Yemen, Iran, and The Coming Attack On Israel

The new alliance between Israel and the UAE as well as Bahrain has upended the Middle East in many ways. From technology and innovation partnerships to military drills and intelligence sharing, the Abraham Accords has made the countries involved the most powerful the region has seen.

None of this has been lost on the Iranians, who understand that despite Biden’s desire to jump back into the nuclear deal, there will be little he can do about the growing strength of the Sunni-Israel alliance.

This is why the Iranians are using Yemen as a forward battle against Saudi clout on the Arabian peninsula. This was clearly demonstrated when the new Saudi backed Yemen government arrived at the Aden airport only to be attacked by Iranian backed Houthis. 26 people were killed the triple bombing and more than 60 wounded.

The blasts were so loud they were heard in Israel.

The message from Iran is clear: Don’t think about joining the Abraham Accords.

China, Djibouti, and the Control Over The Red Sea

Although most observers have focused their attention on the Persian Gulf, Yemen has strategic value to Iran as rests across the Bab al-Mandab Strait from Djibouti. This is one of the most important choke points for shipping in the world. Freighters travel through Bab al-Mandab Strait and bring oil and other commodities to the West.

This is why China has gone out of its way to build up its base in Djibouti, effectively giving it an advantage in controlling the Red Sea. Furthermore, Beijing has gone out of its way to invest in Eritrea and Ethiopia, securing most of the Horn of Africa.

This is why Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states have long seen the war in Yemen as critical in keeping the Chinese-Iranian alliance to only one side of the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Message to Israel

With Israeli arms sales and agri-tech development in Ethiopia and other countries on the Horn of Africa, Israel is hoping to keep pressure on Beijing to play fair by keeping the struggle economic.

Iran’s message to Israel is clear. Yemen may have a new government, but it still the Houthis that call the shots and with them the Red Sea and its shipping routes are up for grabs.

Iran is effectively using much of China’s investment in its Belt and Road Initiative to help build a net against Israel and her Sunni allies.

Yemen is critical in controlling both sides of the Bab al-Mandab Strait and with it, a crushing blow to peace in the region.

MIKETZ: SolarWinds, China, and Crossing The Rubicon

I want to start by repeating the opening paragraph of my post on IsraelUnwired from earlier today:

“From chaos to chaos, the US is experiencing perhaps the most trying moment in its history. All of the fears about the 2020 election have come to pass and now with the revelation that the SolarWinds platform has been hacked with an active infiltration for more than six months has essentially, all assumptions about security and the efficacy of the elections themselves should be thrown out.”

What is happening is something far deeper than a mere cyber attack on the US. The SolarWinds hack and the subsequent confusion over just how bad it still, especially when it comes to trusting the election results cannot be overstated.

With trust in the US government and its various institutions at an all time low and with factionalism and tribalism growing by the day, the US is on verge of a true systemic collapse.

The Chinese Communist Party, along with other state actors like Russia, North Korea, and their allies have been waiting for the final execution of their plan to take down the US. After all, communist leaders have always believed the US could be taken “without firing a shot.”

There are serious military leaders in the US, both retired and active urging President Trump to take action. Those retired leaders are openly asking him to “cross the Rubicon” the way Caesar did and “restore the Republic.”

This is not about the Rubicon. This is about an inflection point in world history; what we call a Ketz or end in Hebrew. An end is obviously not a final moment in time, but an end of one period and a beginning of another. A Ketz is the transitional moment when that happens.

That is what this Torah portion is about. Joseph spent two years in the dungeon in Egypt and in the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, the end of that period, the Ketz occured and he was taken out into the light.

Enemies of freedom surround us all. Chassidut teaches us that these physical enemies are just manifestations of the spiritual enemies we are fighting within. We are at a Ketz, much the same as Joseph and the Maccabees – both of who went from darkness to light.

Over the next few weeks and months our enemies will attempt to sow fear and division across the world. They will attempt to keep us in darkness and yet if we understand that the Rubicon people are urging President Trump to cross is not just his, but in truth it exists within each of us, then we have nothing to fear at all.

Most of humanity lives in a universe of distraction, which is the darkness we are fighting against. They want to forget about the pressures of the world and inject the noise and darkness further in. They want to remain in the “dungeon of Egypt.”

