Bibi Netanyahu: “Time to Remove All the Illegal Aliens”

Back from his trip to the USA, Bibi Netanyahu chose a New Year toast to announce that he intends on “removing all the illegal aliens” from downtown Tel Aviv.  In recent years thousands of infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan have poured into Israel, settling primarily in South Tel Aviv.

“What happens to countries that fail to keep their borders secure? They are flooded with infiltrators,” said Netanyahu, who added, “We stopped the infiltration into Israel.”’

The Prime Minister continued, ” “60 thousand illegals entered. Until today we have already removed 20 thousand, and we will remove another 20 thousand. We’ll remove all the illegal aliens because they are illegal, even the ones in southern Tel Aviv.”

With open border policy the new norm for the global security state, fighting back against is a must. This is what makes Trump so disliked by the liberals.  He simply says it like it is. With national sovereignty at stake in such a small country like Israel, any large scale influx of migrants can alter the population make up significantly.