Phone Footage Reveals Evil Intentions of Tel Aviv Islamic Terrorist

The Shin Bet discovers videos on Tel Aviv shooter’s cellphone in which he drinks beer, talks about using drugs and insults Jews, Christians, Shiites and Russians. He also threatens Obama to convert to Islam or he will be crucified. Nashat Milhem, the terrorist who killed 3 people a few weeks ago in Tel Aviv, was later found and killed by Israeli officers. Milhem is just another product of PA and Hamas incitement to kill Jews.

Since the Tel Aviv attack, there have been numerous attacks in Israel including the murder of Dafna Meir and a stabbing attack last night in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood. While the terrorists eventually get caught, we are still seeing a widespread epidemic of Jihad and Islamic extremism in Israel that shows no signs of slowing down since the terror wave began a few months ago.

Surveillance footage of last night’s stabbing attack