Cracks Forming in Bibi Netanyahu’s Coalition as Bennett and Likud Trade Accusations

“I will not take back my criticism of the preparations for the tunnel threat,”Bennett told Army Radio. “The comptroller’s report is trustworthy and serious.” According to leaks from the soon to be released comprtoller report. State Comptroler Yosef Shapira accused Prime Minister Netanyau and then Defense Minister of not providing the security cabinet with real-time updates in connection with an imminent threat of war and Hamas’ tunnel capabilities.

The tension in the government conintued into Monday as Likud released a statement attacking Bennett and Shaked for serving the Left by undermining the Prime Minister.

“As I have said, the reality can’t be changed retroactively. I have full faith in the State Comptroller and his professionalism,” Bennett reitereated. “I have 100 percent, complete trust in the findings that he will release in another few weeks.”

The confrontation has gotten to the point where Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon insited: “We need to send this government on vacation. Send them out, urgently, before we have to institutionalize them, the whole government.”