Are We Ready To Climb Jacob’s Ladder?

The world is changing fast. The darkness and depths of emptiness have penetrated our minds and yet we yearn for truth and light. Our story is Jacob’s story; on the run from the evil and in search of his destined other.

His dream is our dream. We climb and we fall – climb and fall. That is this world and that is the secret of the path out from exile. We must be prepared to fall before we can climb out. We must know that the darkness will grow before the end.

Rebbe Nachman teaches there will be a “flood of disbelief” in the Creator’s providence before the Messiah arrives. That is our time. We seek truth and we cannot find it. And yet if we accept that we must descend down the ladder before we can climb our way to freedom would become clear.

Jacob found his soulmate in the place of lies. He descended to pull her out and became trapped in the world of darkness and yet he eventually pulled more than Rachel out – he rescued her sister and their handmaidens as well.

The angels move up and down the ladder in Jacob’s dream for a reason – descending in order to rise. Within the darkness and confusion we now find the world in we still have work to do down here before the final light is revealed.