THE COMING WAR: Iran vs. Israel, North Korea vs. America

With America and North Korea rapidly heading towards a direct conflict, the wider ramifications of such a conflict are far-reaching. Given the fact that North Korea built Syria’s now destroyed nuclear weapons program and continues to aid Iran’s nuclear development, the two programs are linked.

In the coming days as Donald Trump sends more and more firepower to the Korean penninsula, the Iranians will most likely stir up trouble against Israel. Although government officials are insisting that the summer time is likely for renewed hostility between Hamas and Israel, North Korea will likely cause a flare up with Iranian proxies much sooner.

The Iranians will turn Hezbollah loose on Israel as a means of drawing the Trump administration away from full out war with North Korea.  With half of their program under attack in the East, Iran will have nothing to lose against Israel.

Winning is Not So Easy

A North Korean war may end in the North’s defeat, but not without Seoul’s devastation and depending on the time frame Japan’s capital in Tokyo suffering from direct missile hits.

Israel too can repel both Hamas and Hezbollah, but if reports of Hezbollah tunneling and Iranians plans to take the Golan are true, the war will likely cascade into something far more dangerous for Israel’s security.

The above assessment does not count Russia and Chinese involvement in either theater as well as Iranian direct attacks on Sunni states in the Gulf.

Whatever the scenario, the next few days have the potential to trigger an all out war in multiple areas around the globe.

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