Israel Behind the News [Dec 30, 2015]

China and Israel create a union of tech superpowers

  • China and Israel are partnering on a number of projects that are aimed to help both countries excel in research, both academic and practical.
  • In early January, representatives from large technology companies from both Israel and China will meet in Beijing for the first annual China-Israel Technology, Innovation and Investment summit.
  • Israel is currently ranked #5 in the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2015.

Israel-Indian missile system Barak 8 carries out successful trial in Indian Ocean

  • The Israeli-Indian developed Barak 8 missile system carried out two successful interceptions from an Indian Navy ship over the past day.
  • The Barak 8 missile system is designed to protect naval ships and offshore gas rigs from hostile aircraft, missiles and rockets.
  • The missile deploys its own electromagnetic sensor as it approaches the target, guiding it on its last phase.

Ramallah urges talks to stem unrest; Israel says not until attacks stop

  • Israel is refusing to consider steps toward restarting stagnant peace talks with the Palestinians until the ongoing wave of violence comes to a close.
  • A PLO committee is expected to convene sometime in the first half of January to discuss demands being made in light of the wave of violence, and may even present concrete proposals.
  • During recent meetings to jumpstart talks, the PLO demanded, as preconditions for new negotiations, a moratorium on settlement building and the release of the 36 prisoners Israel refused to let out, as well as an agreement to negotiate based on the pre-1967 armistice lines.