The Fall of the State, the Rise of a New Order

We are entering a new phase of the breakdown of the State’s structure. Those people who are taking these third elections seriously are not understanding that in a real sense no matter if Bibi has enough to make a coalition or not, the State of Israel has been transformed by the current political chaos.

The Left will never have enough votes to win an election. The Supreme Court should have shut down the Prime Minister’s ability to form a coalition and instead decided to wait until after the election.


Nothing is simple. The Supreme Court knows the street is against it. To prevent the PM before an election from essentially having the ability to run would have revealed their true intentions and yet by punting the decision to March 2nd and beyond they are hinting that all may not be as it seems.


The Deep State will strike if it needs to. They are losing their grip on the country and as Bibi seems no closer to exiting, their strategy is to make chaos out of the situation. Third, fourth, and even a fifth election is not a problem for them. After all, they built the state and in their mind they can destroy it.

This is the real debate. Bibi and the Revisionist camp of the Likud and even the Religious Zionist parties believe that the crumbling tools of the Deep State/Mapai descedents can be uplifted to be used for the next stage of the Redemptive process. While this is partly true, the State as we understand it to be was built to be a series of structures in order to allow the elitists to rule over those who came to the Land of Israel as well as those already in it.

Bibi’s continued tenure is buying time for the idealists to effect change from within. He is the cover for them and the Deep State knows this.


This upcoming election will decide if the Deep State can further the chaos by preventing another coalition with the Prime Minister at its head or by the court ruling he cannot put together a coalition. They know they cannot win and so their goal is chaos that will lead to the State’s destruction.

However, chaos is not so bad. From chaos comes a new order – a new way of doing things. While the State as we know it maybe “falling apart” in the political sense, a new leadership with new ideas can arise taking the broken pieces of a system designed to service the few and rebuild it in order to create a fusion of Divine principles and physical tools.

Will this happen? Eventually, but the time it takes to unfold primarily depends on our own actions and whether or not we have awakened to a true Redemptive vision.

Israel’s Third Election and the Connection to the Final Redemption

The Redemption has always been a Jewish event. While it’s true the implications of such event will ripple outward across the world, the Redemption is one where authentic Jewish sovereignty is restored over the entire Land of Israel with the focus being the rebuilding of the Holy Temple on Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount.

The coming election, the third in one year stands as a transformative event for Israel. While there is an assumption of the miraculous concerning the events connected to the Redemption, Jewish eschatological understanding sees history and the unfolding rectification of events surrounding the Jewish return and full redemption within the confines of the physical world. This is because for us the physical world is not some barrier standing between the Creation and the Creator, but rather a means for the Creator to actively converse with the Creation. It is an expression of the Divine will itself.

This is why the events we are witnessing, despite many being political in nature are showing us how the Redemption is unfolding in front of us.

In order for Knesset Yisrael, the cosmic Israel to be properly expressed through its vessel, which is the Nation of Israel here in the physical, tools for this expression must be rectified. Since the beginning of the State, the Erev Rav, better known as the Deep State has effectvely used Israeli bureaucracy to block this rectification process. Despite this, the forces of Redemption have been able to push forward and have now left the Deep State with just two bastions of control – the courts and the media/entertainment industry.


So how is this election connected to the toppling of the Deep State?

The coup attempt against Prime Minister Netanyahu has set up an interesting turn of events for the entire governing structure of the State of Israel.

Three dates stand out for this unprecedented third election.

  1. Tomorrow, the 26th of December: Primary in Likud between Bibi Netayahu and Gidon Saar
  2. 31st of December: Tentative hearing in the Supreme Court on whether the Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is legally able to make a coalition even if he has the 61 seat block to do so after the 2nd of March
  3. 2nd of March: Israel’s election date, which begins on the 6th of Adar and ends at night, which is the 7th of Adar, the Yartzheit of Moshe Rabbeinu

Deeper Meaning Explained

Tomorrow Netanyahu should win handidly and if he wins by a large margin the assumption is that this will send a message to the Deep State that their attempts to topple the Prime Minister from within have failed.

