Breaking News: Israel’s Internal Security Minister says, “Destroy the Arsonists’ Homes”

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Internal Security Minister visited the Neve Tsuf to survey the horrible damage the fire terror has caused.

“The Fire Department has all of the fires currently under control,” Erdan said. “They have the ability – and they have received much help from international firefighting teams – and are successfully dealing with all the incidents.”

“We’re not finished yet, and a lot can happen before next Tuesday [when rain is predicted], especially since these aren’t wildfires, they’re arson attacks. The Fire Department has asked all schools to refrain from nature hikes until the end of next week.”

“Most of those arrested are Arab Muslims from Judea and Samaria, with a very small number being Arabs with Israeli citizenship. 35 suspects have been taken for questioning so far, and 23 of them are under arrest as a result. Some of them are guilty of online incitement to terror, the same incitement which causes people to carry out stabbing attacks. This is a new type of incitement to terror, a terror that encourages Arabs to take advantage of the weather in order to burn entire towns and harm the residents.”

Destroy Their Homes

“We have tools that are proven to work, such as destroying terrorists’ homes. If we can destroy the home of a terrorist who stabbed or shot their victim, we must also destroy the homes of the arsonists, who carried out their attacks because of ‘nationalistic’ motives. There’s no difference,” he said.

“Currently in Neve Tzuf halamish shocking done everything to reach a live person. Those who tried to burn an entire settlement its residents must be made accountable, they won’t beat us. We must give strength to the residents.”