PEAK AMERICA: Leftist Jew Defaces Hallel Ariel Memorial at Queens Synagogue

The Sons of Israel Congregation of Long Island City in Queens had a bit of a shock over Shabbat. A pro-Palestinian leftist Jew defaced a memorial sign the congregation had put up in memory of 13-year-old Hallel Ariel killed over a month ago in her sleep in Kiryat Arba, by a 17 year old Arab terrorist.

One of the shul goers caught the vandal in the act nearby. The vandal began to shout at the congregant: “How dare you support an occupation who treats the Palestinian’s like the Nazi’s who persecuted my grandfather’s family in Europe.”

Before the altercation could get worse, a woman across the street ran over to help the congregant and chased the vandal away.

Vandalized Poster of Hallel Ariel
Vandalized Poster of Hallel Ariel

Incidents across America, especially on college campuses have increased as young students have bought into pro-Palestinian propaganda. This incident is especially troubling, because it took place at a place of worship and the perpetrator was a fellow Jew.

An End to Chaos

King David wrote in the Book of Psalms, “Sur meRa v’ase tov” – which means, “Veer from evil and do good” (Psalms 34:15).
This is an axiom whose purpose is to enable a framework of orderly life. That is, first prevent actions which are latently bad, and not only have no positive  benefit to any and all, but are negative and harmful.
Only after the deletion of wickedness can good prevail.
If and when this maxim is ignored, chaos reigns.
This pandemonium can be easily witnessed throughout the world today, including here in Israel.
Months ago, following an attempted stabbing of soldiers in Hebron, a number of residents conducted a lengthy discussion with the commander, (a full colonel) of the Judean Brigade (who fortunately is concluding his term, and will soon be replaced.) The gist of the conversation can be summed up in a few words. In his opinion, if he allowed the Arab residents to continue their normal way of life, they would leave us alone.

(Photo: Funeral at Hebron’s ancient Jewish cemetery. Credit: Yishai Fleisher)
We tried to explain/convince him that this approach was mistaken and would only lead to further terror attacks.
We were unsuccessful in our efforts. Only after the murder of Genadi Kaufman in Hebron, and the near killing of a soldier outside Beit Hadassah did he change his policies.
Our Colonel/Commander’s outlook is not his alone. Other high-ranking officers, including some of his commanders are of the same opinion.
The results are chaos, such as the indescribable slaughter of a 13 year old girl in her bed in Kiryat Arba this morning.
This isn’t the first time. The Litman father and son, Dafna Meir, the Fogel family, etc. etc.
This is chaos. Because it is the responsibility of the government, the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, and all the relevant security forces to prevent such atrocities and maintain order.
The problem is that they are shirking their responsibilities and the results are slaughtered Jews. Cut to pieces, as was Hallel Yaffa Ariel, sleeping in her bed, this morning.
What can the Israeli government do to actualize the above-quoted verse?

(Photo: Signs outside Kiryat Arba read “Am Yisrael Chai”. Credit: Yishai Fleisher)
First, destroy the wicked. In one word, deterrence.  Ensure that evil suffers.
For instance, presently the Prime Minister glories in the aura of destroying a terrorist’s home (when the Supreme Court allows it.) However, as the terror continues, it is obvious that this measure in not effective. If though, the entire neighborhood where the terrorist lived was razed to the ground, with it inhabitants being expelled to Lebanon, Gaza, (Iraq or Syria), perhaps this might enhance the deterrent effect. (This, as opposed to paying Turkey twenty million dollars in damages to terrorists attempting to kill Israeli soldiers.)
If members of a community knew that immediately following a terror attack they would all suffer, it’s possible that they would take steps to prevent such attacks.
If this isn’t enough, than destroy the entire village or town.
One need not be a genius or expert military strategist to comprehend the logic. In my opinion, this would be somewhat more effective than today’s decision to surround the village of Boni Nayim, where the terrorist lived, and revoke work permits from the killer’s family.
Nu, big deal! So what!? Deterrence? No way. These measures will not prevent the next carving up of another Jew somewhere in Israel.
Real deterrence is the name of the game, the first step in fulfilling King David’s instructions to his People, 3,000 years ago. If they’re not afraid of you, they will continue down their murderous path of atrocity.

(Photo: Hundreds attend funeral. Credit: Yishai Fleisher)
Stage two – ‘do good.’
This can also be accomplished relatively easily. Our enemies understand two basic languages. The first as now described. The second language they understand is land.
Many years ago, when previous governments were less fearful of the US, the UN and the EU, they implemented the ‘true Zionist response’ to terror. Wherever an attack occurred, there was built a new community.
That policy has fizzled up and disappeared. It must be renewed.
The government must immediately announce and implement construction of thousands of new buildings throughout Judea and Samaria, including such ‘hotspots’ as Hebron. New communities must be initiated.
This is ‘doing good.’ And our neighbors as well as the rest of world, still trying to push a suicide piece plan down our throats, will know we mean business. Maybe they’ll even learn something from us about fighting terror.

