Israel Behind the News [Jan. 20, 2016]

Hezbollah Terror Cell in Israel Exposed – Massive Attacks Averted
A five-man terror cell, led by the son of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, was exposed in the West Bank town of Tul Karem. The Shin Bet (ISA, Israel Security Agency) and police force thwarted a shooting attack and possible suicide bombing attacks that the cell was planning on carrying out against IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens. Hezbollah gave the terror cell 5,000 dollars while planning to attack Israel.

Muslim woman exudes love for ‘magical’ Israel
Farhana Rahman, a young Muslim from New York and a member of an Israeli start-up, declares: ‘I will stand at the front line for the chosen people.’ She posted a Facebook status full of boundless love for the state of Israel and its citizens. Her post is a must-read.

Father of alleged Otniel killer: ‘Why should I be punished for what he did?’
In an interview to Channel 2 television aired Tuesday, Abu Adham expressed concern about Israel’s plan to demolish his home in response to the deadly terror attack performed by his 15-year-old son. “Why should I be punished for what the kid did?” he asked. The truth of the matter is that all the attacks during the terror wave of the last few months are a result of incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian media channels. They are promoting hate, violence and murder of Jews. As we explained in a previous article, one of the only ways to prevent future terror attacks is by demolishing homes of family members, revoking their work permits and deporting them. So the answer to Abu Adham is that he should be punished for the sake of the security of Israel. His son is no different than any other terrorist that was indoctrinated into a culture of hate that glorifies death.

Chances of Islamic State Attack Against Israel is Rising
IDF Chief of Staff says losses in Syria increase chance of ISIS attack in Israel. Watch video below: