Why Is Israel’s Deep State So Scared About Jonathan Pollard Moving To Israel?

Former PM Ehud Olmert attacked the US government’s decision to nullify Jonathan Pollard’s parole restrictions.

“We don’t owe him anything,” said Olmert. “His coming to Israel will only increase the fallout from his case.”

Nothing seems stranger than the above statement by former PM Ehud Olmert. There is one thing from refraining to comment on the Pollard case while he was in jail. While not commendable, at least such a move would be understandable, but to attack the US for following their own laws because by letting Pollard it will only further “embarrass” Israel is not only circular logic, but totally preposterous.

So, what is really going on here?

To understand why Olmert, whom most Israelis consider to be the worst Prime Minister the country has ever had, has come out strongly against Pollard being set free from his parole and most likely moving to Israel, it is imperative to understand what the Pollard case is really about.

Arrested for spying on the US in 1985, Jonathan Pollard was in a sense a romantic Zionist – in love with what he believed the State of Israel to represent. His arrest came after a series of meetings with LAKAM agents, which was a clandestine section of the Mossad. Both Pollard and his wife were drawn into the LAKAM circle through high value gifts and trips.

Eventually, LAKAM decided to. activate Pollard, who was responsible for bringing the group high value information, the US was holding back from Israel – essentially in opposition to agreements the two countries had signed.

While Pollard sought help and refuge at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. when he and his wife found out they were to be arrested, the embassy under direction from Israel refused and threw him out. Moments later the FBI arrested him.

Everyone now agrees, Pollard’s sentencing was extreme. While most people who spy for friendly countries get a maximum of 10 years, Pollard’s sentence was for life, which translated into 30 years and then five years of a heavy restrictive parole.

While it is understandable for Americans to have a negative viewpoint of Jonathan Pollard, what is not understandable is the level of negativity espoused by Israelis like Olmert. The intelligence Pollard handed off to the LAKAM agents saved lives, and yet the elite in Israel are scared about his return.

In many ways Pollard is analogous to each of us. We all want to do good. We make decisions based upon noble intentions and then just like that – it all falls apart.

These decisions can cost us; especially when we are abandoned by the very thing that we believed could do no wrong.

This was Pollard and this is why the Deep State in Israel is nervous. At least this is the most probable reason.

Ultimately though, it is more or less the same attitude that caused Israel to flinch in the first place, which resulted in abandoning Jonathan Pollard for so many years, that Olmert is working from. It is this spineless, subservient attitude that has caused us never to accept collective responsibility as anation for what Jonathan Pollard went through. After all, he did it for all of us and it was for us that he needlessly spent so many years in jail.

The Deep State in Israel is nervous about Pollard’s potential move to the Holy Land, not because of any piece of information he may have. No, those people have already left this earth. The Deep State is nervous, because in prison Jonathan Pollard appears to have transformed into a wall of faith by humbly and accepting his lot. He has become a source of unity within the Jewish people. This unity and transcendence is what the elite and Deep State truly fear. His move to Israel would in many ways shift the focus away from faux Israeli “heroes” to a man who may have erred, but did so because of his love of Israel and paid the price for it year after year, while those who abandoned him moved up the political ladder.

The elite and Deep State in Israel don’t want an actual hero to show up here. That in of itself would expose their petty tirades and squabbles that have in the past led the third Jewish commonwealth to near disaster.

Pollard is far more about us than it really is about the man. It is how we as a collective accept national responsibility and come to terms with it when we don’t. The world is going through an uncertain time right now and yet, Israel appears poised to move forward into the future with a tremendous amount of positive energy. However, it suffers from disunity and a lack of meaningful leadership.

Could a man, who suffered behind bars due to the weakness of the government he believed he was helping be the leader we need after all?

We’ll soon find out.

At The End The Empire Will Fall

In the above class, I touch upon current events and this week’s parsha – Toldot.

All of us sense the world is in chaos. This chaos is the stage before the fall of the evil empire. This is the empire which is both global and internal. It is the empire of emptiness, which fills no particular political entity yet infects all. It is about detachment from the G-Dly root within and distracting humanity from the purpose of its existence.


