Headlines June 15: Hamas Commander Defects to Israel, Bibi Meets With NATO, Hamas Head to Step Down

Report: Hamas Tunnel Warfare Commander Defected to Israel. Some in Hamas claim that the man was kidnapped by the IDF. In any event, he should be a source of valuable information for Israeli security forces.
[The Jewish Press]


The White House on Tuesday said that it opposes the House of Representative’s proposal to allot $ 600 million to the US funding for building Israel’s missile defense arsenal for 2017.
[i24 News]


Hamas head Khaled Mashaal will reportedly not seek another term in the upcoming internal elections, scheduled for the end of the year.
[Arutz Sheva]


PM Netanyahu meets with NATO member state ambassadors and discuss the scourge of terror worldwide.
[Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


New hotline established for people in distress
[The Jerusalem Post]


Minister Ofir Akunis warned on Wednesday morning that Islamic extremism is trying to destroy western culture and the free world.
[Arutz Sheva]