J Street Uses A Pro-Terrorist EU Bureaucrat To Malign Jewish Neighborhoods

J Street, in a mid-November email appeal, quoted an unnamed “top EU diplomat” in its tirade against an Israeli government call for bids for new homes in a nearly 30 year-old Jerusalem neighborhood where Ethiopian Jewish and Russian immigrants live. What’s more than J Street’s vitriol against the construction of Jewish homes is that the name of the EU functionary was intentionally left off of J Street’s rant because he is an anti-Israel extremist who earlier this year gave outright support for terrorists according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry when he stated that Palestinian Arabs affiliated with blacklisted groups remain eligible to participate in projects funded by the EU.

J Street is the controversial Washington, D.C., based Jewish pressure group that was created specifically, and almost exclusively, to lobby for an independent Palestinian state. J Street maintains, as a central theme of its propaganda, that Jews do not have a right to live wherever they choose and must be transferred out of their homes and neighborhoods in wide swaths of Judea-Samaria where Israeli citizens have lived for nearly fifty years.

The EU bureaucrat who opposes Jewish homes in Givat Hamatos, and was quoted by J Street, is a German named Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff.

von Burgsdorff previously was the head of the EU’s delegation to South Sudan and in a May 8, 2020 JTA article [https://www.jta.org/quick-reads/eu-may-fund-palestinian-supporters-of-terrorist-group-official-assures-aid-recipients] he was identified as heading the “EU mission to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

The Times of Israel news website reported on May 7, 2020 [https://www.timesofisrael.com/foreign-ministry-rebukes-eu-ambassador-over-support-for-terrorism/] that an Israeli Foreign Ministry official stated that the letter by “von Burgsdorff, constituted a ‘violation of all our agreements with the European Union’.”

The Times also reported that explicitly due to von Burgsdorff’s letter, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz harshly rebuked the EU saying “we demand that the EU immediately end all support, financial or otherwise, for any entities that support terrorism whether directly or indirectly.”
Debra Shushan, J Street’s Director of Government Affairs signed the email that was titled “BREAKING: Outrageous steps by Netanyahu to expand settlements.” In the email J Street made the wild claim that “this week the Netanyahu government announced it will begin the tender process for the major new settlement of Givat Hamatos — a move which a top EU diplomat branded a “de facto annexation attempt.” Construction in Givat Hamatos is part of a deliberate settlement movement strategy to cut off Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem from the West Bank Palestinian city of Bethlehem.”

The reason why J Street’s Shushan left out von Burgsdorff’s name should be clear: he has been widely discredited as a supporter of anti-Israel terrorism.

Another issue with J Street’s email that must be confronted is the use of a place named “East Jerusalem” when no such place has ever actually existed in history. The name “East Jerusalem” is an artificial construct that supporters of the Arab cause use in their propaganda in order to make it appear as if that part of the city is an intrinsically Arab area that Jews are illegally entering. In reality, there are Jewish neighborhoods throughout the eastern, western, northern, and southern parts of Jerusalem. It’s a shameful thing when Jewish organizations choose to use such geographically inaccurate, and politically loaded, language. At the time anti-Israel extremists created the name “East Jerusalem” it was for one reason: they sought to rip Israel’s capital apart in order to defeat Israel. “East Jerusalem” does not actually exist and what they are really saying is that Jerusalem’s Old City and its surrounding neighborhoods are not part of Israel or part of Israeli Jerusalem itself. The original and oldest parts of Jerusalem are what they falsely label “East Jerusalem.”

J Street needs to be honest with Americans. If it opposes Jews living in certain places because they are Jews then why obfuscate on this? If they want to quote an extremist diplomat J Street should at least name that diplomat and not hide his identity due to the fact that he has been accused of supporting terrorists.

The political climate of the Middle East has changed remarkably in the last several years and J Street doesn’t seem to like it at all. The United Arab Emirates has two synagogues and yet if J Street would get their way, synagogues in Judea and Samaria would be dismantled and the Jews in these neighborhoods would be forced from their homes. Haven’t we had enough of Jews being told where they can and cannot live? What was gained by the Israeli government destroying Jewish homes and synagogues in Gush Katif in Gaza in 2005 to hand over Israeli held land in the name of a “peace” that never came about? The Judean Hills, since the times of antiquity considered to be the heart of the Land of Israel, should, especially, be an area where Jewish families feel secure in the idea that their homes will never be destroyed.

