The Left’s Moral Relativism Is Rooted In A Lack Of Faith In The Creator

In the first chapter of the Rambam’s work, the Mishne Torah he quotes the prophet Jeremiah and explains as following:

“This is as the prophet says: ‘But the Lord God is the true God’ (Jer. 10.10); He alone is the Truth, and no other being possesses a truth similar to His Truth, even as the Torah says: ‘There is none other like unto Him’ (Deut. 4.35), meaning, there is no other true being, besides Him, like unto Him.”

There is no other truth besides the Creator. This is a foundational concept in Judaism and ultimately an underlying principle in a culture based on Divine Will.

The nihilistic left, which has essentially superseded the traditional left seeks a godless culture – where morality is subjective and truth is personal. In a sense, a disbelief in G-D as the sole arbiter of Truth goes hand in hand to believing that Truth is subjective – a sort of neo-idolatry. Instead of multiple G-Ds – there are multiple truths.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Exile is due to a lack of Faith. The Redemption is based on a return to pure and simple Faith in the One Creator. Faith is based on Truth. The more we lack a grounding in Truth the more idolatry grows. Today’s left is no different than the idol worshipers of the past. The only difference is the jargon they use to convince us they are right.

Pure Faith in the Truth of the Creator is our light through all of this darkness. This is why in many ways we are still facing the idols of Egypt – which drew their “power” from the disbelief in the one G-D. True we are not in Egypt anymore, but the inner Egypt of a lack of truth belief in the Creator is still our biggest enemy. In order to crush this we have no choice but to return to the simple Faith of our ancestors – there is One G-D, that is source for the ultimate Truth. Anything other than that is inviting our own self destruction.

Putin Attacks Ukraine, China Approaching Taiwan, While The West Continues Its Retreat

We are living in a momentous time in world history. No one doubts that. The real question is how do we properly understand the changing world order so we can better equip ourselves for the future. Let me start by saying that those of us who remember the fall of the Soviet Union and its aftermath that was Russia under Boris Yeltsin, have been blind sided by resurgence of what seems like the West’s most useful foe. The last twenty years of Russia’s rise to global power has shattered our imaginations of a unipolar world where consumerism trumps ideology, and technological advancement replaces organized religion.

Those of us who (and I am not one these people) believe the Western media, have believed a narrative that teaches that Russia of today is like the Russia of the Soviet regime. That the Russian Federation has an old and antiquated army, only with a lot fo nukes. The Western media tells us that Putin is just a thug – hoping to regain the lands “stolen” from Russia after the collapse of the Cold War.

The conflict in Ukraine is collapsing this narrative. The world has never been unipolar and what we are seeing is a complete collapse of the domination of the NATO security state in the face of two old empires – Russia and China, who are back and back in a big way.

It must be understand that the West’s collapse has been happening over the last 5 decades and due primarily to a cultural-identity collapse from within. The yearning for a peaceful and unified world and humanity is beautiful, but not realistic. This yearning by the West became a tool of the corporate elite to in some ways enslave the West’s populace. Russia and China also took advantage of this corporate propaganda and over powered the USA and her allies.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (which only became independent due to Lenin), China too is on the move. The Chinese Communist Party is busy testing Taiwan and sent aircraft into the island’s defense zone today.

Reuters reported: “Taiwan’s air force scrambled again on Thursday to warn away nine Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, on the same day that Russia invaded Ukraine, a crisis being watched closely in Taipei.”

The West’s weakness is that its leaders seem to believe their own narrative. They really believe their world, which focuses on materialism and entertainment is a world that everyone wants. This is the West’s great unraveling. There are other things that are important to older cultures. Ancient cultures like China or India don’t really go away, they ebb and flow with history. Much like Israel, who has been around for thousands of years, none of us really disappear, but we have witnessed many others come and go and gone forever.

Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders are enamored with the West. Like the Hellenists of more than 2,100 years ago, their lack of Jewish identity blinds them to the unfolding changes in the stream of World History.

Today’s comments by Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid are a perfect example of this lack of clear Jewish identity. Lapid remarked: “The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order,” Lapid said. “Israel condemns the attack, and is ready and prepared to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.”

This comment is not attached to reality. Russia has serious military equipment and troops to our North in Syria, which is able to strike a devastating blow to Israel. Israel’s leaders still believe the West is here to stay – reality teaches us otherwise.

