Russia countered with its own statement.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov released the following statement pushing back on the Trump Administration:

“We heard about this statement. We do not know what is the basis for this. And of course we categorically disagree with the ‘another attack’ wording,” Peskov told reporters.”We also consider any similar threats to the legitimate leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic unacceptable.”

Peskov continued: “Cases of chemical toxic substances’ use by Daesh terrorists have been repeatedly recorded. There is a potential threat of the repeat of such provocations. However, I repeat that I don’t possess exact information and I believe that my colleagues from special services and the Defense Ministry will share it [information] if they possess it.”

Although no evidence was stated by the White House of Syrian preparations, Assad has been known to own stockpiles of illegal Sarin Gas.  Russia has often times blamed ISIS for Assad’s chemical weapons infractions.

That being said, the following statement by Nikki Haley is a bit odd.

This sort of statement backs up Russia’s assertions and would in fact invite a chemical weapons attack by ISIS just so Syria can be blamed.

If the White House is right about Syria, then everyone there should pull back from Twitter usage as to not give the Russians anymore ammunition for their disinformation and propoganda campaign.

If the White House is not right about Syria then we are witnessing the makings of a false flag attack in real time.

WHITE HOUSE READIES FOR WAR: Assad Preparing Another Chemical Weapons Attack

Sean Spicer Tweeted the following late last night concerning advance preparations for Syrian regime massacre with chemical weapons.

Then Nikki Haley followed Spicer up with the following Tweet:

Whether the assertions here concerning Assad’s preparations for a chemical attack are true or just a false flag in order to provide a reason for the USA to enter the Syrian war doesn’t quite matter.  At the end of the day if the US is trying to make the case that Russia and Iran are also culpable then the Syrian crisis is moving beyond the scope of anything we have seen.

Assertions of the kind made above have real world consequences.  This is not to say that Assad should be backed or Russia’s Putin is really a friend like so many others push on their blogs, but entering into the Syrian foray would radically change the Middle East and probably the world as a direct war between Russia and the USA would become a real possibility.

It is true that Trump has no interest in starting pointless wars, but there are those in the White House that are. As we have seen Trump is highly suceptible to advice given by those he deems loyal even if it is partially skewed and misguided.

The ominous situation that Syria and those countries near it now find themseves in is about to get a lot more crazy. There are those in the Kremlin who are very susicious of US intentions. Bellicose statements, even if they are not backed can have the potential to spark a wider conflict.

Nikki Haley…Enemy of the Deep State

The strategy of the Deep State and its globalist allies has always been to disconnect governing institutions from the citizens who supposedly have the power to replace their elected officials.  We have seen this in the EU as well as significant parts of the United States Federal government.  No where else has this been more apparent than the State Department’s career bureaucrats and their counterparts in the UN visa vi their treatment of Israel.

A large percentage of US citizens support the State of Israel, yet past administrations have ramrodded the Jewish state at both the UN and in the halls of Foggy Bottom. Part of the reason the Deep State has for targeting the State of Israel is because it provides symbolism of fulfilled Divine promise that inspires people around the world. For the Deep State and many of its globalist partners this hope acts a block against their machinations of world dominance and control.

In steps the Trump Administration, with its sworn purpose to take down the Deep State and “Drain the Swamp.”  While the State Department remains partially in the hands of the Deep State, Trump’s appointment of Nikki Haley to the UN has turned the International organization upside down.

Since becoming the US Ambassador to the UN, Haley has been direct about her support for Israel and her condemnation of the UN’s embedded anti-Israel outlook. During her recent trip to Israel she said the following to Prime Minister Netanyahu after he thanked her for her support.

“You know, all I’ve done is to tell the truth, and it’s kind of overwhelming at the reaction,” Haley said. “It was a habit. And if there’s anything I have no patience for it’s bullies, and the U.N. was being such a bully to Israel, because they could.”

Yet, it’s more than that.  By going after the UN the way she has Haley has essentially put the UN on notice, which takes away one of the main tools from the globalist forces and their Deep State counterparts.

During her trip last week to Israel, Nikki Haley visited the Western Wall. She had this to say:

“My heart is full, and my life will change after the visit,” she wrote. “It was a blessing to experience a holy place with spiritual people full of love. May God bless whoever comes to the Western Wall.”

The Deep State and the globalist forces want to carve up the Holy Land and reverse the liberation of Land of Israel by its rightful owners.  Anyone who sides with the rights of the Jewish people to live within its ancestral homeland has picked a war with the Deep State and has been marked an enemy.  Nikki Haley has chosen her side.

WATCH Nikki Haley at the Western Wall