Will the Left’s Putsch Against Mike Flynn Trigger World War Three?

Now that Mike Flynn has been forced to resign from the Trump administration, the burgeoneing detente between Russia and the USA appears to be in tatters.  Without Flynn, the administration appears to be left without a guide when it comes to Moscow.  This has caused some in the White House like Vice President Mike Pence to fall back on old talking points with respect to Russia and NATO.

“Know this: The United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground which as you know President Trump believes can be found,” Pence said. “This is President Trump’s promise: we will stand with Europe today and every day, because we are bound together by the same noble ideals – freedom, democracy, justice and the rule of law.

“We have been faithful for generations — and as you keep faith with us, under President Trump we will always keep faith with you.

“The fates of the United States and Europe are intertwined. Your struggles are our struggles. Your success is our success. And ultimately, we walk into the future together.

“The United States is and will always be your greatest ally. Be assured that President Trump and our people are truly devoted to our transatlantic union.”

Even Trump has said that Russia should return Crimea to the Ukraine.  With Flynn out, the verbal agreements that were made with Russia are gone.  While this does not mean Trump will follow the playbook of Obama, the Russians are taking no chances that President Trump may seek to stablize his administration taking a far tougher stance against Putin’s Russia.

In response to Flynn’s ousting Russia has positoned SSV-175 Viktor Leonov off the coast of Delaware.  Fox News Reported the following last week:

“The ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, last sailed near the U.S. in April 2015, an official said. It was also seen in Havana in January 2015.

Capable of intercepting communications or signals, known as SIGINT, the ship can also measure U.S. Navy sonar capabilities, a separate official said.

The Russian spy ship is also armed with surface-to-air missiles.

It has also been reported that a pair of Russian Su-24 jets passed within close proximity of the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter on February 16th while the ship conducted routine maritime operations in international waters.

Why Does the Left Want War WIth Russia?

The Left understands it lost the election, but as usual it pays little respect to Democracy.  They have tried from the beginning to paint Trump as a war monger that will bring chaos to the world.  Yet, in a strange irony they are now pushing Trump to go forward and launch the war they wanted. War with Russia serves two functions for the Soros backed  Left as well as the neo-conservative military establishment.

The first is to destroy the potential for dismantling the globalist regime and the second is to reaffirm in Americans’ minds that Trump must be removed for sheer recklessness. In a sense Soros and his minions get the war they always wanted and blame it on their arch nemesis.

The next few weeks wll be key in learning just off kilter the Flynn resingaton has put the Trump administration.  If Trump backed by Steve Bannon can stick to the original script, the pustch against Flynn will be remembered as the international Left’s last maneuver before their fall, but if not, a war between the super powers is in the offing.