The Crashing Iranian Economy and the Mullahs’ Last Stand

There are reports now that Iranian officials are in a panic as they race to save the nuclear deal and stave off a return of crushing sanctions on their fragile economy. Although European officials have claimed they will stay in the nuclear deal despite President Trump decertifying the it and reapplying crushing sanctions last week, there is little they can do.  Iranian government representatives and their European counterparts have been huddling with ex State Department officials last week, but with little success with a way forward as Congress has been cool to the idea of discussing any relaxing of sanctions.

The Washington Free Beacon reported the following:

European diplomats are said to be blaming the Obama administration for drumming up business with Iran and telling these allies that they could engage in economic transactions without penalty. The reaction from lawmakers has been unsympathetic, source said, explaining that congressional opponents of the deal long warned these European countries the deal would be subject to harsh scrutiny after President Barack Obama left office.

A State Department official familiar with the progress of new negotiations surrounding the deal said the Trump administration is set on fundamentally changing Iran’s behavior, including its buildup on ballistic missiles and support for terrorism, before it agree to any Iranian demands.

One veteran U.S. adviser close to the White House told the Washington Free Beacon that Iran’s reaction indicates its desperation to remain in the Obama-era agreement and continue receiving cash windfalls.

“As President Trump has always said, the Iran deal was great for the mullahs and terrible for the American people,” the source said, speaking only on background. “Obama gave Iran more than they could ever have imagined, and now Trump is taking it away. The Iranians are rushing to grab and save whatever they can. Europe will have to choose a side.”

Despite public calls for doing business with Iran, there is little the EU can do as corporations are pulling out of doing business with the rogue state due to fear from banking sanctions.  Russia has no interest in saving the deal either despite public comradery, since Putin finally has an Iran that is becoming pacified before it grows out of control.

All of this pressure on the regime in Tehran makes it far more likely that a military confrontation is in the offing. This is not a bad thing.  A war was expected eventually between the Ayatollahs in Iran and Israel and the Sunni block. If the JCPOA had been kept, Iran would have waited and been far too powerful to stop.  Now they are in a weak position and except for Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen, Iran cannot sustain a warfront for too long unless they have other actors enter on their behalf.

With North Korea threatening to pull out of the Trump-Un meet up and China becoming a serious threat, the Mullahs may be banking on making a last stand. Yet they will have to do this before their economy crashes and their citizens revolt.


Trump will take office on Friday. Since he was elected, he has given every reason to believe that Abbas and his deputies and their European and American enablers will have to either put up or shut up.

With a gun on his hip, on November 13, 1974, PLO chief Yasser Arafat stood before the UN General Assembly and made the West an offer that it didn’t refuse.

At the end of a long speech in which he rewrote history to erase all connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel and criminalized the very notion of Jewish freedom, Arafat declared, “Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat: Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.”

Arafat’s offer has served since that time as the foundation of European relations with the Palestinians and the wider Islamic world. It has also been the basis of US-PLO relations for the better part of the past four decades.

His trade was simple and clear.

If you stand with the PLO in its war to annihilate Israel and deny Jewish freedom, then PLO terrorists and our Arab state supporters will leave you alone.

If you refuse to join our war against the Jewish state, we will kill you.

Today, Arafat’s successor, Mahmoud Abbas, is reiterating Arafat’s offer.

Speaking Saturday at the Vatican after the Holy See decided to recognize “Palestine,” Abbas said that if US President-elect Donald Trump goes ahead with his plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, it will “fuel extremism in our region, as well as worldwide.”

Abbas’s spokesman was more explicit. Saturday night, Osama Qawasmeh, spokesman for Abbas’s Fatah PLO faction and member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, said that if the US moves its embassy to Israel’s capital city, “The gates of hell will be opened in the region and the world.”

Abbas and Qawasmeh also said that the PLO expects that members of the international community will make Trump see the light and abandon his plan.

French President Francois Hollande’s “peace conference” on Sunday was the international community’s way of fulfilling Abbas’s demand.

