MODI IS COMING: Indian Prime Minister to Visit Israel, Yes this is Really Really BIG

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated at his weekly cabinet meeting:

“Next week, the Indian Prime Minister, my friend, Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel, This is an historic visit to Israel. In the 70 years of the country’s existence no Indian Prime Minister has ever visited and this is further expression of the State of Israel’s military, economic and diplomatic strength. This is a very significant step in strengthening relations between the two countries. India is a huge country with over 1.25 billion people and is one of the world’s largest, growing economies. Ties between Israel and India are on a constant upswing.”

“Today, the Cabinet will approve decisions that will deepen these ties, beginning with expanding exports and deepening cooperation in agriculture and water. We will establish a joint innovation, and research and development, fund. We will also increase tourism from India to Israel; this has very great potential. All of this is an additional expression of Israel’s enhanced international position in recent years as we strengthen the State of Israel.”

The Israel-India partnership has been developing and building for years. In an unstable world this partnership can and most likely will change both the Middle East and Near East.

I wrote this in my post in December:

“With a billion people in India, making it the largest democracy in the world, Israel finds a partner that has no in built nor cultural hint of anti-Semitism (Jews have been living in India for 2000 years) and fights against the same past and present enemies as itself. Through technology and military partnerships as well long time cultural connections the two countries are set to impact the globe way beyond their regions.  It is the ultimate partnership that will shake the global order currently controlled by the US, Britain, EU, China, and Russia.”

With no offense meant to our American readership (whose country has long backed our rights to our homeland), Modi’s visit is a pendulum changing event that marks the moment when two former British colonies reached a point when they were able to reclaim the mantle of world leadership they had before it was taken from them.