Erev Rav Control, COVID, and The End of Days

Our present exile is an exile of the mind. We have returned, but we have brought with us the sparks of Mitzrayim, Egypt that we carried with us through the entirety of the physical exile. In a sense all fo reality swings between two concepts – Mitzrayim and Israel.

The first is the idea that man is G-D or better yet government is G-D. The second is true freedom, built around the notion G-D is freedom and only he is the revealer of the true law.

We are standing at the precipice between two worlds. A world of human control – a sort of man centered reality devoid of Divine Providence – a resurgent dictatorship embedded within the faceless bureaucracy that strives for total control, yet lacking the address for grievances.

“Obey” it insists. Inject, test, follow. Divide and conquer is its pathway for control.

This effort is led by the Erev Rav. They are spiritual inheritors of those nations that followed the the Twelve Tribes of Israel out of Egypt. They are now fully in control of Israel and in many ways, around the world. They are false leaders who are the elite.

They are represented by Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Tech – a sort of dystopian cabal who use their power to control the hearts and minds of the masses to squeeze them for money, labor, and energy.

The other world, is the world of truth, faith, and Divine justice.

The current corona madness can be traced to a premeditated release of a pathogen from the Western sponsored coronavirus research facility in Wuhan with mild effect on a majority of people. Why? Because the elite want to use their pharmaceutical companies to enforce their control over the world.

First is the crisis – the pathogen (aka COVID-19). Then there is the solution – vaccines. Lastly, these vaccines will harm the immune system of a majority of adults and children, thus creating needy customers for Big Pharma for the next generation in order to find solutions for the ailments the “vaccine” is causing in people.

The Erev Rav wants control. After all, it is the raison détre of its existence. It wants us to forget who the real G-D is and wants us to bow to them. Just like Mitzrayim positioned its government as the true G-D, they are presenting the government of today’s nation states as the true G-D.

This is the war at the End of Days. Do we fall into the grasp of doubt or do we rise up and understand there is truly only one source for all things?

So how do we break free from today’s global Mitzrayim?

We simply say no. No to false “doctors.” No to corporatized pharmaceuticals. No to masks. No to injections. No to tests. The Creator tells the Nation of Israel that he is their healer. In our world of lies, it is we that need to return to him and rely only on the Creation that he Created for the answers to our health challenges.

The more we give the elite power over our lives the more we are enslaved. However, the more we regain choice in our lives the more we can find a way back to the Creator, true freedom and the Final Redemption we long for.

Like anything else – the choice is ours.

If We Want To Leave Mitzrayim – We Must Have Faith

There are times when we feel low and other times when we know that the exit from the darkness is just around the corner. The truth is all of our feelings of lacking and despair, are just feelings – true Redemption is always within our reach!

Only when we have faith that the Creator is the ultimate reality and our one real reason for being sent down here is to have a personal relationship with the Almighty, then we will begin to feel ourselves leave the Mitzrayim we have been trapped in.

Can Israel Stop “Palestinian” Thieves From Stealing Its Land?

According to the website of the Jordan based NGO APNature masks itself as a environmental social justice organization,“concerned with the protection of the environment and the natural resources of Arab countries against all hazards, including the destructive impacts of wars and foreign occupations.”

APNature has taken upon itself to take over Area C, the area allotted to Israel according to the Oslo Accords and where very little Arabs presently live.

Their campaign to plant millions of trees in Area C has been effective. Hill after hill has been taken, turning what was set aside for growing Jewish communities and handing it to “Palestinian” squatters. APNature’s campaign is part of the broader Fayyad plan, whose namesake was the former “Palestinian” Prime Minister and saw Area C as the next stage for “Palestinian” Occupation.

APNature, like lots of faux social justice organizations functioning on behalf of the “oppressed and occupied” in Judea and Samaria claim they are only righting some sort of wrong and so can play on the sympathies of millions who also support environmental causes. What person wouldn’t want to plant trees in “the desert”?

What APNature and those like it, who use the guise of conservation to ensnare and harness the kindness of other for a destructive political cause are doing is land theft on a massiv escale.

Israel has only recently been engaged in enforcing and pushing back on this sort of insidious behavior and interference by foreign organizations.

