Conquering Mosul…Does it Matter?

If there was a ever a wag the tail event or at least some twisted version of it, the Mosul offensive would be it.  An impressive array of US, Iraqi, Turkish, and Kurdish forces have now begun the invasion of Mosul, the Iraqi capital of ISIS. Some say 80,000 troops have been arrayed for the campaign.

Yet, with announcements made about the operation in public one wonders whether a successful retaking of Mosul would even matter as most of ISIS’s leadership fled the city a few months ago.

So what is the point of the operation?


Sputnik News points out the following:

“In any case, liberating the city will be a major foreign policy victory for the White House, and may give an edge to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who President Barack Obama sees as his preferred successor. Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized President Obama for not doing enough to fight Daesh, and for working against Russia rather than with it to root out and defeat the terrorist group.”

So we have a lame duck president openly invading another city in order to ensure a Clinton victory.

The world has gone mad and 800,000 residents in Mosul will feel the heat just so Obama can ensure his legacy is repaired.