What Will Obama Do When Trump Wins?

After throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Donald Trump it is beginning to sink into the minds of Democrats that he might actually won. Hillary has never been a great candidate, but Trump has shattered her playbook irrevocably.

The real question is what will Barack Obama due? Gone is his legacy. Gone is the Democratic coalition for generations to come. Gone is the neo-conservative hold on foreign policy that he covered for. Gone is the complete hold over the black American vote.

I do not think Obama is going to fade away. No the media wants to believe in the guy they championed as the world’s savior. Look for some actions to be taken by Obama to curb the growing violence due to “police brutality.”

If he cannot steal the election for Hillary he can create so much chaos for Trump that Trump will be distracted fixing it, he will lose his ability to fix the real problems.

America and the world need to get ready, the real rumble is about to begin.



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