Im Tirtzu, a Zionist Watchdog organization has brought this issue to the forefront. The group revealed that APNature planted nearly 2.5 million trees in Israel as a means of “green resistance” to “liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said: “Israel’s enemies have learned that they don’t need weapons to conquer Israeli land; all they need is a tree and a camera. While IDF soldiers know how to deal with terrorism, it is much more difficult to fight against this sort of warfare.”

What Can Be Done?

While the government has decided to invest millions of shekels into combatting the “Palestinian” occupation of Area C and the State Lands within it, there is a real need for a change of mindset amongst everyone. The “Palestinian” national movement and its supporters are engaged in more than land theft, they are using environmentalism, not for saving the planet, but for the benefit of their national movement and the armed gangs that come along with it.

Besides a massive injection of cash into projects to plant more trees for Israel in these areas, as well as investments into farming projects, a new type of pioneer in Judea and Samaria needs to be supported. The youth are looking for their movement and if the government eases up on zoning laws for Jews, which the Arabs don’t follow anyway, young pioneers will be the tool to push back and remove the “Palestinian” occupation forces from Area C.

Illegal “Palestinian” house built on State Land.
More houses and trees built and planted without permit on State Land
Illegal houses built on State Land
Water mane being installed without permit, usually resulting in destroying legal water sources.
More illegal building.

TRUMP’S FINAL GIFT? Israel’s Massive Strike On Syria’s Iraqi Border Came With US Help

With days to go until the Biden administration officially takes over at the White House, Israel launched another air attack on Iranian forces in Syria. While an attack on Syria by the IAF has become standard in the remaining days of the Trump administration, this time the IAF struck closer to the Iraqi border in Eastern Syria.

The attack targeted at least 15 installations housing Iranian weapons and acted as the main transit hub for the IRCG into Western Syria. There are claims that it killed 57 people – mostly IRCG members or affiliates.

Syria’s official SANA news agency said the following:

“A military source told SANA in a statement that at 01:10 on Wednesday dawn, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression on Deir Ezzor City and al-Bukamal area.”


From the outset of reports last night, it was already assumed that the US had given Israel the intelligence it needed to successfully carry out such an attack, which essentially crippled the Iranian forces in the area.

The AP has claimed the following in an article published today:

“The U.S. official, who requested anonymity to speak about the matter, said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed Tuesday’s airstrike with Yossi Cohen, chief of Israel’s spy agency Mossad, at a public meeting in the popular Washington restaurant Café Milano on Monday.”

It has been assumed that the Trump Administration would continue to give Israel the green light to take out as much Iranian hardware and personnel as possible before Biden is installed. After January 20th the sinophilic nature of Biden’s regime will make Israel’s overt strikes very hard to carry out. China wants a strong Iran and if past is prescience then so does the Biden administration.

With the region on high alert after the strike, the question remains whether Iran will hold back for a few more days until the Biden administration takes over or retaliate now. Most observers believe the Mullahs in Tehran will refrain from attacking, but if this is not Trump’s final gift to the Jewish state, then expect something far larger to test the Ayatollah’s resolve

We Must Descend Into Darkness Before The Light Can Be Revealed

When our souls descend into this world we find ourselves in a state of “klipot, layers.” These layers are the cognitive distortions we are meant to spend a life time breaking through.

Growth always starts within darkness, confusion, and illusion. We move up and we fall, move up and fall. In chassidut and deeper lessons connected to the Torah this process is analogous to leaving “Mitzrayim, Egypt,” the place of constricted G-D consciousness.

Our job is to discover light within the darkness that we find ourselves in. It is literally the descending that holds the greatest chance to reveal the light hidden within.

Right now darkness surrounds us and penetrates us. Endless information, unlimited choices, and a world which appears to be more and more chaotic has pushed us into a state of collective despair.

Where and how can we move forward?

We must not fear. The darkness we are experiencing is the moment before the greatest light is revealed – all we need to do is to hold on tight.

(Likutey Moharan 6 & 36, Orot Techiya, Likutey Halachot Hilchot Pesach)

Qatar-Saudi Deal A Pushback Against Iranian-Chinese Dominance

The recently concluded Qatar-Saudi deal to end the blockade on Qatar has once again changed the equation and calibration of peace in the Middle East. There are those naysayers who believe the deal was concluded in time for a potential Biden administration, but that is improbable.

Remember the embargo on Qatar was led by Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States precisely because of Qatar’s connections to Iran and its funding of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A Biden administration that is ready to cozy up to the Mullah’s in Iran would elicit a continuing of the present Saudi led embargo.