This is the Ketz we are in. The darkness may feel unnavigable, but at the end we will be lifted out into the light.

From Tibet to The Uyghurs, China Wipes Out Entire Cultures

China under the PRC officially took over Tibet in October 1951. Tibet’s leadership including the then young Dalai Lama fled south into India, after a mass uprising in 1959, where the Tibetan government in exile still remains. Since the Chinese Han takeover of Tibet almost 70 years ago, the CCP run China has decimated the indigenous culture, transferring millions of ethnic Han into the occupied territory. More than that though, the CCP has continued to completely erase Tibetan history.

The following numbers are provided by Tibet Office: “1.2 million Tibetans, one-fifth of the country’s population, died as a result of China’s policies; many more languished in prisons and labor camps; and more than 6000 monasteries, temples and other cultural and historic buildings were destroyed and their contents pillaged.”

In 1987 the Western world, through grassroots efforts, launched the Free Tibet movement. The movement gained steam globally and by the 1990s there were international campaigns. Yet, as the CCP has continued to establish China as the indispensable economic anchor for the whole world, the same liberal media who championed the Tibetan cause has grown increasingly silent.

The Uyghurs Are Targeted For Annihilation

There are an estimated 12 million Uyghurs in North West China. They are a Turkic related Muslim people who migrated to Xinijang centuries earlier. Despite CCP claims, there are said to be more than 1 million Uyghurs in “reeducation camps” whose real aim appears focused on wiping out Uyghur culture – total cultural genocide.

Beyond the more than one million Uyghurs in what can only be considered concentration camps, Uyghur women are forcibly having their hair cut to sell on the global market and Uyghurs are forced to have their organs harvested where they are sold back to rich Muslims seeking an organ transplant.

Besides the open brutality, Uyghurs are on a basic level seeing their religious lifecycle events watered down in a very forceful way as a means of slowly destroying their culture.

Timothy Gross writes the following in China File about his experiences amongst the Uyghur:

“Important lifecycle rituals—baby-namings, circumcision, funerals, and weddings—provide opportunities for devout and casually religious families alike to strengthen connections. These ceremonies recommit the community to a religious path while forging and reinforcing kinship bonds between relatives (oruq-tughan), neighbors (qoshna), and friends.”

“Currently, however, these rites—known generically in official Chinese sources as the “four activities” (si xiang huodong, 四项活动)—demand the overbearing presence of the state in a formalized process referred to as the four applications, four delegations, and four receipts. According to this policy, families intending to hold naming ceremonies, circumcisions, funerals, and weddings must first file an official application. Then an official from the village Party branch will accompany religious clerics to the event, which the Party branch documents in a receipt.”

“Officials reward such mandatory invitations with monetary gifts. Work teams in one village dole out 200 renminbi for each naming ceremony, 100 renminbi per circumcision, 200 renminbi per wedding (second marriages are not eligible), and 500 renminbi per funeral. If the deceased was a Party member, officials increase the condolence payment to 1,000 renminbi. Families become ineligible for monetary gifts if they are deemed to have engaged in “extremism” or have a family member labeled as “targeted population.” If family members exhibit a bad attitude or perform poorly at work, or a Party member does not play a role in the ceremony, they are given reduced gifts. Although the modest financial support may be welcomed by some families, these payments act as what political communications expert Jennifer Pan has termed “repressive assistance,” that is, benefits that increase contact between the state and targeted groups and serve as a starting point for ideological transformation.”

Han-Centrism At The Heart of China’s Cultural Decimation Program

The Han, who make up 92% of China have been undergoing a form of hyper nationalism, which has transformed their nationalism into a virulent xenophobia. Han nationalism has been used as a tool to wipe out and colonize Tibet, Xinijang (home of the Uryghurs), and Inner Mongolia.

Dr. Bradley Thayer, Professor of International Security Studies a Tallinn University said the following in an interview:

“The origins of Han-centrism are deep within China’s history, it is not a modern phenomenon. It has been manipulated of course, as you have observed, by Xi Jinping and historically by the Communist Party of China. So, we see many examples of this in the present crisis with the Wuhan virus. We see the Chinese have been blaming many other countries, including the US- they claim the US army brought the virus to China or that it originated in Italy first. This is in keeping with the Han-centric belief that China does no wrong and cannot make mistakes and that any problems it face are of the responsibility of other people and nations.”