Many of us are fearful of what lies ahead, but we are assured the empire will fall at the end and a new world will be born. The key is not to lose hope and understand that the best way to handle the empire as it falls apart is to disconnect from its allure, from the tentacles of unfullfilled wants.

This week’s parsha is about two kingdoms born as twins. They are more than political entities, but rather two approaches, two outlooks on the world. One is about disconnection and superficiality. This is Edom. The second is Yaakov, who stands for holiness and G-Dly influence.

The question is who will win?


Will Israel Bomb Iran Before Trump Leaves Office?

I am writing this post with the assumption that the MSM projection that Biden won the election carries weight. I will tackle the widespread voter fraud issues and the likelihood of Trump staying President in another article soon.

The alliance that Trump pushed forward between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain as well as other Sunni Arab states was not done only for altruistic reasons and yearnings for a utopian world, but rather to offset Iranian expansionism through containment. Trump has employed the same strategy with China.

Given the fact that a Biden presidency most certainly means a return to the Obama era when it comes to Iran, the Gulf States and Israel are understandably worried.

With just over two months to go until Biden would theoretically take over as President, what can be done?

Well, alot.

Since Prime Minister Netanyahu knows full well that any window of opportunity to knock out Iran’s nuclear installations is closing fast, his need for a real decision on this matter must happen now.

President Trump and his team also understand this. While Trump may likely win given the extensive voter fraud cases now coming to light, there is a chance he might not and so he is very clearly planning on undertaking serious actions that will lock the potential Biden administration in place going forward.

Axios reported that the Trump administration is planning a flood of sanctions against Iran by Jan. 20th. Elliot Abrams, the Trump administration’s “envoy on Iran Elliott Abrams arrived in Israel on Sunday and met Prime Minister Netanyahu and National Security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat to discuss the sanctions plan.”

After Abrams’ visit, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is due in Israel and the wider region next week. The news infers that this is connected to the sanctions. While this may very well be the case, it seems unlikely.

It is not yet clear if Trump can outmaneuver the corporatist media in the USA and so the regional backup plan is clearly being put into place now just in case he doesn’t. This is why Pompeo is on route.

Israel’s military alliance with the UAE means it can now deploy a strike team and launch an air assault on Iran’s nuclear program that can set it back enough years that any Biden rapproachment towards the Ayatollah’s will not affect the Gulf State or Israel over the next few years.

So expect some big moves if Trump comes up short on December 13th. In fact the assumption should be that if Biden is truly certified the winner on that date then war with Iran may be the likely scenario.

Patience and Faith In A Time Of Trouble

We are all experiencing stress and while there is a part of us that just wants to ignore the events swirling around us, that is not the point. Each of us are on a mission. We were sent here to work out our challenges and issues and ultimately we must confront all of the pain and sorrow in our world, not by succumbing to it, but by accepting it and then transcending it. The current coronavirus pandemic is all about fear.


While the virus is actually happening, we must not succumb to the fear it is causing, but rather us this opportunity to isolate the tests involved with it and then understand why Hashem has sent such a virus now, when we are so close to meeting our universal goals.

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: The End of the Exile is Here

The Coronavirus can no longer be ignored. It is a fast spreading and very deadly pandemic that has broken out of the 700 million person quarantine in China to have no begun spreading around the world. While the virus itself is scary enough most of the world’s pharmaceuticals are dependent on base ingredients found in China.

As the stock markets are beginning to crash as supply chains are being disrupted across the world.

So why is this connected to the end of the exile?

Exile is a corruption in the universal divine expression. In a sense, everything is in exile, because the universe lacks the divine harmony it was meant to have. This final stage of the exile comes when we are already back in our Land and yet we feel distanced from the Creator who has brought us back.

We have created vessels of sovereignty and yet have never used them in the Divine manner they are meant to be used. Instead the world and especially us have been redirected to a world of products, which are in of themselves the means of distraction that has pulled most of us towards the abyss of endless darkness.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that excess brings depression and as we know depression leads to exile. Where does this excess come from. It comes from the lust after money and as Rebbe Nachman teaches it is this uncontrollable desire for money which in today’s world really means products that has kept us as a world from reaching the final Redemption.

