The US Election Was Hacked – Trump Makes His First Real Move

It now seems that President Trump has made his first real move in this third act of the 2020 Elections. While the corporatist/globalist media has been running around trying to defend against election fraud accusations, that team Trump has been cleverly throwing around, the real moves were being made while viewers, both right and left were distracted.

It now seems there is overwhelming evidence that Dominion Software was being used to manipulate countless juristictions across the country.

President Trump’s lawyer, Sydney Powell explains below:

Interestingly enough, a bit of information was put out over the weekend suggesting that the firing of Mark Esper might have had more to do with this than some sort of “coup” the Democrats claim Trump is in the middle of planning.


Congressman Louie Gomert speaks about a military raid on an intelligence company now based out of Germany that was connected to election data servers. Perhaps Esper was stalling on this.

Suffice it to say, part of the Trump strategy was to buy time and distract the globalist media and the Democrat party hacks that have been using Dominion Software in order to stage these sorts of raids.

While I have neglected to post this video after someone sent it to me, Powell’s confidence now about proof behind the Dominion Software hack or lets say patch, connects the dots together. This is why Republicans are backing President Trump, because they know, if this is allowed to stand then the Democrats with their Chinese and Globalist backers will permanently control the USA.

President Trump and his team appear to understand that this is more than just about Joe Biden, but about the future of US and the free world.

What we are witnessing in the US is the collapse of the New World Order’s attempt to essentially overtake the citizenry. Remember, the globalists care about one thing and that is an erasure of a G-D centered world. There are really two places that concern them, the USA and Israel. The USA, because of the Constitution which posits that all rights are endowed by the Creator, not man. And Israel, not because of the government, but because the miraculous return of the Jewish people attest to the truth of G-D’s promise and fulfillment of the prophecies given thousands of years ago.

President Trump’s team is making its first real move now and it is this set of moves that are set to take down the world of lies that has been built.


The 2018 annual AIPAC policy conference, which this year was held right after Purim in Washington, DC, offers a perfect opportunity to reflect on the value of Jewish Unity.

News reports say that over 18,000 attendees were at the AIPAC conference. Each individual attendee is clearly committed to support Israel.

There is no question that the conference goers maintain widely contrasting views of both how to support Israel and what is best for Israel. Perhaps 18,000 different views! This is the challenge and the hurtle. With everyone voicing their own agenda and views on how we can best help Israel from the U.S., we forget about the elephant in the room that we still have yet to confront. That is the issue of developing a mutual respect for Jews from different camps and beliefs. It is high time to start the dialogue and create the atmosphere for fostering unity.

The Herut World Movement is in the midst of The Jewish Unity Challenge. This is a personal call to Jews, to all Jews, including you, to start reaching out across the aisle, to create one united Jewish People. Just because Jews come from many different backgrounds and hold different beliefs doesn’t mean we cannot show love and respect for one another.

Our diverse types, colors, and traditions should be seen as a strength for all of us rather than foster exclusivity, elitism, selectiveness, and even superiority.

Ahavat Yisrael, the unconditional love of our fellow Jews, should not be seen as some unattainable dream. In our time we can make it a reality. We should not have to rely on the threat of Antisemitism and impendingdangers affecting Israel, as the only things for uniting us. There needs to start to have a dialogue, and foster an environment of acceptance for one another.

The lack of love and unity was considered by the ancient Jewish sages of the era of the Mishnah to be the root cause of the destruction of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. If we can re-introduce ourselves and start the process of accepting one another, in the spirit of Ahavat Yisrael, we can again grow as individuals and as a collective nation.

The Jewish Unity Challenge is designed to spark a conversation between the diverse types of Jews so that we can achieve greater things for the State of Israel and the People of Israel.

It’s time to put aside differences we may have with other Jews, and focus on the wonderful, time-honored things that unite us as Jews. This is your individual challenge. This is our collective challenge as a community.