The Han are encouraged to move to regions that were conquered in the 20th Century and either spread sinification as is the case of inner Mongolia or like Tibet and Xinijang aid in a total erasure of the indigenous culture that is there.

Han-Centrism or nationalism has increased in recent years under Xi Jiping and has been the foundation for the current government’s attack on organized Western religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Han Nationalism has now been fused with the CCP’s global agenda and is the primary driving force behind the CCP’s hegemonic aspirations around the world. The assumption by globalists and corporate leadership is that an open China would pacify nationalist ambitions, but in the last decade or two they have only fueled them.

The current push to reengage Beijing, if and when President Trump leaves office, feeds the unrestrained urge by the CCP to continue their expansion. The Han Nationalism that has now propelled the Xi Jinping leadership is being near worshiped by those on the globalist left. This is not surprising. For years the left has run an all out assault on traditional religion – a near atheistic driven attack. The CCP, built with atheism at its core sees eradication of traditional religion as a core value.

Ultimately, as the Western world increasingly becomes more and more dependent on Chinese products for its own feeling of self fulfillment, it is essentially supporting wholesale genocide of ethnic populations that historically speaking were never under Chinese rule.

The globalist left likes to pride itself on liberalism and tolerance and yet when it comes to China it looks the other way. Gone are the days of mass protests for Free Tibet that swept the 1990s and drew in famous entertainers.

Ironically, President Trump, the very man who the left claims is “Hitler incarnate” signed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act this past June. Trump said that act “holds accountable perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses such as the systematic use of indoctrination camps, forced labor, and intrusive surveillance to eradicate the ethnic identity and religious beliefs of Uyghurs and other minorities in China.”

The Uyghurs and Tibetans are a message for the world, that placating genocidal regimes no matter how economically “indispensable” they are for the world, never ends well. The Jewish people were also at the mercy of a supposed “indispensable” nation, Nazi Germany, whose leader graced the cover of Time Magazine. Unfortunately, more than 75 years later the world has decided to put profits ahead of stopping the rising dragon. Will global leadership wake up before it’s too late? If the US elections are any indication, it does not seem likely.

This Chanukah, It Is Time To Finally Break The Chains Of The CCP And Their Global Partners

The world around us is in chaos. Old norms are buried, new ideas abound, and the tools purported to help us discover new avenues of abundance are now at our fingertips.

But what happens if all of this fast paced, information saturated global culture, is just a weapon wielded by a godless enemy determined to build a world based on a society where only the collective matters – not the individual.

This is the war we are fighting now. The antagonist is the Chinese Communist Party – a godless machine whose goal is global control. They are aided and abetted by big tech, big pharma, Wall Street, legacy media, and many in academia. The war is about money and control and it appears to those who have not been swayed by their guile that the CCP and their friends are winning.

So how do we defeat an enemy who uses so many different weapons to fight us?

It starts by having pure and simple faith in G-D. However, simple faith is not enough to hold back their full power. We must learn to activate this faith as a real tool, because part of the enemy’s strategy is to force us into a corner by our own hands. Faith that remains latent, is faith which is equivalent to light without a vessel and that in a way gives the enemy “territory.”

Rebbe Nachman teaches that our faces can be likened to the Menorah, the seven branch candelabra in the Holy Temple. We too have seven places that have a potential to shine light and in the same vein they can show nothing but darkness – it all depends on what we take in and express.

Our faith is the light of G-D and it is this faith that requires vessels to contain it and shine it to others. This is why the CCP and their partners around the world work so hard to create so much information that our senses are overloaded. This is meant to first distract and then to overtake the seven openings in our face (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth), thus dimming our pure and simple faith – extinguishing the Menorah within

This assault on our senses has been going on for a long time. It has taken the form of entertainment – meant to destroy our moral fabric. We have grown in our disdain for tradition and yet cannot pinpoint the exact reason why. All the while, we fill the growing void caused by our lack of faith with cheap products made by CCP run China and pushed on us by global corporations in order to distract us while making them richer.

