Is Bibi Netanyahu Really a Threat to Israel?

According to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak (pictured above), Bibi Netanyahu and the nationalist camp is a direct threat to the State of Israel. Speaking at a publicity event Barak gave the following statements

“The nationalist spirit of the leaders of the right, chief among them Netanyahu, is the central threat today to Israel’s future, its identity, its cohesiveness, and its strength. The leaders of the right in the government headed by Netanyahu are afraid and only see black and white, but primarily black.” Barak then pointed an accusing finger at Netanyahu of exploiting the fire Intifada, to incite against Israel’s Arab population.”It is clear and agreed upon that arsonists and inciters of arson need to be dealt with with an iron hand,” he said, but added that the arsonists “do not represent Arab Israelis or the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps the former Prime Minister has amnesia.  Most people remember him as the guy who removed the IDF from Southern Lebanon so fast that our long time Christian allies there were over run by Hezbollah.

A quote from the Guardian at the time of the retreat from Lebanon sums it up:

With the fighters of its proxy militia, the South Lebanese Army (SLA) fleeing headlong with their families to crossings all along the border, the scale of the Israeli fiasco was beginning to unfold yesterday.

At the Fatima Gate crossing, where men, women and children waited behind a barbed wire fence for five hours in the sun to be cleared for entry by two Israeli security officials, the refugees called out the names of their villages – Khiam, El Qlaia, Kheube. It was a rollcall of defeat that yesterday spread eastwards with astonishing speed across the self-declared security zone. Hizbullah now controls at least two-thirds of the area.

Along with Israel’s evacuation of Bint Jubayl, the second largest town in the zone, at least a dozen more villages passed into the hands of Hizbullah yesterday.

Most fell without a shot. After the Israelis pulled out of Bint Jubayl in the middle of the night, their SLA allies, already in a state of collapse in the centre of the strip, simply gave up. Branded collaborators, they and their families headed for exile.

To further illustrate how much danger Ehud Barak has currently placed the State of Israel in, the video below should be jaw dropper:

That’s right.  Those are Russian troops fighting alongside Hezbollah.  That is only possible due to Barak’s retreat from Lebanon 16 and half years ago.

Let’s also keep in mind Barak is remembered as the leader who offered most of the Holy sites in Jerusalem and Israel’s biblical heartland to arch terrorist Yasser Arafat in exchange for “peace.” It was this negotiation that served to strengthen Arafat’s desire to start the second Intifada costing Israel thousands of lives.

Barak and Arafat Shaking Hands/Source: Sharon Farmer
Barak and Arafat Shaking Hands/Source: Sharon Farmer

It is clear to most observers that Ehud Barak has been a continual nightmare and major security threat to the State of Israel.  His sad attempt at covering up for his failures by attacking the current government should remind everyone who the real threat is.