What we are talking about is simple, yet we call it a challenge because it is not so easy! When it comes down to it, many of us have a knee-jerk reaction to leaving our comfort zone. That is why this is called a challenge. It is time to look at the bigger picture, to let go a little, and to reach across the table.

It forces us to re-examine our biases and to change our thinking. This is basic common sense and now is the right time to start this!

The Herut World Movement is dedicated to the values of Ze’ev Jabotinsky [1880-1940] who was a key leader of world Zionism before World War Two, the mentor of Menachem Begin, and a champion of Jewish unity. And in Jabotinsky’s honor we have launched this campaign.

Let us discuss what is best for Israel and the Jewish People. Let us argue about it but let us discuss these opinions and remember that all Jews are responsible one for another no matter our backgrounds or beliefs or diverse types, colors, and traditions.

Thousands of Jews came together in common cause in DC through AIPAC because they care about Israel’s future and the well-being of the Jewish People.

The Tanach [Bible] relates that in the time of Esther and Mordechai Jews were called upon to join together to pray, fast, and physically defend themselves.

Late last year we marked the thirtieth anniversary Freedom Sunday for Soviet Jews. The December 6, 1987 rally saw over a quarter million American Jews unite on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to stand up for Soviet Jews at what was the single largest gathering of Jews in U.S. history.

From Purim, to AIPAC 2018, to Freedom Sunday we have shown that Jews with different ideas can stand together. Now is the time to do more than stand together. Now in the aftermath of Purim, let us show that we can all love each other in Jewish Unity.

Take the Challenge! Helps us change for the better! Sign our petition at:

State Dept. in ‚ÄėOpen War‚Äô With White House

Source: State Dept. ignoring White House edicts, going rogue on key issues

The State Department under Secretary Rex Tillerson has been locked in a growing power struggle with the White House that has angered officials in the West Wing and sparked claims that the Trump administration’s top diplomatic organ is now in “open war” with the White House on a range of critical issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, Iran, the crisis with Qatar, and other matters, according to multiple sources who spoke to the¬†Washington Free Beacon¬†about the situation.

The State Department is said to be in a state of “massive dysfunction,” with top officials working under Tillerson ignoring White House directives on critical staffing issues and key policy matters, according to multiple sources, including administration allies who are said to be increasingly frustrated with what is perceived as the White House’s inability to control its own federal agencies.

The tensions have fueled an outstanding power battle between the West Wing and State Department that has handicapped the administration and resulted in scores of open positions failing to be filled with Trump confidantes. This has allowed former Obama administration appointees still at the State Department to continue running the show and formulating policy, where they have increasingly clashed with the White House’s own agenda.

The latest flashpoint in this growing civil war is Israel, where a string of terror attacks has sidetracked the Trump administration’s nascent efforts to get the Israelis and Palestinian back to the negotiating table.

Just hours after a Palestinian terrorist murdered several Jewish civilians, the State Department told the¬†Free Beacon¬†that¬†it is not clear¬†what motivates such violent acts. The statement sparked anger within the administration and on Capitol Hill, where many viewed the State Department’s declaration as a sign the agency is openly rebelling against the White House.

“It’s no secret that the State Department is waging an open political war, which includes policy insubordination and press campaigns, against the Trump White House,” according to one veteran foreign policy analyst who regularly briefs the White House and Trump appointees in the State Department.

“Foggy Bottom is still run by the same people who designed and implemented Obama’s Middle East agenda,” the source said. “Tillerson was supposed to clean house, but he left half of them in place and he hid the other half in powerful positions all over the building. These are career staffers committed to preventing Trump from reversing what they created.”

One of the central points of contention between the White House and State Department has been a plethora of agency vacancies that have yet to be filled. The White House is said to have sent many lists of potential candidates for these jobs, but senior aides to Tillerson have ignored the White House and trashed these lists, according to multiple sources.

This has resulted in key State Department positions remaining unfilled, a situation that has only elevated the roles of former Obama administration officials who still work in the department.

