Israel Behind the News [Dec 29, 2015]

Palestinian organizations call for escalation of ‘intifada’

It’s true, the Israeli government says there is no Intifada, but the Palestinians think otherwise.  If there is an escalation, it will move from knifings and the occasional shooting attack to full fledged gun battles and bus bombings.  The challenge for the Israeli government is to actually believe the words of the Palestinians instead of disregarding them as propaganda for the street.

After Nasrallah threats, Eisenkot says IDF ready for any challenge from North

The Israeli government and security apparatus has always been on the ball in relation to threats from the outside. The fact is now is the time for Nasrallah to attack in order to stay relevant in the fast changing Middle East. More importantly for Nasrallah is Putin’s growing influence in the region.  By harming Israel, Hezbollah can reinvigorate its value in Russia’s eyes, while lowering Israel’s stature.

Sanity still exists in a small part of Israel.  If the court did not rule in favor of being allowed to raise your hands on the Temple Mount, the next place the battle for prayer rights on the Mount or any rights for Jews and Christians are concerned is not being allowed to even look at up or worse not show concern for the holiest site in Judaism.  Thankfully the court ruled in favor of freedom of worship.