(Photo: Family at the funeral. Credit: David Wilder)
How then, will these acts stop the chaos cold, and bring back some kind of order.
As King David teaches us, with the continuation of the verse, ‘Bakesh Shalom v’Radfeihu‘ which means, ‘search for peace and run after it.’
We can only hope for peace, we can only seek out peace, we can only run after peace, after evil is vanished, vanquished, eliminated, and ‘good’ is an accepted and accomplished fact. The lack of either of these two elements prevents any chance of reaching peace.
We know. We’ve been living this chaos for many many years.
The time has come to put an end to chaos and then achieve an authentic peace, preventing a mother’s tears, seeing her 13 year old daughter’s body looking like a flour sifter.
Article originally published here.

We Don’t Need the World’s Permission

(Originally published on Israel Hayom)

“Now there is one less of them,” a Danish Facebook user wrote gleefully after a 13-year-old Jewish girl was stabbed to death in her sleep in her bedroom by a Palestinian man. He thought that the heinous, cowardly murder of an innocent child in her sleep was simply a part of “the resistance” against the Jews.

What kind of human being seeks to justify the cowardly murder of an innocent child in her sleep? Imagine the outcry, if that child had been an Arab and its murderer a Jew. The news would have caused an uproar on the front pages of all the news outlets in the world. Since the girl was Jewish, needless to say, the latter did not happen.

The Israel-Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch, Sari Bashi, could not just do the decent thing and condemn the murder but had to tweet instead that “settlements are illegal, but settlers are NOT legitimate targets.” What sickening times we live in, when a human rights organization cannot bring itself to say more than that the murder of a sleeping Jewish child is not legitimate. Bashi had no response to Mark Halawa, who told her, “I was one of those brainwashed Palestinian children. All Jews are our targets. This settler nonsense you speak of is for idiots!” Contrast that with Bashi’s tweet from June 27, when she emotionally gushed, “Powerful, chilling research by B’Tselem on boy killed, cousins hurt when Israeli soldiers sprayed car with bullets.”

The Palestinian Authority was very quick to honor the terrorist. According to Palestinian Media Watch, Fatah’s official Facebook page immediately posted his picture, declaring him a shahid (martyr) — the highest honor achievable in Islam. WAFA, the Palestinian Authority’s official news agency, honored him as well. The murderer’s family will immediately start receiving a monthly stipend that the PA pays to the families of all “martyrs.”

On Twitter, the EU Embassy in Israel was asked for a response to the fact that the EU funds are used to fund these stipends. Their response was “technical,” as always: “We are not claiming that the payments have stopped. However, FYI, technically, they are no longer paid by the PA but by the PLO.”

In plain English: The EU is fine with supporting terrorism, and knowingly does so, as long as the support is indirect — inasmuch as you can tell the PLO and the PA apart, which you cannot.

The EU Embassy’s response should hardly come as a surprise, after a week in which the EU Parliament gave Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ medieval blood libel a standing ovation. President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, tweeted that the speech was “inspiring address by Pres. Abbas to EPlenary — EU supports aspiration by large majority of Palestinians for peace and reconciliation.”

Let that sink in for a moment: The president of the European Parliament thinks that a speech peddling medieval blood libels is “inspiring.” Furthermore, the “aspirations by large majority of Palestinians for peace and reconciliation” — where did he spot those aspirations? In the constant terrorist attacks? In the polls, which show that a majority of Palestinian Arabs support terror against Israelis? Or in the command of Abbas aide Sultan Abu al-Einein, a Fatah Central Committee official who said that “wherever you see a Jew, slit his throat”? Clearly, Palestinian Arabs pay very close heed to those words and act upon them promptly. But then again the EU never lets facts get in the way of its ideology.

As for the United States, the State Department issued their condolences to the family — no mention of the generous American funding of the PA, which enables all of this — but the White House, predictably, remained silent on the matter, despite the fact that the murdered girl carried American citizenship.

“The entire world needs to condemn this murder just as it condemned the terrorist attacks in Orlando and Brussels,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I expect the Palestinian leadership to clearly, unequivocally condemn this vicious murder and take immediate action to stop the incitement. Enlightened nations must join in this demand and pressure the one who heads the incitement that leads to the murder of children in bed.”

Waiting for the world to condemn and pay lip service to Israel’s fight against terrorism is a dead end in every sense of the word. It will never happen. It did not happen on 9/11, when the world was most likely to understand what Israel was facing, and it will not happen 15 years later, when political correctness and a jaded sense that this is just the “new normal” has eroded any hopes that might have once been for genuine world solidarity with Israel. Israel must fight the terror as it sees fit in order to end it finally and prevent the killings of Jewish children in their sleep and pedestrians on their way to the supermarket.

We are a sovereign nation. We do not need the world’s permission to defend ourselves against those who seek our destruction.