If Hillary Wins There Will Be War With Russia and If Donald Wins There Will Be War With Soros

As the first election results are set to be released, it is clear that the two candidates stand far apart on major issues.

Hillary Clinton has not shied away from sharp rhetoric when it comes to Russia’s Putin.  She has just about blamed him for most of the world’s troubles.  She has made it clear she will push for a no-fly zone in Syria which would bring the USA and Russia into direct conflict.

Putin is watching the election closely and will react very differently if Hillary wins.  One thing is for certain, Hillary has just about guaranteed that Putin will become enemy number one during her Presidency. If you think fighting a direct war with a fellow nuclear power is a good idea make sure to vote for Hillary Clinton.

As far as Donald Trump, his war is against the Wall Street backed elites.  He has tremendous disdain for people like George Soros who Trump believes has his hand in undermining the very fabric of the USA.  Trump has made it clear that his war begins in DC and Wall Street. If you want to drain the swamp and reset America, vote Trump.