The Deep State’s next move will most likely be to render the Prime Minister unable to form a coalition according to the law even if he can. This would in theory end Bibi’s political career, but the Prime Minister would certainly push on with increased support on the right, which may make the difference in getting his block over the magic 61 seats needed. After all, if the Supreme Court rules that way it would prove the claims that the Deep State is attempting a coup, because why else would the court step in like that.

This will set up a situation on the night of the election and the day after which is Moshe Rabbeinu’s Yartzheit, a time when the light of Redemption begins to descend that the President will have to decide to either listen to the Supreme Court and pick someone else or ultimately decide to follow the will of the people, thus breaking the hegemony of the Deep State once and for all.


Of course, President Reuven Rivlin has never been known as a revolutionary and so one should expect a complete breakdown in the government.

This leads us to Purim, which is a mere 8 days after the election. Rebbe Nachman famously teaches that “in the past all beginnings are connected to Pesach, but now they are connected to Purim.”

Whether the stalemate continues or not, the Redemption or a major stage in it appears to be finally upon us.

Will Bibi’s Fall Lead to the Destruction of Israel’s Deep State?

As Israel enters into another election for the Knesset, on the surface not much has changed. All of the similar faces and political parties are running and yet there is a feeling that something is intrinsically different in the third try.

Ultimately, this election is about the Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. While one can debate whether the Prime Minister deserves or does not deserve to be indicted, the law enforcement and legal establishment has in fact indicted the Prime Minister.

Israel has had leaders resign before due to corruption, yet those leaders were literally caught taking bribes – the kind that come in white envelopes. Netanyahu is something different. Whether justified or not, there is a feeling in nearly 50 percent of the country that these charges are trumped up, part of the Israeli Deep State’s war on the common person, the street.

This is why the Deep State’s war on Netanyahu matters, not because he is perfect or a Tzaddik, he seemingly is not. Remember, his role as many like him before was to wrest control of the State from the forces that hijacked the Zionist movement in the 1930s. Like Begin and Shamir before him, he tried to do just that and essentially succeeded. One does not have to be perfect to do that, just like Shamir always suggested “Just get the job done.”

Bibi’s Fall – a Necessary Tragedy

The Deep State appears ready to take Bibi down, but in doing so has revealed what everyone always quietly admitted to themselves – that it is in fact a bureaucratic tyranny that rules the State of Israel and not the people themselves. This thought is now open conversation. Perhaps, as the vessels built in part by the archetype (i.e. revisionist Zionism) represented in mystical thought as Mashiach ben Yosef begin to crumble, the next generation of leaders will do away with Israel’s Deep State once and for all, slaying the Erev Rav and building vessels that could actually contain the light of Mashiach ben David.

None of this is a process that happens over night. While it is true events are speeding up, expectations which can skew the process, distorting the outcome should never jump too far ahead of where we are at.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that every generation, the world gets a bit better as more and more of it is repaired. While it is true that many times this rectification is preceded by a fall, what follows is a tremendous upswing and flow of light.

The Fall of the Deep State May Not be Dramatic

The Deep State may appear to be winning, but in many ways it is essentially leaving itself open for its own demise by taking down Netanyahu. In a sense, it in itself has focused all of its energies on one man ignoring that Israeli society has completely changed in the last decade. These are not Israelis that are apologetic or trapped up in the illusions of exile, but rather taken hold of their own destiny. This has occurred on the Prime Minister’s watch, mainly because he did a good job of covering for the rise of the next stage of national leadership, which has been built on the rubble of the destruction Gush Katif and the Second Lebanon war, coupled with the explosion in technological innovation and renewed spirit of connection to tradition.

Bibi is taking the fall, yet the Redemptive process will now unfold in a greater light and expression than before, even if it appears to be stalled at first.

Israeli Deep State Admits they Don’t Respect Democracy

Tamir Pardo, the former Mossad head has now admitted that he and others were prepared to disobey orders given by Prime Minister Netanyahu to attack Iran several years ago. According to sources Netanyahu gave them 15 days to prepare.  Although the order was eventially nullified.  The reaction to many entrenched in Israel’s Deep State is telling.