As multiple commentators have noted, the conference’s purpose wasn’t to promote the prospects for peace. It was to constrain Trump’s policy options for handling the Palestinian war against Israel.

By bringing together representatives of some 70 countries to insist that Israeli homeowners are the moral equivalent of Palestinian terrorists, Hollande and his comrades hoped to box Trump into their PLO-compliant policy.

Spelling out the demand Trump is required to accept, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc-Ayrault parroted the Palestinian threats.

Asked by the French media Sunday if moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem would provoke the Palestinians, Ayrault said, “Of course.”

He then demeaned Trump’s plan to move the embassy as nothing but the regular bluster of American politicians.

In his words, “I think he [Trump] would not be able to do it. It would have extremely serious consequences and it’s not the first time that it’s on the agenda of a US president, but none has let himself make that decision.”

Ayrault is correct about Trump’s predecessors.

To one degree or another, since the early 1970s, successive US administrations have joined the Europeans in selling Israel down the river to prevent Arafat’s minions from pointing their guns at the American people.

Like the Europeans, the Americans have upheld their side of this bargain even when the PLO failed to uphold its end. For instance, in 1973 Arafat ordered his terrorists to storm the Saudi Embassy in Khartoum and take US ambassador Cleo Noel, his deputy, George Curtis Moore, and Belgian diplomat Guy Eid hostage. Arafat then ordered his henchmen to murder the diplomats after then president Richard Nixon rejected his demand to release Robert F. Kennedy’s Palestinian murderer, Sirhan Sirhan, from prison.

Instead of responding to the execution of US diplomats by siding with Israel against the PLO, the US covered up and denied the PLO’s responsibility for the attack for the next 33 years.

The US is still covering up for the PLO’s murder of US embassy personnel in Gaza in 2003. At the same time, it is providing the PLO with nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in direct and indirect annual aid, including the training and provision of its security forces.

The Europeans for their part have egged the US along throughout the years. France has generally led European efforts to convince the Americans to side with Palestinian as well as Hezbollah terrorists in their war against Israel in the name of “peace.”

Sunday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the Paris conference as a “futile” relic of a period that is about to end.

Netanyahu said that the conference’s goal of boxing Israel into an untenable framework for dealing the Palestinians was nothing more than the “final palpitations of a yesterday’s world.”

“Tomorrow,” he intoned, “will look a lot different. And tomorrow is very close.”

Trump will take office on Friday. Since he was elected, he has given every reason to believe that Abbas and his deputies and their European and American enablers will have to either put up or shut up.

Speaking of the president-elect, Henry Kissinger said that Trump is the first man in recent memory who doesn’t owe anybody anything for his victory.

The only people he is answerable to are the voters who elected him.

Trump’s electoral victory owes to his success in tapping into the deep reservoir of popular disaffection with the elitist culture and policies that have governed post-Cold War West. He has used the mandate he received from American voters to revisit the basic assumptions that have driven US policies for the past generation.

His skepticism at NATO and the EU are examples of his refusal to simply accept the received wisdom of his predecessors. Just this weekend he told Germany’s Bild magazine that he continues to question the purpose of NATO, which is a drag on US taxpayers and doesn’t fight terrorism.

He similarly restated his ambivalence toward the EU and that its open border policy has been a “catastrophic failure,” and he expects more countries to follow Britain’s lead and exit the EU.

Trump’s position on the PLO and the Palestinian war on Israel is of a piece with his wider rejection of the common wisdom of Western elites. Just as he didn’t hesitate to say that the EU mainly serves as an instrument for Germany to dominate the European market, so he has made no mystery of his rejection of the moral equivalence between Israel and Palestinian terrorists which forms the basis of the twostate formula.

Not only won’t Trump join the Obama administration and the French in criminalizing Israeli homeowners, Trump is celebrating them. He has invited the leaders of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria – that is, the so-called “settlements” – to attend his inauguration.

And he appears dead serious about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Under these circumstances, Israel has the opportunity and the obligation to end the PLO’s ability to threaten the US, not to mention itself. It is Israel’s duty to ensure that the next time the PLO tries to exact a price in blood for America’s refusal to abide by the terms of Arafat’s blackmail, his terrorist group is finally destroyed.

