Breaking News: Israel’s Internal Security Minister says, “Destroy the Arsonists’ Homes”

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Internal Security Minister visited the Neve Tsuf to survey the horrible damage the fire terror has caused.

“The Fire Department has all of the fires currently under control,” Erdan said. “They have the ability – and they have received much help from international firefighting teams – and are successfully dealing with all the incidents.”

“We’re not finished yet, and a lot can happen before next Tuesday [when rain is predicted], especially since these aren’t wildfires, they’re arson attacks. The Fire Department has asked all schools to refrain from nature hikes until the end of next week.”

“Most of those arrested are Arab Muslims from Judea and Samaria, with a very small number being Arabs with Israeli citizenship. 35 suspects have been taken for questioning so far, and 23 of them are under arrest as a result. Some of them are guilty of online incitement to terror, the same incitement which causes people to carry out stabbing attacks. This is a new type of incitement to terror, a terror that encourages Arabs to take advantage of the weather in order to burn entire towns and harm the residents.”

Destroy Their Homes

“We have tools that are proven to work, such as destroying terrorists’ homes. If we can destroy the home of a terrorist who stabbed or shot their victim, we must also destroy the homes of the arsonists, who carried out their attacks because of ‘nationalistic’ motives. There’s no difference,” he said.

“Currently in Neve Tzuf halamish shocking done everything to reach a live person. Those who tried to burn an entire settlement its residents must be made accountable, they won’t beat us. We must give strength to the residents.”

Trump Advisor: “The State Department Should Be Ashamed”

In an interview with Haaretz, Trump’s Israel affairs advisor David Friedman agreed with Bibi Netanyahu’s assertion that the removal of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, a demand the PA and State Department make amounts to ethnic cleansing.

Below are Friedman’s comments:

“Prime Minister Netanyahu makes exactly the right point. The Palestinians want Israel to absorb countless ‘refugees’ – people who never lived in Israel and whose ancestors were never forced to leave Israel – while their so-called ‘state’ is required to be, as the Nazis said, judenrein (devoid of Jews). It is an entirely racist and anti-Semitic position.”

“Arabs live and work side by side with Israelis in the State of Israel. They attend universities, enjoy the strongest human and civil rights (including women’s rights) in the region, and have access to world class health care. There is no better place for Arabs to live in the Middle East than in the State of Israel. With this background in mind, the Prime Minister of Israel correctly observes that the Palestinian demand to remove all Jews from their ancestral homeland in Judea and Samaria is nothing short of an attempt at ethnic cleansing. The State Department should be ashamed of their misguided reaction to Mr. Netanyahu’s remarks.”

“The United States frequently refers to the ‘two state solution’ as two states for two peoples. The Palestinian response – which the U.S. State Department refuses to challenge – is ‘one state for two peoples (Israel) and a second state just for Palestinian Arabs.’ It is no wonder that the State Department under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have lost credibility in the region.”

Meir Ettinger: Our task is to remind others of the People of Israel’s mission

Meir Ettinger has been set free. Accused of harboring independent views and ideologies, Ettinger spent 10 months in administrative detention. Administrative detention is supposed to e used for “ticking time bombs,” but in Ettinger’s case that rider was used liberally. After all, personal opinions can be instantly dangerous.  At the end of the day, the charade the government insisted was the truth gave way to the reality that Ettinger’s true sin is that he is capable of inspiration.

“We see that G-d ‘doesn’t need us.’ I thought about what we say in Adon Olam: ‘G-d is my miracle and my refuge.’ There are two ways of acknowledging G-d here: there’s ‘the miraculous G-d,’ in which He’s like a flag. There are times in our lives when we carry G-d’s flag, or sort of carry the stretcher. It’s not because G-d needs us to, but rather because G-d wants it so and chose us. And there are times of ‘G-d is my refuge.’ In jail we see that G-d ‘doesn’t need us.’ It’s very important to continue the work. G-d does everything out of choice.”

Ettinger is a leader that causes us all to lead.  In the darkness we now find ourselves in, when leaders forget their responsibility, Meir Ettinger teaches us that words drawn from truth are ore potent than the mightiest weapon.

Mark Toner: “The most right-wing coalition…”

Lat week, the USA State Department weighed in on the shake up in Israel’s cabinet.

“We have also seen reports from Israel describing it as the most right-wing coalition in Israel’s history,” Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman, said. “This raises legitimate questions about the direction it may be headed in.”

The State Department was referring to Bibi Netanyahu’s inclusion of right wing nationalist party Israel Our Home into the government coalition.  The move saw the Prime Minister replace Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon with Russian Firebrand Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister.

