Israel Behind the News [Dec 15, 2015]

Kerry: Bibi is Shortsighted and Untrustworthy

Here we go again.  The world is in collapse mode or should I say the American world is on collapse mode and Kerry wheels out apartheid like statements and fear mongering to relate to Israel’s future. Once going on here is that the USA is nervous it is losing Israel and so the warning is out.  “You leave our orbit and we will make you look like South Africa.” Threats don’t work anymore. Their policies are in shambles and in the new world of value based partnerships versus ideological allies, Israel is well positioned to be economic hub of the fast changing Middle East. By the way trusting the USA government never did the Kurds well either. Obama has left them to die at the mercy of ISIS.

War is Hell and the Arabs use all Means at their Disposal

The violent struggle for control over the Land of Israel continues. Thankfully, all of the injured from yesterday’s car ramming in Jerusalem will live. The 1.5 year old unfortunately will lose his foot.  In the long struggle strategy that Bibi seems to have adopted over the Land, the government wants the citizenry to remain vigilant as it grinds the Arabs down over a period of time and makes them sure for peace. This strategy means we won’t see the winding down of “lone wolfs” anytime soon.