Similarly, Israel is now obliged to take the lead and abandon the PLO-friendly two-state policy, which blames Israel for Palestinian terrorism, and adopt a strategy that works in its place.

Netanyahu has refused to consider any alternative until after Barack Obama is out of office.

Consultations must be scheduled for Saturday night.

Originally Published in Jerusalem Post.



Israel Finally Bans Radical Leftwing Organization from Teaching in Schools

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister has issued new directives through the ministry effectively banning EU funded subversive groups like Breaking the Silence from lecturing students.

“This circular clarifies the commitment of those – teachers or outside entities – who speak to pupils to the very existence of the State of Israel and to the State Education Law, and stresses the prohibition against undermining the legitimacy of the State of Israel and its national institutions, while allowing criticism of the state on condition that the discussion is kept within the boundaries cited above.  Similarly, the circular stresses that entry will not be granted to outside entities and speakers whose activities encourage, inter alia, racism, discrimination, incitement, calls to violence, party propaganda not in keeping with the director-general’s circular on the matter, and discussion that undermines the legitimacy of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Nor will entry be granted to speakers who have committed a crime of moral turpitude or an entity that operates contrary to the laws of the State of Israel or an entity whose activity undermines the very legitimacy of state entities (like the Israel Defense Forces or the courts).”


Breaking the Silence responded by saying: “Since Breaking the Silence does not undermine the legitimacy of the IDF, but the occupation policy of the Bennett government which sends IDF soldiers to enforce an immoral military regime over millions of Palestinians, then apparently these are once again empty political declarations.”

Of course the group does not mention it is heavily funded by George Soros and anti-Israel forces in the EU. Its main objective is not just education, but the group literally disrupts security services and operations throughout Israel’s biblical heartland known as Judea and Samaria. Just because it is made up of former IDF officers does not give it the backing it claims it should have.  Most IDF veterans, both religious and secular support Israel’s continued presence in its historical heartland.  Breaking the Silence has one agenda and that is to disseminate false information with the hope that the IDF will lose the moral justification for its security operations and civilian defense that it undertakes throughout the communities of Judea and Samaria.


Rome Falls in a Night and the EU Begins to Teeter

In what should have been a fairly innocuous referendum on the nature of Italy’s government has turned the EU upside down as Italy’s voters overwhelmingly voted no to the changes to the country’s constitution that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi proposed.  Renzi did what he promised and resigned entering Italy and the larger EU into a period of political uncertainty.  With populism on the rise across the continent, political leaders like Renzi who are advocates for greater federalism are finding their political futures cut short.

What Does this Mean for the EU?

Prime Minister Renzi was the last European leader left with a road-map for the EU’s future. Angela Merkel of Germany is too busy dealing with crisis after crisis and France is heading towards elections where the National Front is taking the country by storm. With Renzi out, the EU finds itself in uncharted territory as many of the member states face unhappy citizens as a euro-skeptic wave is rising across the continent. We are entering the waning days of what historians will call the failed EU experiment, which has been none other than Germany’s attempt at controlling the continent through economic measures.  With Merkel on the ropes and increased banking instability, the EU may be headed towards a crackup.

How Will This Affect Israel?

The EU is Israel’s largest trading partner and a weakened EU can cause problems economically for Israel.  That being said, the EU’s own support for BDS by labeling “settlement” products has already forced Israel to create a more versatile set of trading partners in the east.  Partners like India, China, and Japan are rising stars in relation to Israel’s potential trade growth.  The EU might still be a large part of Israel’s export economy, but not for long.  As the EU enters the beginning stages of political and economic chaos, Israel will be ready to pivot as it has been doing during Obama’s tenure.


When it Comes to Amona, What is Bibi Netanyahu Afraid Of?

Amona, a small community of approximately 40 families near the community of Ofra north of Jerusalem is set to be demolished by order of Israel’s activist and ultra left leaning Supreme Court. The technical reason for this, is the community rests on “Palestinian” private property. While it’s true a small portion of the community rests on “Palestinian” land, most of the community does not. The Palestinian who with the help of Peace Now brought the complaint directly to the Supreme Court,  has had nothing to do with the property as his family abandoned it more than a generation ago. In fact, the property was of no interest to the Arab until Peace Now who is funded by the EU unearthed this fact in a document.