We are now at the crossroads. We can fall deeper into the darkness or turn around and jettison the “slave masters” from our midst. The Greeks were able to gain control of the minds and the will of most of the Jews in the Land of Israel until one family stood up and led an uprising. It is true, the war was about freeing the Jewish people in the Land of Israel from Greek control, but ultimately the Jewish people needed to overthrow the Greek control over their minds and hearts to truly be victorious.

The light of faith was represented by the rekindling of the Menorah by the Jewish people. The seven branched candelabra burned for a miraculous eight days. Today, we can overthrow our enemies and relight the Menorah, but we must choose to see the enemy for who he is and recognize how much he has penetrated deep within and by doing so nearly extinguishing our soul.

Like the Maccabees of old, each one of us can lead an uprising within and by doing so, defeat the army of darkness that appears to be so close to winning. There is still time and always plenty of faith no matter how dim the light appears.

Ethiopian Troops Fire On UN Staffers In Tigray After Defying Checkpoints

In the scramble to try to find out whats going in the Tigray province of Ethiopia, UN staffers were fired upon because they defied the Ethiopian army checkpoints.

Redwan Hussein, spokesman for the Ethiopian government’s task force for Tigray, explained to reporters that the U.N. team passed through two checkpoints without stopping. The continued further hastily driving into an unauthorized area.

“When they were about to break the third one they were shot at and detained,” he said.

The weeks old conflict has seen the federal Ethiopian government under PM Abi Ahmed crush the TPLF resistance in Tigray after they defied the central government. Ahmed has been focused on centralizing Ethiopia and breaking down the stranglehold over the Ethiopian economy that the TPLF has had over the last 20 years.

The UN staffers were told not to go into certain areas and they defied orders. Some were arrested and others shot at.

The international community has become worried about the Ethiopian conflict spiraling out of control and splintering the country along ethnic lines. Ethiopia is seen as a regional powerhouse, which is why China is hoping for a quick end to the conflict and a consolidation under Abi Ahmed’s moves. This is why Eritrea, who was once at war with Ethiopia has been interested in helping Addis Ababa put down the insurgency in the North. Both need stability in order to lock further Chinese investment across the Horn of Africa.

The UN’s defiance of Ethiopian orders in Tigray is more than just a mistake. There are those within the agency who seek a balance to Beijing’s expansion across the strategic Horn of Africa and may be willing to use Tigray to get it.

While there is a clear humanitarian crisis forming, the international community mostly European led appear to be exacerbating Ethiopian tensions with the outside world.

Jan Egeland, head of the internationalist Norwegian Refugee Council has jumped in, exhorting Addis Ababa to allow unfettered aid.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations chimed in as well:

Tigray may be a looming disaster, but it is unclear why the UN sees fit to focus outsized energy on it as opposed to the crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh or even elsewhere on the African continent like Buhari’s ethnic cleansing of the Igbo.

This sort of over focus by Western international organizations unintentionally pushes countries like Ethiopia further into the pocket of China who asks no questions, except for demanding total obedience.

China Looms Large Behind The Ethiopian-Tigray Conflict

The current conflict between Federal Ethiopian forces and the TPLF of the northern-most province of Tigray appears to be another sectarian conflict on a continent that has seen endless chaos. Yet, like anything else on the African continent these days, China has become the real puppet master.

The Derg, (a communist dictatorship from 1977 to 1991) fell due to a combined effort of multi-ethnic alliances led by the Tigray leadership still known today as the TPLF. Only 6% of the country’s population, Tigray is historically important and also boasts the most battle hardened troops. Yet, the Prime Minister saw fit in 2018 to reorganize Ethiopian politics under a unitary party, essentially ending his party’s relationship with the TPLF and pushing them out of power.

The current conflict is far less about Tigray secession, (although the TPLF may decide to do that as a reaction to Federal troops decimating their cities in the North) and far more to do with breaking down the federalized system that has been in place since the fall of the Derge in 1991.

Of all the Ethiopian regions, Tigray has had the most autonomous past and even claim to the throne when a part of the royal family broke off and resided in Tigray. Some would point to the seeds of the present conflict dating back to 1889, when imperial rule returned to Ethiopia, marginalizing the Tigray leadership.

Where Is China In All Of This?

