PEAK AMERICA: Leftist Jew Defaces Hallel Ariel Memorial at Queens Synagogue

The Sons of Israel Congregation of Long Island City in Queens had a bit of a shock over Shabbat. A pro-Palestinian leftist Jew defaced a memorial sign the congregation had put up in memory of 13-year-old Hallel Ariel killed over a month ago in her sleep in Kiryat Arba, by a 17 year old Arab terrorist.

One of the shul goers caught the vandal in the act nearby. The vandal began to shout at the congregant: “How dare you support an occupation who treats the Palestinian’s like the Nazi’s who persecuted my grandfather’s family in Europe.”

Before the altercation could get worse, a woman across the street ran over to help the congregant and chased the vandal away.

Vandalized Poster of Hallel Ariel
Vandalized Poster of Hallel Ariel

Incidents across America, especially on college campuses have increased as young students have bought into pro-Palestinian propaganda. This incident is especially troubling, because it took place at a place of worship and the perpetrator was a fellow Jew.