In an interview set to air in Israel, Pardo admits that he and others questioned Netanyahu legal right to prepare the security arms to attack Iran.

“I made as many inquiries as I could,” he said. “I asked the previous Mossad chief…I asked legal experts. I asked everyone I could find to ask, in order to understand who has the authority to give orders on any issue which would start a war.”

“At the end of the day, if I receive an order, and if I receive an order from the Prime Minister, then I am supposed to carry it out. I need to be sure that if, G-d forbid, something goes wrong, or if the action fails, there won’t be a situation in which I did something illegal.”

In the interview Pardo claimed he was considering resigning.

“When the diplomats give an order, you have two options,” Pardo said. “One option is to carry it out, and another option is to hand in the keys. It’s good that I didn’t have to make that decision….though I did think of it.”

Reaction has been swift by the current government.

The current Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan said the following on Pardo’s revelation:

“What Tamir Pardo did was no less than an act of rebellion. In a democracy, those who the people elected are the ones who make the decisions. It is inconceivable that someone working in the public sector will refuse to listen to the government’s orders, when the government was chosen by Israeli citizens. His decision to discuss this topic when we are in the midst of an international battle against those funding Iranian terror harms the battle against Iran, solely for the sake of headlines.”

Deputy Minister Michael Oren also came out swinging at Pardo and Israel’s Deep State:

“The phenomenon of ‘securityists’ and ‘exes’ who come out against the government is only growing. It is important to remember that most of them do not see the overall picture and are not aware of all the factors that led to one decision or another. They are not skilled in decision-making on the international political-strategic level. Moreover, the prime minister has to rely on the people he appoints.”

Given the fact that Netanyahu himself is considered a security minded Prime Minister makes the decisions of Pardo and his colleagues very puzzling.  Israel’s Deep State has increasingly been cornered by Likud and Jewish Home leaders who have taken a proverbial broom to state institutions.

Americans Acknowledge Deep State as Public Disclosure of Crimes Looms

A stunning poll from Monmouth University revealed how a clear majority of Americans have woken up to the concept of a ‘deep state’.

 ‘Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term “Deep State;” another 24% are somewhat familiar, while 63% say they are not familiar with this term. However, when the term is described as a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy, nearly 3-in-4 (74%) say they believe this type of apparatus exists in Washington. This includes 27% who say it definitely exists and 47% who say it probably exists. Only 1-in-5 say it does not exist (16% probably not and 5% definitely not).’

This poll validates the genuineness of the ‘great awakening’ facilitated by President Trump (and his close associates). Every day, thousands of Americans achieve awareness of the unbelievable level of corruption in the political system. I have covered how, in the past, a number of politicians alluded to this concept of a deep state. Examples include President Eisenhower’s reference to the military–industrial complex and President Kennedy’s speech warning of ‘secret societies’ and a ‘monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’. Shockingly, just this past Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul answered ‘absolutely’ when directly asked if a deep state exists.

For specific names of deep state activists, you can point to a former employee of both the CIA and FBI Philip Mudd who, in referring to the President, said they [the deep state] will ‘kill this guy’. Interestingly, Mr. Mudd is alleged to be a direct descendant of Samuel Mudd, an American physician who was imprisoned for conspiring with John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. I suppose there is some genetic disposition within the Mudd family to overthrowing governments.

In January, President Trump referenced the ‘deep state’ in a tweet. But, in a speech last month at CPAC, he vaguely referred to ‘forces’ that don’t have the people’s best interest: 
‘We’re fighting a lot of forces.  They’re forces that are doing the wrong thing.  They’re just doing the wrong thing.  I don’t want to talk about what they have in mind.  But they do the wrong thing.  But we’re doing what’s good for our country for the long-term viability and survival.’