Most likely, Qatar has realized which way the wind is blowing in the Middle East when it comes to their Sunni friends. Qatar’s strength has always come from its ability to play all sides – the embargo proved to its leadership in Doha that this strategy is no longer an option.

Qatar Wants In On A Potential UAE-Israel Pipeline

With a reported pipeline between the UAE and Israel in the works, Qatar’s reliance and drive to build one with Turkey has now become obsolete. The main reason for its support for Turkey’s pro ISIS policies during Obama’s tenure was due to the building of this joint Turkey-Qatar pipeline.

Without the ability to build a secure pipeline and the UAE-Israel potentially being far more lucrative, Qatar has less reasons to hold back from returning to the Sunni block.

True, Biden’s team views things differently and this is the reason for Qatar’s decision to pick sides now. With the White House’s foreign policy potentially being run through Beijing, Qatar’s historic “neutrality” in the region is not longer relevant after Jan. 20th.

A Different Middle East – New Opportunities

President Trump’s team has left the region in a very different situation. The Muslim Brotherhood is fast being pushed out after the signing of the Abraham Accords and with it Qatar’s reason and ability to push against its Sunni neighbors and more importantly Israel.

Qatar’s choice to rejoin the Saudi led block also means that it accepts the centrality and necessity of Israel’s role within that block. Biden can certainly try to partner with Iran. However, the block’s strength is its ability to utilize Israel’s innovation economy, military prowess, and geopolitical connections around the world to sidestep a hapless Biden administration and a rising China without losing ground to Iran.

Qatar’s growing communication with Israel concerning Gaza has also made it less obstinate in dealing with the Jewish state on other issues. It also has a working relationship with Jerusalem and will now benefit from the Abraham Accords in an indirect way.

The Qatar-Saudi deal may appear to have come out of nowhere, but it needed to be done before Biden takes over in order to ensure that Iranian influence does not pollute the negotiations. Qatar wants to keep its revenues rising and influence steady and sees the Sunni block as the key to doing it.

This agreement will make it harder for Biden and company to push for rejoining the already broken Iran nuclear deal. More than that, it is a message for China who recently upgraded their military pact with Iran, that the Abraham Accords and the Sunni block will not be broken up.

A NATION IN PROTEST: Breaking The Illusion and The Need For A New Israeli Ethos

More than 15 years ago I was dragged out of the Neve Dekalim Synagogue by four soldiers and then bussed out of Gush Katif. In those moments I wondered why and where the protest movement to stop one of the largest injustices brought upon Israeli citizens by their own government had gone wrong.

The fact is, up until that point and including the Oslo protests headed by Moshe Feiglin, all of the nationalist protests had a sectoral feel to them. They weren’t meant to be sectoral, but Israel with all of its claims of the need for national unity breaks down along tribal lines and that is the failure of all of the protests in the past few years.

True, the disaster of the first Amona protest in 2006, when cops used horses to stampede settler youth, drew condemnation from the left, but the protest itself was not successful – meaning it did not strike a real chord with anyone else except settlers.

A lot has happened since then. Israelis know each other far better than before. Religious Zionists have penetrated the mainstream media and stand poised to take over the army in the next generation. All the while, both Chareidim and Religious Zionists find common ground on many issues.

Still, there appears to be a lack of real unity of purpose other than just survival or standing by while the country’s hi-tech leaders represent their craft as being indicative of the Israeli citizenry as a whole. The more we know each other, the more we realize we are all being pulled along together, without regard to whether or not we want to be heading where we are heading.

Perhaps the uniting factor in this new young generation, growing up in a post Gush Katif reality is the need for a new national ethos. Many settler youth reject their parents’ views that they need to conform to make it in Israel and like many on the left, they see the vacuous drive towards participation in the hi-tech ecosystem as being disconnected from the larger issues plaguing Israeli society.

This is where the intersection has arisen between the protests surrounding Ahuviya Sandak’s death, potentially at the hands of a negligent police and the disconnect many have in Israel from the government and the elite that rules it.

When Hill Top Youth were placed in administrative detention for six months over Duma and then tortured to be made to confess and still be found guilty despite an admittance that the confession came by way of torture – Israelis scratched their head.

