As the Battle for Mosul Turns Sour for Coalition Forces, Obama’s Legacy Lays in Tatters

In the waning days of Obama’s presidency, his grand strategy to wipe out ISIS by taking Mosul has gone from an ingenious weaving of various coalition members fighting under American leadership to a failed slog as the advance of Iraqi forces grinds to a halt.  The battle turned after Iraqi forces entered the Golgali neighborhood.  They have been stuck there fighting a far more ferocious enemy than they imagined. Each day they take to advance mere inches the American backed Iraqi units’ morale lowers, giving ISIS an increasing edge in Mosul. Before Golgali, experts gave ISIS weeks, but now it looks like months if not more.

Compounding the strategy is the fact Abu Bakr Baghdadi, the self appointed caliph of ISIS is no longer there. Despite his absence he continues to inspire all of ISIS through the airwaves. One mission for coalition forces was to take the Nouree Al Kaber mosque early on.  This is the mosque where Baghdadi proclaimed himself the leader of the caliphate 30 months ago.  Coalition forces still have a long way to go in getting close to the mosque, a destination that would crush the morale of ISIS if Iraqi troops succeeded in reaching it.


Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

With the multi ethnic coalition collapsing and the Iraqi forces unable to break ISIS, Obama’s waning days in office are a nightmare.  Passing off ISIS to Trump is admitting failure, but with weeks to go it has become clear that Trump and Putin will attempt to work together to destroy ISIS in both Al-Raqqa and Mosul. Then again, ISIS may show to be just resilient to the new administration as they have been with Obama.


Conquering Mosul…Does it Matter?

If there was a ever a wag the tail event or at least some twisted version of it, the Mosul offensive would be it.  An impressive array of US, Iraqi, Turkish, and Kurdish forces have now begun the invasion of Mosul, the Iraqi capital of ISIS. Some say 80,000 troops have been arrayed for the campaign.

Yet, with announcements made about the operation in public one wonders whether a successful retaking of Mosul would even matter as most of ISIS’s leadership fled the city a few months ago.

So what is the point of the operation?


Sputnik News points out the following:

“In any case, liberating the city will be a major foreign policy victory for the White House, and may give an edge to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who President Barack Obama sees as his preferred successor. Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized President Obama for not doing enough to fight Daesh, and for working against Russia rather than with it to root out and defeat the terrorist group.”

So we have a lame duck president openly invading another city in order to ensure a Clinton victory.

The world has gone mad and 800,000 residents in Mosul will feel the heat just so Obama can ensure his legacy is repaired.