Germany Approves €1 Billion Deal to Lease Israeli Drones

Despite small protests outside Germany’s Bundestag, the German parliament approved a €1 billion deal for leasing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). These UAVs  are capable of carrying payloads of weapons. For Germany, this is important  and carrying out attack missions in the German army’s theaters of operation in Mali and Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following concerning the deal:

“I am very pleased by the decision of the German parliament yesterday to approve the giant deal to lease Israeli UAVs. This is an incredible deal that has implications, first of all, for our security industries and for the Israeli economy, but also for the continued strengthening of security relations between Israel and Germany. Germany helps Israel with security, and Israel also helps Germany. This is a very important development and I would like to personally thank Chancellor Merkel. I spoke with her about this ten days ago. She told me that she would pass it through the parliament and she did so.”

Why is this deal important?

Simply put, it cements Israel as the preeminent military drone developer.  Not only that, it provides Israel with a huge win in a country that originally saw this deal nearly torpedoed by the German Social Democratic Party (SDP). While Western Europe has increasingly been confrontational with Israel at the UN, its continuous diplomatic antagonism appears empty as countries like Germany realize that only Israel can provide the type of technology it needs.

According to Globes the deal includes:  €720 million payment to the Airbus Defense and Space company, which will lease seven UAVs from IAI (five regular UAVs and two for training) and €177 million to the Israeli government for use of airports, command and control facilities, and support and maintenance services.

Essentially Germany will have its first permanent presence in Israel.

TERROR IN BERLIN? 9 Killed as Truck Plows into Marketplace

With tensions already high about muslim immigration into Germany, a truck a ppeared to intentionally plow into a crowded marketplace in Berlin earlier today.

Berlin police are reporting at least 9 were killed and 50 injured in the terror attack.

“I heard a big noise and then I moved on the Christmas market and saw much chaos…many injured people,” Jan Hollitzer, deputy editor in chief of Berliner Morgenpost, told CNN. “It was really traumatic.”

German police report that they arrested the suspect.

Watch below:

Copying “Palestinian” Terror Against Jews?

During the mini-Intifada last year, car rammings were used as a terror weapon against Jews. The Western world tried to pin the terror on a lack of movement in the “peace process,” but with more and more attacks occurring in a similar way in the rest of the world, it would be naive to think there is no connection.

Has Islam Conquered Germany?

With more and more Muslim immigrants moving to Germany, the country is hemoraging under Merkels liberal immigration policy.  Furthermore, the government in Berlin has refrained from forcing Muslims from intergrating into German culture.  It is only a matter of time before Islam conquers Germany.


Germans Rise Up: Angela Merkel Must Go

Angela Merkel

“Despite the great unease these events inspire, fear can’t be the guide for political decisions,” Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany said on Friday, in reference to the growing outcry  from German citizens regarding her immigration policy.  She has stuck to her belief that Germany should work to keep an open immigration policy and integrate the migrants streaming into her country.

stubbornness can be an asset in politics, but in Merkel’s case it very well may be her undoing. The chorus of voices have grown stronger over the weekend.  The first Merkel “Must Go” rally attracted 5,000 protestors with 1000’s more across the country. More important for Merkel is that a key ally the governor of Bavaria who defended her Willkommenskultur – welcoming culture – towards refugees has now come our against it.

With her citizenry turning against her, she sees her rule slipping away. The question remains, are Germans ready to throw Angela Merkel out and what will be next?

A new survey found that 83 percent of Germans now see immigration as Germany’s biggest challenge.  This is twice as many as a year ago.

Recent attacks have lent strength to the right-wing movement, which has long called for stricter immigration methods, specifically in Bavaria.  This is where Merkel has faced the heaviest criticism from high-profile politicians.

With Merkel’s deal with Turkey looking increasingly likely to fall apart, the last visages of support for an open immigration policy will fade as the Erdogan agreement was the only thing lending fuel to the idea that the immigration situation could be manageable.

12 Wounded in Germany Suicide Bomb by Syrian Refugee

A 27-year-old Syrian man blew himself up at a music festival in Ansbach, Germany wounding 12 people, 3 seriously. The man detonated a an explosive device after being refused entry into the Ansbach Open music festival at around 10PM Sunday evening.

According to the Bavarian interior minister, the explosive content in the bomber’s backpack had the capability to injure and kill many more people. He also reported that the attacker came to Germany two years ago seeking asylum but his asylum claim was rejected. They claim the attacker attempted suicide twice before and spent time in a psychiatric clinic. However, the common denominator in the recent attacks in Germany is Islamic terrorism.

This is the fourth Muslim attack in Germany in the past week, including the attack in Munich that killed 9 people and injured 27 and the machete attack killing a pregnant woman. Germany has been on high alert since the recent attacks. Many German citizens are irate about the influx of Syrian refugees which seems to include a number of Islamic extremists and terrorists.

According to a poll conducted by state broadcaster ZDF, 77% of Germans fear future attacks.

Syrian Refugee Kills Pregnant Woman in Germany with a Machete, Not Terrorism?

Syrian Refugee Stuttgart Attack

Germany seems like it is under siege these day. At 4:30 CET, a 21 year old Syrian refugee stabbed a pregnant woman to death and injured another two.  Witnesses said he then ran at police before he was shot.  The incident comes after days of continuous carnage and destruction. With the country already rocked after Ali Sonboly killed 9 in Munich and 2 other incidences, the attack today 25 miles south of Stuttgart seems to be one too many.

Angela Merkel has become under increasing pressure to change her refugee policy.  She has so far stayed the course.

Not only that, the German government has been intent on white washing the events to dissuade the populace from believing there is a home-grown migrant caused terror problem.

The police have already deemed today’s event as anything but terrorism. “Given the current evidence, there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack,” police said in a statement. Unfortunately for Germany and most of Western Europe this sort of ignorance and head in the sand mentality will not save them from their self induced destruction. Only a 180 degree change of course will halt the chaos now upon Europe.

With regional elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Sept. 4 and on Sept. 18 in Berlin, Merkel’s ruling party will have a serious test. Negative results for Merkel’s party will force her to toughen her stance on refugees.  The challenge now is preventing the largely successful agreement with Turkey from collapsing due to antagonism against Erdogan’s power grab in the wake of what many believe is a false flag event.

The refugee deal was predicated on EU negotiations with Turkey, but ascension to the EU is predicated on dropping capital punishment. Turkey did in fact do away with it in 2002, but the enactment of emergency powers under Erdogan has made Germany and the EU nervous. “A country that has the death penalty can’t be a member of the European Union and the introduction of the death penalty in Turkey would therefore mean the end of accession negotiations,” Merkel’s spokesman Stefan Seibert said. If EU talks collapse with Turkey the current Syrian refugee crisis will pale in comparison to what will be.

There have been ongoing negotiations with Israel to bring Israeli experts over to Europe to help train and share knowledge.  So far the dialogue is too early to help make a difference.