Although Amona is slated for destruction on December 25th, there is a law that has been tabled in the Knesset entitled the Regulation Law or Normalization Law. The purpose of this law is to retroactively legalize any Jewish community that the State of Israel knowingly provided support in order to grow even if the community is built on Arab private land.  The absentee land owner in each case would be fully compensated.  In most societies these laws are standard. So why is Bibi Netanyahu so afraid of passing this law?

One word: Obama.

The passage of this law  prevents the precedent that the destruction of Amona brings, which is to destroy the communities of Judea and Samaria through judicial fiat.  The Regulation Law also inadvertently applies Israeli sovereignty to large areas of Judea and Samaria.  True it won’t be called this, but everyone knows that’s what it is. Bibi has already been informed by the US government and EU that there will be severe punitive measures at the Hague with the passage of this law.  Expect Obama to use the passage of the law to abstain from a UNSC vote recognizing the final borders of “Palestine.” These threats are well known and with 50 days to go Bii is just trying to hold out for a new far more amicable President Trump.

In a perfect world Bibi would get his way. The law would be pushed off until after Jan. 20th, but Amona’s destruction sets a precedent that his party the Likud and Jewish Home have vowed not to let happen.  If Amona falls the collapse of the government is almost certain.  December 25th is the date to watch, but with the 1st reading of the Regulation Law already finished with its passing (there are two more readings necessary), the trigger for international measures against the only Jewish state may begin by Hanukkah.


Break the BDS

The Fall of Europe and the Coming New World Reorder

As Brexit seems increasingly likely, mainland Europe has become unhinged. Britain was always seen as a responsible partner in an endeavor that appeared more like a college philosophy class than a productive geopolitical entity. With Britain leaving and the rest of the EU states dependent on Germany for leadership, the chances of averting an EU implosion appears to be nil.

This is why Merkel and others are irrate over Britain’s departure.  Not because they are missing out on a desired relationship, but it begins a process where the elitists in Brussels will lose their hold on the power centers built up after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Trump is Right About Russia

The main foreign policy debate between Donald Trump and the Neo-Conservative establishment now led by Hillary Clinton is the future relationship with Russia.  Donald Trump inately understands that the USA has an issue when it comes to Russia.  His approach is essentially to work with Russia and a lesser degree the Chinese to bring about a far different world order, which he and his supporters believe will be far more stable.

The Neo-Conservatives in Washington are scared by this approach.  They had put their hopes on a stable world order by enforcing interventionists policies through NATO. A Trump victory, which seems far more likely now will reshuffle the world order by creating a multi-polar world that is stable.

Expect to see the USA, Russia, Britain, China, and possibly India work together to divide the world into spheres of influence between them.

As Europe falls apart and the UN increasingly becomes useless, the importance of different actors is a necessity.  The only challenge is whether the old guard wants to give in.

EU Envoy Lars Faaborg-Andersen: Israel is in Breach of International Law

“In the first 6 months of 2016 alone 91 EU structures in Area C have been demolished. This is more than all of 2015. Since 2009, approximately 170 EU humanitarian structures have been demolished.” -EU Envoy to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen

As the West suffers from a relentless terror campaign, they have decided to band together and focus on the one country that has stood up to the forces of radical Islam. The UN decided to criticise Israel’s housing demolitions focused on destroying the incessant illegal building in the Arab Palestinian sector rampant even in Area C.

The UN and the USA often times ridicules Israeli communities built over the green line as being illegal in international law, but in reality it is the USA, UN, and EU that continuously flaunts internationally agreed upon accords by building withou permit in Area C. These buildings are built with the express purpose to help redefine Area C in favor of the Arab Palestinians.

So with tremendous hipocracy the EU’s Envoy to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen stated: “Some 70% of Area C has been taken for exclusive Israeli use. Near all of the remain 30% is private Palestinian property, but is effectively off limits for Palestinian development.” Lars Faaborg-Andersen, “In the first 6 months of 2016 alone 91 EU structures in Area C have been demolished. This is more than all of 2015. Since 2009, approximately 170 EU humanitarian structures have been demolished.”