When it comes to Africa, China has directly exploited local conflicts to spur external solutions that bring it more control and power and thus monopolizing Africa’s rich natural resources. The Horn of Africa, made up of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia is one of the most important geographic locations in the world. It is a choke point along the traditional oil route that Sunni Gulf countries use.

This is why China has made Eritrea, who broke off of Ethiopia, gaining independence in 1991, the main “beachhead” for CCP activities in the Horn of Africa.

In 2019, Eritrean officials met in Beijing with the CCP and agreed to strengthen ties between the two countries. “Eritrea and China stand ready to build a healthy and strong partnership for the benefit of their two peoples,” a statement made by Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh when he met with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi.

Many observers believe that the 2019 meeting set the stage for Eritrea to be China’s centerpiece for the Belt and Road Initiative in the Horn of Africa.

Border Dispute With Eritrea Triggered The Tigray Violence

Interestingly enough, as early as 2017, China offered to send troops to the disputed border region between Ethiopia and Eritrea. In fact, it is through Chinese mediation that Ethiopia agreed to hand Eritrea the coveted border area. The area in question was part of Tigray.

It was this acquiesce by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in handing Tigray’s land over to Eritrea that began to spark the unrest.

While China has picked no side in the current conflict, Tigray has accused the Ethiopian government of working with Eritrea to defeat the TPLF. The working relationship is so strong that some of the members of the Ethiopian army have been staying in Eritrea’s border region.

This relationship could have only come about through Chinese contacts. Ethiopia’s decision to begin centralizing power and shuddering the federalized system, is rooted in its relationship with the Chinese; who are encroaching more and more on the Horn. After all, China requires stable and centralized systems of government to guarantee the Belt and Road Initiative’s success.

Besides this, Ethiopia has been one of the most heavily invested African countries by China over the past 50 years.

Unfortunately for China, the unintended consequence of spurring the centralization of Ethiopia to the detriment of various ethnicities, is a further decoupling and talks of other minorities attempting to pull out of the federation.

Dangerous Developments For Israel

While there has been accusations of Ethiopian Federal troops using Israeli UAVs on Tigray, Israel has pretty much stayed quiet on the conflict. On the face of it, Israel would be more in line with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government than Tigray, which is dominated by the Marxist/Left leaning TPLF. However, Chinese encroachment and coopting moves in terms of utilizing the current government in Ethiopia is not something Israel should ignore.

By shoring up its control over the Horn of Africa, China is essentially in control of the Western side of the Red Sea. This means that Iran will have complete access to the Horn, placing shipping routes in danger as well as increasing arms smuggling to Gaza and Hezbollah.

In the great game of redrawn Middle Eastern Alliances, China and its Iranian Allies will be sitting on one of the most important pressure points for the region. Saudi Arabia will be in direct line of fire, but more importantly, as China strengthens its grip on the Horn the world’s oil will be up for grabs. Essentially, between the South China Sea and the Red Sea, the CCP will be in near control of the most important shipping lanes in the world.

Israel may be unable to influence Beijing’s policy in Eritrea, but it has excellent relations with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. It must press upon Addis Ababa the importance of not letting China utilize Ethiopia’s sovereign territory for further control over international oil routes and passageways and ultimately not allowing the Horn of Africa to once again be transformed into a hub of Iranian terrorist activity.

China Will Be Determining US Middle East Policy Under Biden

With the establishment of the Abraham Accords, President Trump has made the impossible happen in the Middle East. The accords brought a series of peace and normalization agreements between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, and even Sudan; along with increased interaction and dialogue with Saudi Arabia.

The question arises, given the potential for an incoming Biden administration – will they continue to support the Abraham Accords?

Publicly, Biden has expressed support for the Abraham Accords in a prepared statement:

“I welcome the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain taking steps to normalize ties with Israel. It is good to see others in the Middle East recognizing Israel and even welcoming it as a partner.”

“A Biden-Harris Administration will build on these steps, challenge other nations to keep pace, and work to leverage these growing ties into progress toward a two-state solution and a more stable, peaceful region.”

At first glance, this is promising, yet as we know “personnel is policy,” so it is important to dig deeper and understand that while publicly Biden will continue to express support for the Abraham Accords, it is the people that are running the actual foreign policy that will drive the actual direction and relationship to the Middle East.