The President is most likely hinting at a much darker reality where his enemies are not simply part of rogue intelligence agencies. Perhaps, he is channeling the qanon posts, described by New York Magazine as:

‘…someone calling themselves Q began posting a series of cryptic messages in a /pol/ thread titled “Calm Before the Storm” (assumedly in reference to that creepy Trump quote from early October). Q claimed to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name) tasked with posting intel drops — which he, for some reason, called “crumbs” — straight to 4chan in order to covertly inform the public about POTUS’s master plan to stage a countercoup against members of the deep state.’

These posts have been widely mocked by mainstream media publications like Newsweek as ‘fake news’. Curiously, Newsweek did notreceive a comment from the White House on a claim made by Alex Jones that he was told by them to start covering the qanon posts. As of today, there has been no public statement from the Trump administration on the authenticity of these qanon posts. The silence speaks for itself.

Originall Published in News with Chai.


And how to resist it.

The latest news from Israel’s left-wing media outlets is that Ratan Tata, an Indian billionaire, testified to the Israeli police about Prime Minister Netanyahu. The story turned out to be fake news. And that’s true of most of their anti-Netanyahu hit pieces along with the police investigations that accompany them.

But that doesn’t matter.

Americans are just now being introduced to the permanent investigation and its scandal rolodex. Israelis have been living with this Deep State assault against their democracy for much longer. Over eight long years, leftists in the judicial system and the media have manufactured a non-stop campaign of scandals and investigations against Netanyahu. The investigations and the scandals fall apart, but it doesn’t matter because there are usually several being rotated in and out from the scandal rolodex.

The scandals and investigations fall into two categories that should be familiar to Trump supporters.

Category one scandals link some random billionaire to Netanyahu through a chain of connections. The random billionaire in this case is Indian. Then there’s an Australian billionaire in Mexico, German shipbuilders and whatever part of the globe the media-judicial alliance throws a dart at next.

The fake news media in this country is following the same game plan. The latest media hit pieces target Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, in much the same way. Indeed the Russia scandal developed out of media hit pieces that used Trump’s international network of businesses to build up very similar conspiracy theories about foreign interests and influences.

These types of scandals constantly imply corruption without ever actually proving it. But by generating a whole lot of them, they create the sense that Netanyahu or Trump must have done something wrong.

Though no one can say what, because no one can keep track of all the fake scandals.

Category two scandals are character attacks. “He’s a bad person.” Typical examples are Trump’s condolence call controversy and accusations that Netanyahu’s wife is mean to employees.

These types of scandals are straightforward gossip. But lefties have tried to transform them into legal cases. Just about anyone who has ever worked for the Netanyahu family can walk out of the door and have a standing offer to file a lawsuit and do a tour of the media alleging horrible treatment. And the left is trying to advance similar lawsuits against President Trump.

There are lessons to be learned for Trump and Trump supporters from Netanyahu’s experiences.

First, permanent investigations don’t resolve. Trying to wait them out doesn’t work. They never go away until the left wins. An investigation that doesn’t pan out gets swapped out for another one. There are three investigations targeting Netanyahu. If none of them get results, there will be three others.

Everyone knows that.

Second, the purpose of a permanent investigation isn’t to get results. The left would love it if their investigations finally brought down Trump or Netanyahu, but they know that’s a long shot.

The permanent investigation’s real goals are to inflict electoral and policy damage: tying down a targeted politician in scandals so that the public loses confidence in him and preventing him from focusing on his policies. What the left wants is to win elections and stop conservative policies.

The scandals and investigations are political sabotage. And should be treated that way. They’re not about Trump or Netanyahu. They’re about protecting illegal immigration and Islamic terrorists.

Third, the investigations isolate their target by harassing staffers, friends, donors and political allies.

The investigations are a political operation. And so their targets are political. The purpose of the attack is to take out loyal staffers and force allies to keep their distance out of fear that they’ll be next.

Taking out Flynn left Trump with few options except McMaster. And that allowed the swamp to reclaim the National Security Council and protect the eavesdropping operation against Trump. The likely Flynn charges have little to do with the reason he was forced to resign or any accusations against Trump.

