Israel Behind the News [Dec 21, 2015]

Rockets Hit Northern Israel

Here we go again, so the theory would go, but more likely than not the retaliation we will surely see for Kuntar’s demise will be in another form, most likely an attempt to infiltrate the North as was Kuntar’s plan. The rocket attack is more or less a way for the Arabs in Hezbollah to let some steam off.

Mahmoud Abbas in Greece, Waiting for PA Recognition as New Nation

This must be the Greeks’ way of trying to stay relevant.  Remember there is a gas deal with Israel and their own Prime Minister referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s historic capital. Whatever the reason, it is sad that the world cannot move on beyond supporting independence of a non-entity, never mind the fact that Palestine was not a Nation.

Benjamin Netanyahu ‘threatens to strip Jerusalem residency from 230,000 Palestinians’

Well the above link just shows you how out of touch the liberal media is to sovereignty issues. No one is stripping the “Palestinians” in Jerusalem of residency (which as a sovereign nation they are allowed to do), but rather those Arabs who are aiding and abetting terror.  The same debate is going on across the globe.