The Biden team is made up of people bent on returning American foreign policy back to the Obama era.

Biden’s pick for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said that he would “seek to build on the nuclear deal and to make it longer and stronger if Iran returns to strict compliance.”

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s incoming National Security Advisor was also a key architect of the Iran Nuclear Deal, known as the JCPOA. More than that though, Sullivan is known as backer of rapprochement with China and is seen favorably by the Chinese Communist Leadership.

It was Sullivan who said the following on China:

“We need to strike a middle course – one that encourages China’s rise in a manner consistent with an open, fair, rules-based, regional order,” Sullivan said. “This will require care and prudence and strategic foresight, and maybe even more basically it will require sustained attention. It may not have escaped your notice that these are not in ample supply in Washington right now.”

Sullivan has actually blasted the Trump administration over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and pulling out of the JCPOA in an interview on CGTN, a Chinese Communist controlled media outlet in December 2017.

“This was a political decision, not a foreign policy decision. This was about Trump and his supporters. It was not about moving the peace process forward. I think Donald Trump has been playing games with the Iran nuclear deal. He’s been raising questions about whether he’s going to stay in or leave. And in doing that, he has created a situation in which the rest of the world is more worried about the risk Washington poses than they are about the risk Tehran poses. And that is not in America’s strategic interest.”

Of course history has proven Sullivan wrong about Trump’s strategy on peace in the Middle East and the need to suck up to China.

Along with the above pro-Iranian-Chinese advisors, Biden has appointed far left and anti-Israel Karine Jean-Pierre as Deputy Communications Director and Linda Thomas-Greenfield a known globalist as UN Ambassador.

China Will Be Behind Every Biden Decision On Iran And Israel

With Biden’s team clearly sinophilic and internationalist and given the Chinese Communist Party’s coopting of Joe Biden through his son Hunter, it is not far-fetched to see ahead and understand that any foreign policy decision Biden will make in the Middle East would be run through Beijing.

After all, corruption aside, the Biden team believes whole-heartedly in the need for Chinese dominance on the world-stage. Chinese preeminence has been a hallmark in globalist policy for at least two decades and it is certainly a foundational aspect of the incoming Biden administration.

More importantly, for Israel and its newly formed alliance with moderate Sunni Arab countries, Chinese dominance means that a Biden administration would return back to the failed policy of encouraging Iranian dominance in the Middle East.

I wrote the following last week on this issue:

“If Joe Biden holds off President Trump’s legal challenges he will essentially be a compliant partner in allowing the China-Iran Axis to hold sway over the Middle East. It cannot be overstated how much Biden and his team are influenced by the CCP controlled China.”

However, I believe that the issue runs deeper than the words I chose to use there. It seems that Biden’s entire foreign policy will be directly decided by those interests that align with the CCP in Beijing.

Look for a complete partnership in restoring Iranian hegemony over the Persian Gulf as well as a hyper development in China’s Belt and Road Initiative allowing Iran and Pakistan to give the CCP access (militarily) to the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. China is also in dispute with Kenya, with the former looking to exploit its economic investment into Kenya’s port as a means to exert control, as it has done elsewhere.

On all of these and more, the Biden administration will not only stand passively by as CCP run China marches forward, but it appears ready to work with it as Obama did in allowing it to break down what is left of regional sovereignty for these countries.

There is no doubt that Biden’s team sees Israel and the other signees to the Abraham Accords as the “real bad actors” in the region. After all it is Israel and its allies who are actively blocking Iranian expansion in the region – something China wants desperately and which is something the Biden administration is willing to give them.

So while Biden may publicly claim he is pro-Israel or pro the Abraham Accords – his real policy is the opposite. Already, those related to the incoming Biden administration (assuming he is inaugurated) and the former Obama administration are insinuating that is actually Israel that is the terror state.

As has been noted by many the following tweet by John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA director inferring that Israel is the bad actor and terror state in relation to Iran is all anyone needs to know about what is coming.

Given all of the above, after Jan 20th 2021, assuming Biden holds off President Trump in the Electoral College and the President’s many legal challenges, Israel and the moderate Sunni countries will be in the Biden team’s crosshairs. Not because it makes sense or because Biden is really interested in making peace, but because Beijing says so.