So the EU builds illegal buildings in Area C, which is under Israeli control as declared in the Oslo Accords that the EU in fact signed onto and then complains that Israel is breaking international law by destroying the very buildings the EU built illegally.  With logic like that  we now know why Europe can’t seem to find a solution to the increasing amount of terror attacks, migrants, and systemic economic stagnation  throughout a good part of the Euro Zone.

ISIS In Europe, Turkey As a Transit Corridor, and Refugee Deal in Tatters

ISIS Member in Europe

Germans came to a nasty realization that their liberal euphoria in being an open and tolerant society may have been at the very least a bit naive if not down right deadly. The Syrian refugee turned suicide bomber was no psychiatric case, but rather revealed to be an ISIS member after police discovered ISIS material on his phone.  ISIS wasted no time claiming the attack their own. Where there is one ISIS member there are countless others. The attack has left the region shocked.

The idea that Germany would soon be entering the same fate as France was not lost on the Bavarian region, which is now in a state of panic.  This realization is born in an understanding that something far more sinister is at foot in Europe.  As refugees have streamed from Syria into Europe, their transit takes them almost exclusively through Turkey.  The fact is most refugees could have been stopped at the Turkish Syria/Iraq border, but have not been. Actually the opposite has happened, they have been welcomed. Once there they find themselves pushed West into Europe itself.

More than this Turkey ferries and protects ISIS members as they help swell the ranks of fighters in Syria.  Granted the refugees deal has slowed this movement, but Erdogan and company has still allowed it on a slow flame.  The question Europeans need to ask is why is Turkey doing all of this.

The answer is simple: chaos equals conquest.  As an Islamist Erdogan believes it is his duty to reconquer areas taken from him by infidels as well as push Islam to new locations.  For Erdogan ISIS serves the first purpose by bringing chaos to Syria and the rest of the Mesopotamian region, an area Turkey used to control.  Refugees fulfills the second, which is a destabilization of Europe due to overwhelming numbers and increasing ISIS attacks.

Now that Turkey’s turn to autocracy is all but confirmed, the EU entry negotiations will become permanently stalled, paving the way for the nullification of the refugee relocation deal.  If Europeans thought their lives were bad now, in the coming months it will be a lot worse.

Syrian Refugee Kills Pregnant Woman in Germany with a Machete, Not Terrorism?

Syrian Refugee Stuttgart Attack

Germany seems like it is under siege these day. At 4:30 CET, a 21 year old Syrian refugee stabbed a pregnant woman to death and injured another two.  Witnesses said he then ran at police before he was shot.  The incident comes after days of continuous carnage and destruction. With the country already rocked after Ali Sonboly killed 9 in Munich and 2 other incidences, the attack today 25 miles south of Stuttgart seems to be one too many.

Angela Merkel has become under increasing pressure to change her refugee policy.  She has so far stayed the course.

Not only that, the German government has been intent on white washing the events to dissuade the populace from believing there is a home-grown migrant caused terror problem.

The police have already deemed today’s event as anything but terrorism. “Given the current evidence, there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack,” police said in a statement. Unfortunately for Germany and most of Western Europe this sort of ignorance and head in the sand mentality will not save them from their self induced destruction. Only a 180 degree change of course will halt the chaos now upon Europe.

With regional elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Sept. 4 and on Sept. 18 in Berlin, Merkel’s ruling party will have a serious test. Negative results for Merkel’s party will force her to toughen her stance on refugees.  The challenge now is preventing the largely successful agreement with Turkey from collapsing due to antagonism against Erdogan’s power grab in the wake of what many believe is a false flag event.

The refugee deal was predicated on EU negotiations with Turkey, but ascension to the EU is predicated on dropping capital punishment. Turkey did in fact do away with it in 2002, but the enactment of emergency powers under Erdogan has made Germany and the EU nervous. “A country that has the death penalty can’t be a member of the European Union and the introduction of the death penalty in Turkey would therefore mean the end of accession negotiations,” Merkel’s spokesman Stefan Seibert said. If EU talks collapse with Turkey the current Syrian refugee crisis will pale in comparison to what will be.

There have been ongoing negotiations with Israel to bring Israeli experts over to Europe to help train and share knowledge.  So far the dialogue is too early to help make a difference.