When it Comes to Amona, What is Bibi Netanyahu Afraid Of?

Amona, a small community of approximately 40 families near the community of Ofra north of Jerusalem is set to be demolished by order of Israel’s activist and ultra left leaning Supreme Court. The technical reason for this, is the community rests on “Palestinian” private property. While it’s true a small portion of the community rests on “Palestinian” land, most of the community does not. The Palestinian who with the help of Peace Now brought the complaint directly to the Supreme Court,  has had nothing to do with the property as his family abandoned it more than a generation ago. In fact, the property was of no interest to the Arab until Peace Now who is funded by the EU unearthed this fact in a document.

Although Amona is slated for destruction on December 25th, there is a law that has been tabled in the Knesset entitled the Regulation Law or Normalization Law. The purpose of this law is to retroactively legalize any Jewish community that the State of Israel knowingly provided support in order to grow even if the community is built on Arab private land.  The absentee land owner in each case would be fully compensated.  In most societies these laws are standard. So why is Bibi Netanyahu so afraid of passing this law?

One word: Obama.

The passage of this law  prevents the precedent that the destruction of Amona brings, which is to destroy the communities of Judea and Samaria through judicial fiat.  The Regulation Law also inadvertently applies Israeli sovereignty to large areas of Judea and Samaria.  True it won’t be called this, but everyone knows that’s what it is. Bibi has already been informed by the US government and EU that there will be severe punitive measures at the Hague with the passage of this law.  Expect Obama to use the passage of the law to abstain from a UNSC vote recognizing the final borders of “Palestine.” These threats are well known and with 50 days to go Bii is just trying to hold out for a new far more amicable President Trump.

In a perfect world Bibi would get his way. The law would be pushed off until after Jan. 20th, but Amona’s destruction sets a precedent that his party the Likud and Jewish Home have vowed not to let happen.  If Amona falls the collapse of the government is almost certain.  December 25th is the date to watch, but with the 1st reading of the Regulation Law already finished with its passing (there are two more readings necessary), the trigger for international measures against the only Jewish state may begin by Hanukkah.


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