But that doesn’t matter. The real goal was to remove Flynn. The details don’t matter.

Thinning out a target’s inner circle makes it harder for him to find competent and loyal replacements. And that makes it all too easy for the swamp to plant its own people in his inner circle. And even if the staffers and allies stay loyal, the investigations make it harder for them to get anything done.

And that too is the point.

This may seem like a grim picture of what the next term or two will look like. But it’s not all grim.

Netanyahu made it through eight years by not letting the scandals drag him down. Even when the attacks against him and his family were as vicious, nasty and personal as the left could get.

He even turned the constant scandals and investigations into a hilarious campaign ad.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has accepted them as a fact of life in a political system where the left’s anti-Israel extremism has made it toxic to voters even while it still controls much of the establishment.

The permanent scandal has been met with permanent scandal fatigue by the public. Israelis have been living through years of hysterical headlines about Netanyahu’s ice cream eating (CNN did its own version of a Trump ice cream scandal with “Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1”), his wife’s bottle deposits, their children’s misbehavior, their nannies and his bed.

Hardly anyone outside the media bubble cares. Netanyahu’s reputation has been damaged with the media’s low information voters, but he’s still Israel’s longest serving consecutive prime minister.

The Israeli lefty media reacted to its narrative failures the same way that its American counterparts did.

After Trump’s win, the media launched a crusade against “fake news” enlisting Google and Facebook to censor results based on the opinions of the media’s “fact check” operations. Their Israeli counterparts were even more brazen. After a previous Netanyahu victory, they rolled out the “Law for the Advancement and Protection of Written Journalism in Israel”.

The law “advanced and protected” written journalism by banning the distribution of successful free newspapers. The real purpose of the law was to ban the pro-Netanyahu paper, Israel Hayom.

But the media’s censorship crusade didn’t accomplish anything.

The media has an exaggerated sense of its own power and of the gullibility of the public. The two fallacies are interrelated. When people don’t listen to it, the media assumes that since they’re too stupid to have their own ideas, they must be getting all their ideas from some other source. Stamp out this other source, online or offline, and the people will go back to believing what they’re told.

It doesn’t work so well when the media has a worldview and interests that are at odds with the people.

Netanyahu is still around because he represents the public better than the establishment does. The same is true of Trump. And the establishment can’t look in the mirror long enough to understand that.

In free countries, the left operates on two tracks: the democratic and the undemocratic. When it loses democratically, it redoubles its undemocratic efforts to retain power. Scandals and investigations are the tools of an undemocratic establishment. But they can’t overthrow the will of the people.

When conservative leaders stay strong, the scandals and investigations blow away like the wind.

Originally Published in FrontPageMag.

Mueller Indicts Manafort, Is a Soft Coup Underway?

Paul Manafort the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump and Manafort’s longtime business partner Rick Gates have been charged in a 12-count indictment with conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money and making false statements.

To most experts, these indictments issued by Special Counselor Robert Mueller III are only the beginning.  Retired Gen. Flynn who served as the head of the NSC for a brief time in the beginning of Trump’s term is under active investigation as are other members of Trump’s campaign.

The real question is whether Mueller will go as far as investigating and indicting Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. who both met with Russian linked associates during the campaign. With Mueller on the roll, the investigation will be pushed ahead and risks entrapping Trump with the Nixonian decision to either let Mueller go the distance or fire him, which could bring about articles of impeachment by both Democrats and Republicans looking to take him down.

All of this of course appears to be a massive move by the Deep State to either pressure Trump to run the country according to their designs or face removal.  With Mueller making a political issue that much more divisive by only focusing on Trump when it has been proven that Hillary Clinton cavorted with the Russians during campaign, the special council risks tearing an already divided country apart.

Chaos, Russian Style

The investigation into Russian influence during the campaign appears to be Russian influenced itself.  Putin never had a winning horse in the race, but wanted to create the feeling he was involved in order to inflict doubt about the winner across the American public.  With Mueller’s probe continuing and both right and left at each other’s throats, Putin has begun to gain the upper hand against the USA by pushing its internal divisions to the extreme.  This has allowed Russia to take advantage of an administration that has been “under the proverbial gun” since the beginning.

