Nikki Haley…Enemy of the Deep State

The strategy of the Deep State and its globalist allies has always been to disconnect governing institutions from the citizens who supposedly have the power to replace their elected officials.  We have seen this in the EU as well as significant parts of the United States Federal government.  No where else has this been more apparent than the State Department’s career bureaucrats and their counterparts in the UN visa vi their treatment of Israel.

A large percentage of US citizens support the State of Israel, yet past administrations have ramrodded the Jewish state at both the UN and in the halls of Foggy Bottom. Part of the reason the Deep State has for targeting the State of Israel is because it provides symbolism of fulfilled Divine promise that inspires people around the world. For the Deep State and many of its globalist partners this hope acts a block against their machinations of world dominance and control.

In steps the Trump Administration, with its sworn purpose to take down the Deep State and “Drain the Swamp.”  While the State Department remains partially in the hands of the Deep State, Trump’s appointment of Nikki Haley to the UN has turned the International organization upside down.

Since becoming the US Ambassador to the UN, Haley has been direct about her support for Israel and her condemnation of the UN’s embedded anti-Israel outlook. During her recent trip to Israel she said the following to Prime Minister Netanyahu after he thanked her for her support.

“You know, all I’ve done is to tell the truth, and it’s kind of overwhelming at the reaction,” Haley said. “It was a habit. And if there’s anything I have no patience for it’s bullies, and the U.N. was being such a bully to Israel, because they could.”

Yet, it’s more than that.  By going after the UN the way she has Haley has essentially put the UN on notice, which takes away one of the main tools from the globalist forces and their Deep State counterparts.

During her trip last week to Israel, Nikki Haley visited the Western Wall. She had this to say:

“My heart is full, and my life will change after the visit,” she wrote. “It was a blessing to experience a holy place with spiritual people full of love. May God bless whoever comes to the Western Wall.”

The Deep State and the globalist forces want to carve up the Holy Land and reverse the liberation of Land of Israel by its rightful owners.  Anyone who sides with the rights of the Jewish people to live within its ancestral homeland has picked a war with the Deep State and has been marked an enemy.  Nikki Haley has chosen her side.

WATCH Nikki Haley at the Western Wall