Is Donald Trump Ready to Shatter the Mythical “Palestinian” Narrative?

If the sources coming out of the White House are accurate, President Donald Trump seems to be ready to take on the made up “Palestinian” narrative.  In the latest volley aimed at destroying the “Palestinian’s” use of UN bureaucracy to create a defacto state, the US scuttled the naming of former PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad as a UN special envoy to Libya.

“The United States was disappointed to see a letter indicating the intention to appoint the former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister to lead the U.N. Mission in Libya,” Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said in a statement opposing the selection of Fayyad. “For too long the U.N. has been unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel.”

“The United States does not currently recognize a Palestinian state or support the signal this appointment would send within the United Nations, however, we encourage the two sides to come together directly on a solution,” Haley said in a vast departure from Obama administration rhetoric. “Going forward the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies.”

In a continued transformation of American policy just before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s meeting with President Trump, sources in the White House claim that Trump will not use the phrase “two-states” or pressure Israel over construction in Judea and Samaria.

Whether due to Trump’s circle of friends, son-in-law, or just a good sense of right and wrong, the President seems to be ready to jettison decades of US policy in favor of backing Israel’s claims to its Biblical Heartland.

Why Now?

The Trump administration sees the world in black and white.  Either you are with the USA or against.  This is why Trump wants to pick his team of allies so to speak and build his foreign policy off of that. Furthermore, he never truly bought into the “Palestinian” victimhood complex. Trump does not like whiners and for him that his what much of the Arab world represents.  True, he needs the “moderate” Sunni states to take on Iran, but they need the USA far more than the USA needs them.

After Wednesday, the world is about to witness the collapse of the world’s only made up people.