For Putin, it doesn’t matter if Trump is removed or not, the mere fact that there is an investigation is enough to weaken America and allow Russia to assert control and influence over Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Will Israel’s Deep State Take Bibi Down?

The end is here for Netanyahu.

Whether he is guilty of the crimes he is accused or not, the media appears to have pulled together to finaly take down the man who they despise more than anything else.

It is true, that much of what we see and hear about the three cases that have touched Netanyahu’s inner circle seem to be part of the pervading cacaphony of noise pervasive in Israel’s left run media that repeats the mantra,”Bibi is guilty.”

We saw this last week when Ari Harow, the former Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff turned states witness, supposedly against Netanyahu.

Yet a statement by Harow on Channel 2 should  remind us that something is not right here in what has become a witch hunt.

“The definition of state’s witness is not someone from inside who turns traitor against his boss,” he said. “Case 2000 is not a case that I opened. It is something that fell on me against my will while I was there. My ability to speak or not speak with the police is irrelevant.”

“They are accusing me of crimes that are unconnected to the prime minister and in my opinion I have not committed them,” he said, according to the TV report. “The choice is not whether me or [Netanyahu] will go to jail. Rather it is whether I will go to jail for no reason or not.”

Case 2000 involves the trading of cutting back Israel HaYom circulation which is run by Netanyahu backer Sheldon Adelson for favorable coverage in  Yediot Ahronot, a paper that often vilifies Netanyahu.

The two other cases are Case 1000 and Case 3000.  Case 1000 involves the Prime Minister accepting a box of fancy cigars from a friend and Case 3000 is connected to the German Submarine deal. The latter of the two was supposed to be Netanyahu’s undoing.  In fact the former Defense Minister Bogie Yaalon claims he has evidence of Netanyahu’s culpability, but a simple question needs to be asked. Why didn’t Yaalon who was bitter at Netanyahu run straight to the police? Now that Case 3000 has stalled against the Prime Minister, it has dropped from the media.

So what is going on?  The Harow situation is the key.  The police decided that Harow was guilty of using his position to promote his business, so they threatened him with jail time.  But Harow said the following in connection to the accusations:

“The accusations against me are baseless. I didn’t do anything with my company without legal advice,” he told them. “In other circumstances, I would have gone to fight, but with the current situation and in light of the resources invested, that would be pointless.”

“I will apparently receive several months of community service,” he said. “If the evidence against me was so strong I would go to jail for five years and the prosecution would never have agreed to be so lenient.”

Whether or not Harow has any damning evidence on Netanyahu remains to be seen, but the Harow case is an example or sordid tactics used to pressure Netanyahu’s clsosest friends to “spill the beans.”  This is why Netanyahu may not make it through this. The system is arrayed against him. The system is the system built by the socialist Mapai who ran Israel overtly until 1977 when Menachem Begin became Prime Minister.  By then the founders’ children were in Labor and victory after victory of the right has shown them the only way to hold on to their “parents’ inheritance” is to fight from the shadows.

No one stops to ask why Ehud Barak who is funded by foregin governments and leftwing think tanks isn’t taken to task on his actions as Defense Minister being influenced by foreign nationals.  Or Herzog’s clear collusion with Obama against a sitting Prime Minister.

Yet, Israel’s Deep State, which has kept control of the media and elements of the judicial branch as well as parts of the police department has decided to make war against Bibi and his goverment.  It is this war that is beginning to paralyze the government right when it needs a free hand to deal with a chaotic geopolitical environment.

Netanyahu may not be taken down legally, but if recent polls are correct, the right and his base are beginning to look elsewhere for a new leader.  Netanyahu’s base is key for his continued rule.  Without it he cannot hold on. The coming months will be key.  The Deep State in Israel is banking on the right fracturing over Netanyahu so it can take him and the right down in the next election. Netanyahu needs to shore up his base and move to the right so they will stand with him against a shadowy plot to remove him and his government from leadership.

