Israel Behind the News [Jan. 13, 2016]

Top Israeli official: Iran wants to make Syria its province
Israel’s Foreign Ministry director explains that Iran is looking to turn Syria into a “province of Iran.” This should come as no surprise since Shi’ite Iran always supported the Assad regime and always looked to have greater control in the region. Should Iran succeed, Israel will need to realize the greater threat it would have on the northern border, even though the Syrian terrorist group, Hezbollah, is a proxy for Iran and has been in the northern border with Israel for a while now. This is in addition to Iran’s recent pledge to continue support for anti-Israel terrorism.

Israel Air Force Strikes Gaza Terror Cell Today
The Israel Air Force struck a terrorist cell in northern Gaza which was in the process of attempting to plant an explosive device on the border with Israel on Wednesday morning, the army said. 1 terrorist was killed and a few others injured. Israeli residents close to the Gaza border are being warned of  retaliation by Hamas in the form of rocket attacks, though none have been reported so far.

Israeli Researchers Offer HIV Carriers Hope
Two Hebrew University scientists believe they have reached a breakthrough in destroying cells infected with HIV virus; clinical trials on human beings are set to begin within three months.

Palestinians, leftists riled up over Airbnb listings of settler homes
According to Al Jazeera, dozens of Israeli settlers in the West Bank are offering their homes to tourists for rent via Airbnb, the popular online accommodation, rent and lodging service. A Palestinian official was quoted as saying that Airbnb “is promoting stolen property on stolen land.” However, we all know that the Jewish people have always been indigenous to Israel and that the land is not stolen at all. This is just another Palestinian ploy to stir worldwide condemnation of Israel by creating bogus claims and headlines on the back of a popular internet service.

Airbnb listings of homes in the West Bank
Airbnb listings of homes in the West Bank. (photo credit:Courtesy)