“Those lists [of candidates] literally go nowhere,” according to one veteran Republican foreign policy operative familiar with the situation. “It’s like a sham process. And the reason is not because the White House isn’t behaving professionally. It’s because Tillerson isn’t professional at all.”

The situation has impacted morale within the administration and stoked further tensions between President Donald Trump and Tillerson, who has begun to hint that he will quit his post in the near future.

“This is demoralizing for Republicans, appalling in terms of professionalism, and just depressing for those who know you need a national security apparatus to get things done,” said the source.

As key positions remain vacant, Tillerson has begun to rely on Obama-era holdovers who toe a different policy line than the current administration. Sources pointed to Stuart Jones, the acting assistant secretary of state for near east affairs, as just one example of this disconnect.

Jones, a career foreign service officer who has held many postings in the Middle East, has emerged as one of Tillerson’s go-to advisers on the Middle East, a region where the White House and State Department appear to be pursuing wholly separate agendas.

Sources briefed on the matter cited Jones as likely responsible for Tillerson’s¬†erroneous claimrecently that the Palestinian Authority has ceased spending U.S. taxpayer funds to pay terrorists, a comment that officials were¬†forced to walk back¬†after heavy criticism.

“Tillerson should have spent time and effort working to help the president undo the Iran deal,” said one GOP insider briefed by administration officials on the situation. “Instead, he’s apparently spending time and effort trying to prevent the president from undoing the Iran deal. And in the meantime he’s elevated the Arabist bullshit artist Stuart Jones to a position of influence in the building‚ÄĒa guy who was perfect for the job in the Obama administration.”

Tillerson and Jones also raised eyebrows earlier this week when both claimed in public remarks that Russia and the United States share similar interests in Syria, a regional hotspot where the Trump White House has been vocal in its criticism of Russian interference in anti-ISIS operations.

One senior former U.S. official familiar with the situation told the¬†Free Beacon¬†that the tensions between the White House and State Department “go very deep.”

“There is almost always some tension between the White House and the State Department, over turf and policy,” the former official said. “What’s new here is that at both ends there is uncertainty whether the top guy [Tillerson] will stay or go, serious tension with the president, and deep morale problems. You can have a happy [National Security Council] staff viciously fighting a happy State Department staff over everything, but today everyone is morose and doubts go very deep.”

Policy differences also have emerged regarding¬†Iran policy, how to deal with the¬†regional impasseover Qatar’s terror financing, and the Israeli-Palestinian¬†peace process,¬†according to multiple insiders.

“On Iran they refused to lay the groundwork for tearing up the deal, on Qatar even Obama’s holdover ambassador was tweeting criticism of Trump, and on Israel they say we’re going to upgrade U.S. relations with the Palestinians and won’t even condemn Palestinian terror incitement,” said the administration adviser. “Even Trump supporters are beginning to worry, what if the president simply can’t make the State Department implement his policies?”

The State Department moved to downplay tensions on Tuesday, telling reporters that Tillerson has no plans on quitting his job.

“We have spoken with the secretary. The secretary has been very clear he intends to stay here at the State Department,” Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. “We have a lot of work that is left to be done ahead of us. He recognizes that. He’s deeply engaged in that work.”

Tillerson is “just taking a little time off. He just came back from that mega-trip overseas, as you all well know,” Nauert said. “So he’s entitled to take a few days himself.”

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Originally Published on the Washington Free Beacon.

[watch] Rebbe Nachman’s Grave Has Been Desecrated, It’s Time To Bring Him To Israel

The video below has been circulating the web today. ¬†Local Ukrainians threw a pig’s head into the grave of Rebbe Nachman, the great chassidic master, whose tomb serves as a place of pilgramage for thousands every year.

Within Brelsov there¬†have always been various opinions concerning bringing Rebbe Nachman’s grave to Israel. ¬†It is known that Rebbe Nachman yearned to be in Israel, but remained in Ukraine after returning from his trip to the holy land over 200 years ago. He did this for an express purpose, one which is very deep.