True, most questioned it, but then went on with their life. What is going on now is a confirmation that the bias against the idealistic youth of Judea and Samaria is real and the “fringe opinions” over Duma might have had some legs to them after all.

The simple question is now beginning to be asked: Why all this trouble over a handful of teenagers that seem to be only focused on defending Jewish land from Arab squatters?

Why claim these kids are a threat to the entire nation?

The protests are growing, because people see that Ahuvia Sandak’s death is a symptom of a larger problem in Israel. True, we lead the world in innovation, but we are beginning to lose site of what guides us here in the Land in the first place. We have come home, but have buried the vessels of Redemption in the sands of the Negev.

The youth are showing us something else – that rights are not given to us by the police, the judges, or even the Knesset, but rather they are given to us by G-D himself.

In a sense, the hate for these youth by the apparatchiks in the leftwing controlled security forces and judicial system stems from a sense of embarrassment and jealousy. After all, it is supposed their kids doing this – being Zionists, not these rag tag youth of the hills.

Yet, this goes beyond Zionism that guided Jews back to Israel – this is about Redemption itself. For that, one has to leave behind the trappings and false understandings fomented by those who built the early state, which were then foisted on everyone else.

In a sense we have to leave the construct of our assumptions about what we are doing here to see past the illusions that the governing institutions wants us to believe.

No one trusts the police here, yet before this past year there was too much at stake for all of the various groups to unite. Lockdown after ridiculous lockdown has taken its toll on the public and with it, the last remaining barrier that had prevented it from truly making grassroots change.

The youth of the hills are more than just guardians of the Land – they are messengers of a new way, which is really an old way. They are the David to the government’s Saul. We are not meant to come home to our Land and live like other Nations. Our soul’s are whispering that to us – trying to wake us up and these youth are the reminder that we can behave differently.

There is a price for conformity and that is the anonymity the machine wants us to fall into. However, these youth can and will save us from ourselves at the end. Most of us want something else, but we are just too afraid to admit it to anyone else. All of the technology and entertainment has done nothing to quiet the yearning for a shift to a Redemptive paradigm.

These protests are about regaining the process of reawakening what the Jewish return to its Land was supposed to be about. While this might be scary to many here, it is necessary if we are going to complete the transition from a nation like all other nations to one that is truly a Kingdom of Priests.

Yemen, Iran, and The Coming Attack On Israel

The new alliance between Israel and the UAE as well as Bahrain has upended the Middle East in many ways. From technology and innovation partnerships to military drills and intelligence sharing, the Abraham Accords has made the countries involved the most powerful the region has seen.

None of this has been lost on the Iranians, who understand that despite Biden’s desire to jump back into the nuclear deal, there will be little he can do about the growing strength of the Sunni-Israel alliance.

This is why the Iranians are using Yemen as a forward battle against Saudi clout on the Arabian peninsula. This was clearly demonstrated when the new Saudi backed Yemen government arrived at the Aden airport only to be attacked by Iranian backed Houthis. 26 people were killed the triple bombing and more than 60 wounded.

The blasts were so loud they were heard in Israel.

The message from Iran is clear: Don’t think about joining the Abraham Accords.

China, Djibouti, and the Control Over The Red Sea

Although most observers have focused their attention on the Persian Gulf, Yemen has strategic value to Iran as rests across the Bab al-Mandab Strait from Djibouti. This is one of the most important choke points for shipping in the world. Freighters travel through Bab al-Mandab Strait and bring oil and other commodities to the West.

This is why China has gone out of its way to build up its base in Djibouti, effectively giving it an advantage in controlling the Red Sea. Furthermore, Beijing has gone out of its way to invest in Eritrea and Ethiopia, securing most of the Horn of Africa.

This is why Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states have long seen the war in Yemen as critical in keeping the Chinese-Iranian alliance to only one side of the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Message to Israel

With Israeli arms sales and agri-tech development in Ethiopia and other countries on the Horn of Africa, Israel is hoping to keep pressure on Beijing to play fair by keeping the struggle economic.

Iran’s message to Israel is clear. Yemen may have a new government, but it still the Houthis that call the shots and with them the Red Sea and its shipping routes are up for grabs.

Iran is effectively using much of China’s investment in its Belt and Road Initiative to help build a net against Israel and her Sunni allies.

Yemen is critical in controlling both sides of the Bab al-Mandab Strait and with it, a crushing blow to peace in the region.