Netanyahu Calls for Unified Approach of Condemnation and War on Terrorism Worldwide

During the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed draft laws to strengthen economic stability and improve the functioning of government ministries. However, he began with strong statements regarding recent events around the world.

Netanyahu made the following remarks:
“Israel and Turkey recently agreed on a reconciliation process between them. We assume that this process will continue without any connection to the dramatic events in Turkey over the weekend.

In recent days, we also experienced the shocking terrorist attack in Nice and it underscores the need for a unified and aggressive approach in the face of the murderous terrorism that is attacking the entire world. I sent condolences — on behalf of the government and people of Israel – and my wishes for a recovery to the wounded, via French President Francois Hollande.

The Palestinian Authority also sent condemnations and condolences, but with one difference: Here, not only do they not condemn vehicular terrorism, they encourage it. They glorify the terrorists responsible and finance them and their families if the terrorists are dead.

Terrorism is terrorism, whether it is in France or Israel, and there must be a unified approach of condemnation and war on this terrorism – here and everywhere else.”

The sentiments of his remarks are clear: While the world cries for terror victims in Europe or the US, it remains silents when it comes to Israeli terror victims. While the world speaks of war on terror and fighting ISIS, it does not speak up when it comes to Palestinian terror. Netanyahu is trying to make the point that the motives behind Palestinian terror is no different than the motives behind ISIS and other terror groups.