Could the attack on his grave site, a location which has benefited not only Jewish pilgrims, but the non-Jews living there, be a sign that Rebbe Nachman’s purpose in desiring burial in Uman has ended?

With redemption closing in¬†and Rebbe Nachman’s prediction that his “fire would burn until the coming of Mashiach” actualy materializing as¬†his teachings continue to grow¬†in world wide influence, it¬†seems¬†the time is right to bring him to Israel.

Watch the video below:

Anti Semites desecrated the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev in Uman.

They left a pigs head and blood all over the area of the tomb area.

Posted by Alan Silver on Tuesday, December 20, 2016


IDF & Hamas Share Common Enemy: Pokémon Go ?

Pokémon Go, the new and successful augmented reality mobile game has soared in popularity around the world, including Israel and Gaza. Now the game poses a security threat to both the IDF and Hamas.

Pok√©mon Go¬†players follow a digital map on their phones to catch digital creatures by searching streets and buildings in real time. The game created a frenzy around the world and has even found its place in Israel’s Presidential office and a US State Deparment¬†briefing.

The problem with the game is the extent players are willing to go in order to find Pokémon creatures, trespassing into private property and breaching boundaries. The IDF has concerns that the game may leak sensitive information such as army base locations and images from inside military buildings. Therefore, they banned Israeli soldiers from playing Pokémon Go.

Now even Hamas is keeping a close eye on Pokémon Go and its players, making sure they do not come into close proximity to their bases and hiding spots.

At least the IDF and Hamas now have a common enemy. Will it be enough to bring peace?

10 More Palestinians Arrested For Aiding in Murder of Rabbi Michael Mark

After last week’s killing of terrorist¬†Mohammed Jabarah al-Faqih responsible for the murder of Rabbi Michael Mark in early June, the IDF arrested another ten Palestinians who are part of the same Hamas terror cell that aided al-Faqih.

Muhmad Amira, the driver of the terrorists’ car during the horrific murder of Rabbi Mark in front of his children, was arrested¬†shortly after the attack and then revealed information to Israeli security forces during interrogations. His revelations led the IDF and security forces to the village of Dura where they located the terror cell, mostly made up of close family relatives.

The cell’s weapons supplier was also caught¬†and three weapons factories were found in the town of¬†Kalkilya.

Israel Protesting France’s Support For Terrorism

In response to a recent terror attack in a French church, Prime Minister Netanyahu sent his condolences to France during today’s Cabinet meeting. He then pointed out that evidence shows France is one of several European nations providing monetary support to organizations and NGO’s that incite terror and boycotts against Israel.

Meanwhile,¬†French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said last week that there is a need for a “thorough review to form a new relationship with French Islam‚ÄĚ and that France will take up measures to stop foreign aid to mosques as a new step in the fight against Islamic terror. This is hypocrisy at its best when we find that France is interested in curbing Islamic terror locally but is not hesitant to support Islamic terror in Israel.

“Terror is terror in all places, and incitement is incitement all over the world,” Netanyahu said. “I heard about a discussion that took place last week in the French government about preventing foreign money from organizations that harm French citizens. That sounds familiar to us. We are also concerned about these types of contribution to organizations that reject Israel’s existence.”

This is even more absurd when we find that¬†France need Israel’s help in stopping terror attacks.

Last week, the Israeli Ambassador to France condemned the French initiative to grant honorary citizenship to Marwan Barghouti, a known terrorist responsible for hundreds of deaths.

The questions stands: What does France stand for? Why are they openly supporting terrorism in their own country and abroad?

IDF Kills Hamas Terrorist and Arrest 3 Who Murdered Rabbi Michael Mark

IDF soldiers raided a Hamas terror cell in the West Bank village of Surif, near Hebron, and killed Mohammed Jabarah al-Faqih and captured three others.

Al-Faqih was responsible for the drive-by murder of Rabbi Michael Mark in front of his children on July 1 in Otniel. With the help of intelligence from the Shin Bet security forces, the IDF raided his home overnight, exchanged gunfire with the terrorists and shot Mohammed dead. Weapons were also found and confiscated. The other terrorists were taken in for questioning.