Nikki Haley…Enemy of the Deep State

The strategy of the Deep State and its globalist allies has always been to disconnect governing institutions from the citizens who supposedly have the power to replace their elected officials.  We have seen this in the EU as well as significant parts of the United States Federal government.  No where else has this been more apparent than the State Department’s career bureaucrats and their counterparts in the UN visa vi their treatment of Israel.

A large percentage of US citizens support the State of Israel, yet past administrations have ramrodded the Jewish state at both the UN and in the halls of Foggy Bottom. Part of the reason the Deep State has for targeting the State of Israel is because it provides symbolism of fulfilled Divine promise that inspires people around the world. For the Deep State and many of its globalist partners this hope acts a block against their machinations of world dominance and control.

In steps the Trump Administration, with its sworn purpose to take down the Deep State and “Drain the Swamp.”  While the State Department remains partially in the hands of the Deep State, Trump’s appointment of Nikki Haley to the UN has turned the International organization upside down.

Since becoming the US Ambassador to the UN, Haley has been direct about her support for Israel and her condemnation of the UN’s embedded anti-Israel outlook. During her recent trip to Israel she said the following to Prime Minister Netanyahu after he thanked her for her support.

“You know, all I’ve done is to tell the truth, and it’s kind of overwhelming at the reaction,” Haley said. “It was a habit. And if there’s anything I have no patience for it’s bullies, and the U.N. was being such a bully to Israel, because they could.”

Yet, it’s more than that.  By going after the UN the way she has Haley has essentially put the UN on notice, which takes away one of the main tools from the globalist forces and their Deep State counterparts.

During her trip last week to Israel, Nikki Haley visited the Western Wall. She had this to say:

“My heart is full, and my life will change after the visit,” she wrote. “It was a blessing to experience a holy place with spiritual people full of love. May God bless whoever comes to the Western Wall.”

The Deep State and the globalist forces want to carve up the Holy Land and reverse the liberation of Land of Israel by its rightful owners.  Anyone who sides with the rights of the Jewish people to live within its ancestral homeland has picked a war with the Deep State and has been marked an enemy.  Nikki Haley has chosen her side.

WATCH Nikki Haley at the Western Wall

Why the Deep State Hates Bibi Netanyahu

With the reporting last week that Prime Minister Netanyahu has quietly dropped the “Two-State Solution” from his verbiage, one of his trusted ministers came out and admitted publicly that “The Prime Minister as well no longer supports the two-state [solution].” This shift is of course not much of a shift, but rather a revelation of Netanyahu’s true core beliefs.  This is not to say that Bibi Netanyahu wouldn’t ink a deal if one that is amicable enough was presented, but at the end of the day, we all know that the parameters in which Netanyahu has laid down are not rooted in the present Palestinian reality.

This is why the Deep State, which has its fingers here in Israel hates the Prime Minister. Netanyahu was able to navigate the “Two-State Solution” during Obama’s tenure as if he owned it and yet in the the mere few months after Trump’s victory, Bibi’s support for it is a lonely asterisk in history. This ability to constantly change publicly while continuously putting into action Israel’s master plan for Judea and Samariais is nothing short of remarkable. As a student of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Netanyahu learned that the only thing that matters is to keep building and increasing the population of Judea and Samaria. Sometimes this mean a lot and sometimes just a little, but the important part is to constantly grow.

Bibi Netanyahu has been a faithful student, even if his base has not always understood his motives.  Now, with a friendly administration in the White House, one which supports a united Jerusalem under Israel, Netanyahu can once again increase building and development in Judea and Samaria to a point not seen since Bush.  True, the embassy is not moving to Jerusalem, but that is just a superficiality. The most important prize, the one which secures Israel’s control over its Divinely gifted heartland in Judea and Samaria seems to be won.

This is why the Deep State hates Bibi Netanyahu, because he knows how to outsmart them like no other.