The real question though, is given the massive shift in the last elections to the right in Israel, the American government should take a step back before meddling in Israeli internal politics as they often do.

During the last Israeli elections the left wing saw a massive influx of cash through backdoor avenues from the State Department.  In most countries that would be a crime. As Israel and America increasingly find themselves moving farther apart, Israel has staked out new partners in the emerging economies of Asia and Africa.  With antagonism from Foggy Bottom only increasing, one should expect this trend to continue.


Masoud Barzani: Kurdistan is ripe for independence

“The strong forces drew the borders, but now they are essentially destroyed and the time has come that this current reality has to be admitted and accepted,” Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said yesterday.  “We should admit that the concept of citizenship did not come forth, and the borders have no meaning anymore. It means Sykes-Picot is over.” The Kurdish leader also added: “Kurdistan is ripe for independence.”

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the Sykes-Picot agreement redrew the borders of the Middle East 100 years ago.   The borders the French and British drew had more to do with their interests than any relevancy to natural tribal boundaries.  Similarly to Africa, the colonial powers often times forced bitter enemies or culturally competitive societies to live together. By doing this, they created conflicts still unresolved today. It also allowed for Arabists to push migration of disenfranchised Arabs into the Mandate of Palestine as well as traditional Kurdish lands.  This artificially created an Arab presence in these areas, where historically it was very small.


With Western strength receding in the region, indigenous peoples, like the Kurds, Jews, and Druze are beginning to push back on the artificial boundaries placed on their traditional lands.  Barzani’s statement is a serious step in truly creating a new Middle Eastern order.

Bill Clinton: I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state

Bill Clinton tried to show off his pro-Israel bonafides by answering a member of the crowd during a campaign stop. The former President said: “I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state.”

Now this could be true, but most Israelis would say that Clinton nearly killed us when he tried to give the Palestinians a state in Israel’s biblical heartland.  At least 1,603 Israelis have been killed since the Oslo Accords were signed. 1,303 of them have been since the failed “peace” initiative of President Clinton’s at the end of his term.

Once again, who has killed who?

Bibi Netanyahu: I was shocked

“Two weeks ago, I was shocked to hear that UNESCO adopted a decision denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, our holiest site. It is hard to believe that anyone, let alone an organization tasked with preserving history, could deny this link which spans thousands of years,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook.

“That is why today I am announcing a seminar on Jewish history for all UN personnel in Israel. I will personally host the lecture at the Prime Minister’s Office. The seminar will be given by a leading scholar of Jewish history and will be free to all UN staff and diplomats, including of countries which voted for this outrageous decision.”

Of course Bibi is right. The decision to disconnect the Nation of Israel from the history of the Temple Mount is outrageous, but no one should be shocked at UNESCO’s erasure of Jewish connection to its holiest site.  The organization has been politicizing its decisions instead of sticking to its mandate, which states it has purely educational goals.

The challenge is that Bibi’s own government restricts Jewish access to the mount, giving the impression that the State of Israel does not value its connection to the site.  Reverse that and organizations like UNESCO have far less strength to rewrite history.


Trump: “They have to keep moving forward.”

…they really have to keep going.

As a follow up to yesterday’s Daily Quote, Trump is quoted today in the Daily Mail in response to settlement building as saying: “No, I don’t think it is, because I think Israel should have – they really have to keep going. They have to keep moving forward. No, I don’t think there should be a pause. Look: Missiles were launched into Israel, and Israel, I think, never was properly treated by our country. I mean, do you know what that is, how devastating that is?”

If this is an actual policy, it is seismic as it alters the United States’s policy towards Judea and Samaria since 1967.  It explains why, in many ways the industrial war complex in the USA is very scared of a Trump Presidency.  The military establishment has been playing a neo-colonialist role in the Middle East and elsewhere, by playing one side off each other. Trump seems eager to end all that.

Trump: “Man, would that be a beauty.”

Today’s Daily Quote is from Republican front  runner and consummate deal maker, Donald Trump who was quoted as saying the following on reaching an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal: “I am going to try and make that deal just because – man, would that be a beauty – if you like deals. I like deals. I do deals. That would be great.”

Trump continued: “I’ve never met a person from Israel that didn’t want to make the deal. But it is just a very hard deal to make because it’s years of — of whatever. But I’d love to be able to make that deal.”

Israelis are tired of foreign governments trying to push them into a dangerous peace deal. It would be wise for Donald Trump to leave us alone.  This is one deal he won’t be able to make.