Donald Trump, NWO, and the Deep State’s War Against Jerusalem

Donald Trump’s first international trip, like the President himself, broke many previous policies of the USA in regards to major geopolitical issues.  The one that has been most noted is his visit to the Western Wall, which is a first by a sitting American President.  Beyond that, the White House YouTube labeled Jerusalem as part of Israel on their channel.  This is in stark contrast to his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and NSA head General McMaster who do not regard Jerusalem as being part of Israel.

Trump is certainly aware that his actions flew in the face of a globalist agenda, which seeks to destroy the Jewish link to Jerusalem. It is no accident that a peace deal favorable to Israel is coinciding with increased leaks from behind Trump’s back as well as a focused witch-hunt against his team.

The NWO (New World Order) and the Deep State, view Israel’s control over Jerusalem as a threat to their hegemony. Why? The global security state  seeks to undermine the miraculous nature of Israel’s existence and triumph, especially the gains made in just six days 50 years ago. By forcing Israel to give up their Divine connection to these lands, the globalists can prove that they and only they are the rulers of the world. G-D? The globalists want a world where they play that role.

By Israel continuing to do the impossible by returning to their homeland and holding onto their eternal capital, the ability for the globalists and their soldiers in the Deep State to cement their control over the hearts and mins of the world citizens remains elusive.

By Trump essentially declaring that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, he has out flanked the global elite.  By doing that, the President has pushed them to increase their animosity to himself and his agenda.  McMaster and Tillerson will try to derail Trump’s accomplishments he made between the Arab world and Israel.  Expect the leaks to increase and the investigations to begin to focus on the President himself. All the while the North Korean crisis will erupt and drag America into a serious war, leaving Israel vulnerable to attack.

Trump has done the unthinkable, but the Deep State and the globalist agenda have tremendous power behind it, enough to harm the President and his backers. The war over Jerusalem is beyond politics and intersects with who we and the world as people truly want to be. Children of G-D or servants of man.

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  1. We Jews must thank and praise the G_D-OF-ISRAEL for giving us an American President who is pro-Israel, or at least seems to be much more pro-Israel than his Israel-bashing predecessor. Thank You, G_d! Again I thank You G_d!

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