The Revolution Can Come At Any Moment

Revolutions come when a populace has lost the ability to make necessary change through ordinary means. Israelis from all spectrums of society feel they live in a country that has gone mad.  Prices are too high, wages are too low, infiltrators are set free, and young men are placed in administrative detention just for a set of beliefs. We should not forget the looming external threats and increasing internal security issues.

Governments come and go and yet the problems internally and externally increase. It’s true Israelis are the happiest of people and yet we all know in many ways it is a self projected veneer covering the frustration with the impossibility of change.

So where is the revolt? Where is Israel’s version of the Bastille? By now the populace should be beseiging the Supreme Court or setting fire to the Sauvignon.  Alas, there is barely an outcry save for the various community activists and organizers from the myriad of sectors making up Israeli society.

The fact is the Israeli populace is enslaved.  They are a prodct of their hopes and dreams that really the State can be their salvation.  This is statism at its finest.  The State provides and so to revolt would be suicide. Of course life has gotten more and more unbearable and the same players have put us into a situation where our very lives are at stake. But the State as we know it still stands. Make no mistake, this is the ghetto of 2015. Yet at least at the end of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Jews freed themselves of the mistaken notion that their ghetto masters would save them and decided to revolt. It was too late of course, but the point was not lost.

The political leaders of the State of Israel know the Israeli populace is tired.  They know it’s not capable of taking them to task on just about everything.  Yet the revolution that is needed is not about violence.  There is no need to storm the proverbial Bastille.  Revolutions begin far before the first shots are fired.  They begin in the minds of the populace when they dare to believe they can just walk away from their masters.

In Israel we too can walk away from the politics of the master class and redeem our Nation from its inner servitude.  We can build a true Jewish Leadership that stands up for its Nation, providing security, economy, and a Judaism that teaches love of fellow Jew with a clear pathway to fulfilling our redemptive mission.

We can begin now to disconnect from our failed leadership and rebuild our society and future.