Iran Runs into Problems with Donald Trump’s Administration…Is War Closer Than We Think?

The recent Iranian ballistic missile launch has brought a fiery response by the Trump Administration.  National Security Adviser Mike Flynn declared Wednesday: “As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

Flynn’s pronouncement is the first push back by the new White House against what has been flagrant violations by Iran of the nuclear agreement they signed last year with the major world powers. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Administration officials, while providing few specifics, said Mr. Trump has begun a process of reviewing current U.S. policy and is “considering a whole range of options,” including tougher sanctions. Asked if military force also was one of the options, the officials didn’t rule it out.”

With Houthi rebels backed by Iran revving up their attacks on Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah preparing for conflict with Israel, the Trump administrations much needed push back against Iranian aggression maybe be the last maneuver before the opening of a wider conflict.  It is no secret that Secretary of Defense Mattis is working hard to construct an anti-Iranian coalition of moderate Sunni states, Israel, and Turkey. Russia has become a key player in the shifting alliances as Putin looks like he is ready to cut Iran loose.

In the coming weeks expect the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden to continue to heat up as both sides reach a boiling point.


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  1. Great President Trump is going to go and blow up Iran. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of sheet wearing camel lovers. Lets go Trump.

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