China is the engine of the West’s ability to mass produce endless products. Do we need them?

No. But we want them. We want and we want and we want.

Now the engine is being taken away and with it the last mirage of the Exile’s power over us. This will be painful. Many things will change, but the corona pandemic is the weapon that is knocking down the statue Daniel saw in his dream.

Redemption Now: 70 Years is Up, A New Beginning is Upon Us

The number 70 is a key number in the Torah and the Tanach. It is spoken about in Daniel as well as Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) in relation to a span of time concerning the first exile.

“For thus said the LORD: When Babylon’s seventy years are over, I will take note of you, and I will fulfill to you My promise of favor—to bring you back to this place.” Jeremiah 29-10

While it is clear that the 70 years of Babylonian exile ended with the return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland, it is not clear how this fits into our current Redemption.

In tractate Taanit 23a of the Babylonian Talmud, the famous Honi Hamaagal slept 70 years .

“Rabbi Yohanan said: “This righteous man [Honi] was troubled throughout the whole of his life concerning the meaning of the verse, ‘A Song of Ascents: When the Lord brought back those that returned to Zion, we were like dreamers’ (Psalms 126:1). [Honi asked] Is it possible for seventy years to be like a dream? How could anyone sleep for seventy years?”One day Honi was journeying on the road and he saw a man planting a carob tree. He asked, “How long does it take [for this tree] to bear fruit?” The man replied: “Seventy years.” Honi then further asked him: “Are you certain that you will live another seventy years?” The man replied: “I found [already grown] carob trees in the world; as my forefathers planted those for me so I too plant these for my children.”Honi sat down to have a meal and sleep overcame him. As he slept a rocky formation enclosed upon him which hid him from sight and he slept for seventy years. When he awoke he saw a man gathering the fruit of the carob tree and Honi asked him, “Are you the man who planted the tree?” The man replied: “I am his grand-son.” Thereupon Honi exclaimed: “It is clear that I have slept for seventy years.”

Based on the above the Talmud connects the 70 years of sleep or dreaming to the span of exile.

Yet, when is this 70 years where it will seem that we are in a dream? Honi’s story takes place after the return from Babylon, so it must be referring to a future time. According to deeper sources the 70 years will be at the End of Days, but how do we calculate this span of time?


One possibility is to take the date of the armistice agreement with Jordan, which most recognize as the concretization of the State of Israel. This date on the Hebrew calendar is the 4th of Nissan 5709.

70 years from that date would be 4th of of Nissan 5779. This is the very date that the first election in this now three election cycle occurred. It is essentially the last time anything about the State we have come to “depend on” went according to plan. From that date onward no new government has been formed. It is now very obvious that the 70 years between the armistice and the election in April (Nissan) of the past year marks the 70 years spoken about at the End of Time. It is this span of time that “will seem like a dream.”

Like all dreams, one must eventually wake up to the truth. Yet, like all dreams one never wakes up easily. This is the chaos we are in. It is chaos that will lead to new order as we wake up from the dream of the last 70 years.

Interestingly, the Prime Minister’s life has spanned this very time period and in many ways his triumph in politics and success at guiding Israel out of the darkness of its rebirth into a focal point once again of world history is coming to an end within the chaos that has ensued after the 70 year mark. It is neither tragic nor preventable as we have reached a point where the Creator is ready to push us however unwilling we are to the next stage of the Redemption.

When the Lord brought back those that returned to Zion, we were like dreamers’

We may not know what it is like to live outside of our dream. After all we have lived in a perpetual nightmare for nearly 2,000 years until the Armistice agreement of 1949 and then our nightmare became a dream. We have held onto this dream, not ready to waken and we may not be ready, but it appears the Creator has other plans.

This year has been chaotic and in many ways as the dream dissipates the chaos will grow. However, like all chaos this one too will lead to a new order. Only then will we be ready.


Will the Coming Election Be Israel’s Final One?

Barring any last minute surprises, Israel is heading to an unprecedented third election in the span of one year. The State has always been seen as an anchor and foundational necessity for the survival of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and around the world.

With increased chaos within the structural underpinnings of the State, restlessness abounds. Why is their ongoing chaos in the state? This is due to the real fear of the establishment that it’s grip it has had over the State is falling.


