Israel Behind the News [Dec 16, 2015]

None of us should be shocked at the above thinking.  Since the head of the UN ultimately thinks Israel is behind ethnically cleansing Arabs from Jerusalem, it is logical for him to also believe we are the ones responsible for the Arab violence in Israel. Essentially, according to the UN our very existence is the reason for the terrorism itself. Jews are the cause and the target of the terrorism. Old fashion anti-Semitism at its best.
Egypt and Israel clearly have a tacit understanding and defense alliance in dealing with joint threats. This is proof that the alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean are changing and consolidating behind Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece with an energy consortium as a joint interest between them.  If this is really the case, the future is bright for the four.
The Jewish world should be outraged from Obama’s comparison, but then again American Jews largely voted for Barack Hussein Obama and in like fashion they will find some reason to agree with him.  Any thinking person should be outraged, but it’s almost 2016 and it seems the world has gotten incredibly ignorant. First and foremost most of the Syrian refugees are Muslim and able-bodied young men. This does not mirror the typical refugee from anywhere else in the world.

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