Yisrael Levinson, the Director of Har Hebron’s International Desk, told us: “We are happy to hear that the killer of Michael Mark z’l was killed this morning by the IDF and the Shabak.¬†This is a good message to anyone who wants to destroy and uproot the Jewish nation from Israel, that no matter who they are and where they are, we will always win!

Israeli Flags Burned at Philly DNC Convention; Protesters Arrested

During protests by Bernie Sanders supporters outside the Wells Fargo Center, where the Democratic National Convention is being held, Israeli and even US flags were being burned. More than 50 protesters were arrested by police.

Sanders’ supporters are angry about the recent revelations¬†by¬†Wikileaks showing the Democratic National Committee’s desire to oust Sanders as the Democratic nominee. This led to many protests by his supporters and their true colors are being shown. They hate Israel. They hate the US. They hate democracy.

Numerous reports and social media posts show that Monday’s convention had more Palestinian flags waved than US flags.

Some questions need to be asked:

  1. Will¬†the Democratic party lean even more to the left in order to accommodate Sanders’ supporters in order to get their vote?
  2. How is such hypocrisy tolerated when there are¬†much greater atrocities being committed around the world than the so-called “Israeli occupation?”
  3. Shouldn’t the focus during the convention be on Americans and its citizens, not on Israel?

It seems like Hamas and pro-Palestinian supporters are just sabotaging the popular event to advertise antisemitism as the new trend it has become. Whether it be by burning flags, campus protests against Israel and the BDS movement, the growth of antisemitism in the US and the world is daunting.

Pro-Palestinian images from the Democratic National Convention:

I support Palestinian Human Rights Palestinian Flag at DNC

Israel Defeating BDS Movement One Country At a Time

During a¬†debate at¬†the State Control Committee on Monday,¬†a number of MK’s argued that¬†Israel’s foreign policy and public diplomacy (Hasbara) require a more unified voice. This includes appointing a new minister to take over the Foreign Ministry position, which the Prime Minister currently holds.

MK Elharrar remarked,¬†“During this time, when the State of Israel is dealing on a daily basis with an intensifying delegitimizaiton campaign, attacks by UNESCO on the historic link between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, one-sided resolutions against Israel in the UN`s Human Rights Council and even attacks on us in the World Health Organization, don`t you think we need to appoint a foreign minister who will act to improve Israel`s standing in the international community?‚ÄĚ

Netanyahu countered by saying that the success of Israel’s public diplomacy is measured by its diplomatic ties, foreign trade and public opinion.¬†“Today Israel is perceived more and more as an asset and an influencing element in the world because of our war on terror and our technological achievements…¬†We have achieved free trade with China, a 30 percent increase in trade with India, an agreement with Japan on protecting rigs, military coordination with Russia, initial ties with a host of African countries, heads of state visiting Israel for the first time, the normalization of ties with Turkey, and every week I meet with four heads of state. Israel`s foreign policy is a great success.¬†Despite some specific successes [of the delegitimization campaign against Israel], we have defeated the boycott movement in many arenas.‚ÄĚ

It is true that the¬†scope of Israel`s connections with countries around the world has never been broader, especially after Netanyahu’s recent visit to Africa after which several African countries strengthened their diplomatic and economic ties with Israel.

Netanyahu then went on to state that the obstacles to peace between Israel and Palestinians is the incitement of Abbas and the PA to murder Jews and the refusal of the PA to recognize the Jewish state.

The constant hostile resolutions against Israel during times of conflict and continuous movements to boycott Israeli products are a clear sign that Israel needs improvement in its public diplomacy. Netanyahu says Israel¬†is “working to annul the automatic majority against us in international forums” by improving relations with African, Latin and Asian countries.

Others such as¬†MK Zehava Galon of Meretz argue that¬†“Israel will have to choose between its democratic values and international legitimacy.”