Who is the Establishment?

The establishment consists of three forces, the elected, the courts, and the media. While the revisionist zionists, now led by Likud have over the last 40 years consistently controlled the first branch – “the elected,” the true center of power has always rested with Israel’s Deep State – the courts and media.

Mencahem Begin, hero and leader of the Irgun – who together with his colleagues Israel Eldad, Yitzhak Shamir, and Natan Yellen Mor of the Lechi succeeded in driving out the British, assumed that it would only be a matter of time post his victory for the leadership of the State where his successors would be able to finally rid it of the socialist junta that had implanted itself in Israel.

He was wrong. Elected officials in Israel have very little power other than control over the army and budgets. While it is true “the elected” which has been mostly the Likud and its satellite parties in recent years have succeeded in settling large areas of Judea and Samaria, that was never the real conflict between the movements.

Israel’s Deep State, led by the grandchildren of Palmach officers and secular Ashkenazi elitists will not let traditional Jews, rightists, and their supporters truly run the State. As Israel Eldad told Begin himself: “They rather destroy it.”

This is the real reason for the current destabilization in the State.

The Reordering Has Begin

The current chaos within the established governmental structure here in Israel will only lead to an overt change in the system. Ultimately, the system is built on a non-Redemptive model, one that stems from a parliamentary British styled system, which is far removed from its Jewish roots.

This may very well be the last election before the vessels of Davidic rule begin to be revealed. These are vessels that must be set up to contain the light of the Creator in the Kingdom of G-D here in the Land of Israel.

The original system of the Israelites and Judeans, in its ideal form, was always a mixture between a weak decentralized monarchy (excluding the 10 tribes of the North), religious libertarianism excluding those cases of national importance, with power residing locally.

We have had 70 years of pseudo socialist and centralized parliamentarian rule, with a judicial junta presiding over it. Our success has been despite all of this interference. If this election will be worth it at all, it must address the rebuilding of the Israeli governmental structure with a different format completely – one that is Redemptive and aligned with our authentic roots.

The Sacrifice at the End of Days

The prophet Zechariah tells us famously that the Messiah will be “Poor and Riding on a Donkey.”

We are at the precipice of a new world as we witness the confusion and chaos of the world we live in now seemingly overtake us, but this is part of the End Times where the norm must be washed away to make way for a different world. The world that is coming will not be filled with baseless yearnings or pathways that lead nowhere, but rather a world where humanity desires to reconnect with its Creator.

Why does the prophet tell us the Messiah will be “poor?”  What does poor have to do with leadership?

The End of Days is not some sort of Hollywood thriller or apocalyptic movie, but rather it is the bridge between two worlds and the Messiah is a necessary part of this transition.

There are many sacrificial offerings listed when someone brings a personal sacrifice to the Temple in Jerusalem. Despite all that are listed only one rises above them all as the most preferred by the Creator.  This is the Mincha offering.  Consisting of flour, water, and oil, the Mincha is the most simple offering and yet Rashi, the famous medieval commentator quotes the Talmud indicating that the one who brings this offering is poor. The Almighty cherishes this offering the most, because he is poor, yet still willing to bring the most minimal sacrifice. His humility is cherished above all.

Our generation has nothing left.  The world is filled  with endless noise, distractions, and base desires pulling all of us in every direction.  The Almighty is hidden from us, seemingly far away.

Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s chief student teaches that the Mincha offering is connected to the Messiah because both involve an intense level of humility.  This humility is the underlying point of connection to the poor person.  All of us can reach this level and ultimately as Reb Noson teaches, this level of humility is the necessary ingredient to be fully connected to the Creator.

At the End of Days, we have nothing left, but our yearning for the truth.  It is this pure and simple faith in the Almighty and the truth that he is right here with us that will usher in the Messiah and the world we have been striving for. If we achieve this level, there is no other sacrifice we need to bring, except for the words that we are meant to offer to the one true source of all of Creation.

When all is revealed at the end and the Holy Temple is rebuilt, Rebbe Nachman teaches that the only sacrifice we are meant to offer if one of thanks.  The Mincha offering is prepares us for an age of simplicity, humility, and gratefulness.