PACKER’S CORNER: Building in Israel Continues and There is Nothing the Left Can Do

The drama in Syria just gets better and better.  At least 2 major developments this week. President Assad and his government forces are agressively massacring sunni muslim rebel supporters (maybe) just outside of Damascus in an area called Eastern Gueta. The area has been under siege for a few years and now Assad is attempting to clean it out completely, ie. kill every man, woman, and alot of children. You’ll excuse my language, but the world doesn’t seem to give a flying…. He’s killed at least 250 civilians (a good number of them children) over the last two days. #arablivesmatter? Not even close.
Meanwhile, Turkey continues their bloody cross-border attack into Syria in the northwest and have begun to make observable progress against the Kurdish defenders. Consequently, the Kurds have apparently made a deal with the Syrian Government to have them send in reinforcements to theoretically defend the “sovereign borders” of Syria. This has thrown all the alliances up in the air with Syria/Hezbollah/Iran/Russia now allied with American supported Kurds against NATO member Turkey and sometimes America supported Sunni rebels. Quite a masterpiece here. Much more exciting than that new movie about Black superheroes.
Two important developments happened in Israel just today – and we’ll get to Prime Minster Netanyahu’s legal troubles soon, but first something that is quite real and not fabricated. Significant progress was made in the establishment of 2 new LEGAL communities in the “West Bank” – Amichai in the Binyamin region (just north of Jerusalem) and Netiv Avot in Gush Etzion  (just south of Jerusalem). Amichai is intended for those Jewish residents who were expelled from Amona a year ago and the new area of Netiv Avot is meant for those Jewish residents whose houses are scheduled to be destroyed in the current community of Netiv Avot by Supreme Court order at some point in the next 3 months.
We aren’t talking about that many people here – just a few hundred. Why is this so important? It’s important because it shows how incredibly worthless the efforts of the extreme left in Israel have been. Every time they succeed in getting their fellow ultra-leftist self-hating friends at the Supreme Court to knock down a few Jewish houses in the “west bank” for dubious “legal” reasons, the Government responds with large-scale development in a nearby location. Both Amichai and the future Netiv Avot will be exponentially larger than their predecessors and unlike them – WILL BE TOTALLY LEGAL!!! While Netiv Avot’s existence strengthens the Jewish presence in Gush Etzion, Amichai’s very strategic location is a much more serious victory for the overall settlement enterprise. The still-not-legal neighboring communities of Achia, Adei Ad, Yishuv HaDaat and Eish Kodesh must be ecstatic at the establishment of a legal community that physically links them back to the also legal communities of Shvut Rachel and Shiloh (see map pic). The Shiloh Bloc is a crucial area, for historical and religious reasons as well, for preventing the expulsion of the Jewish presence in the area between the cities of Ramallah and Shechem (Nablus). BIG BOOST for them right here. HUGE LOSS for the left. Wait for the pics of the families moving in and dedicating the synagogues. Alot of #winning.

We had to get here eventually. Things appear to have gone south for Prime Minister Netanyahu on the legal front. More of his close associates have turned into state witnesses against him – at least according to the press. There is now a fourth official investigation and many are saying this is the most serious. Yes, even more serious than cigars. Objectively, all these accusations appear pathetic and irrelevant, however, legally (Israeli legally) things aren’t looking good for Netanyahu’s political future. Its hard to understand why the Israeli police would make deals with witnesses who themselves appear guilty of crimes without good reason. But as we’ve said before numerous times, the Israeli police has a solid reputation for a special kind of stupid. With that said, Bibi may finally actually be in trouble, but its the lucky Jewish month of Adar so anything good for the Jews is possible!

The Most Heroic at Amona – the “Violent” Youth

In the aftermath of the expulsion and upcoming destruction of the Jewish Community of Amona, r”l, I think its important to reflect a bit. It just happened and it will take time to analyze mistakes made and by whom, but there are a few observations that can already be conclusively drawn.

1. Not speaking against the families of Amona, they are suffering terribly and deserve our support, but their major handicap in this struggle was their hashkafa – their blind trust in the Government and their “leaders”. No other community in Israel, including the secular, ascribe to such rigid beliefs of support for the “authorities”.

2. When “leaders” promise something very bad won’t happen just because they don’t want it to, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!

3. The most heroic are those Jewish youth who made it to the mountain in the extreme cold and difficult conditions AND AGAINST THE ORDERS OF THE POLICE!!! Following police orders is not a mitzvah and often is likely an aveirah, One doesn’t have to live in the Old City of Jerusalem (although it helps) to realize how terribly awful the Israeli police are. They are not all evil, but most are and the leadership is even worse. No one is doing anything about this and yet the Religious Zionists continue to pray for these wicked people every Shabbat in Synagogue. It truly makes no sense. It reminds of battered wife syndrome. Its not a religious philosophy, its an unhealthy mental condition.

There seems to be a difference of opinion as to who instigated violence at Amona. WHY WOULD ANY NORMAL PERSON BELIEVE THE POLICE?!!! Even Betzalel Smotrich has criticized the wonderful youth, after comparing the situation to rape. How pathetically sad and more proof of a disfunctional hashkafa! You take the side of the police over the Jewish kids attempting to save a SYNAGOGUE in Israel!! Read that again. Its insane!

4. Those heroes from the Synagogue should strongly consider joining the Haredi world. Nobody in the Haredi thinks what they did was bad. Gilad Erdan thinks it was bad. He is not a religious leader, putting it mildly. He’s a jerk. And so are his henchman that beat Jewish kids and now are going to destroy an entire community and synagogue in Israel, r’l.

I once heard a rabbi say, “its one thing to be willing to die for something, its another thing to be willing to fight for it.”

Right now, the people of Amona deserve our sympathy and support, the heroic youth deserve our praise.

AMONA DESTRUCTION: Israel’s Left Won’t Simply Fade Away, the Swamp Must Be Drained

Amona is destroyed.  Its residents removed, houses bulldozed, and farmlands uprooted.  For 20 years these pioneers worked the land and settled the abandoned hill, making it flourish and come to life.  Multiple governments, from Sharon’s to Olmert’s to Netanyahu’s aided and encouraged the Jews who came to the strategic hill.  They were provided with electricity, water, and even mortgages.  Now that same government under overwhelming pressure from the Supreme Court has wiped an entire community off the map.  Why? Because a European funded left-wing organization  found a long lost Arab family member of the original land owners who had left and abandoned the property over 50 years ago.

In a normal civilized country this would be solved as a monetary settlement with the government paying the Arab more than the price of the property, yet in Israel Jews get their houses bulldozed. What makes Amona more frustrating is that a bill (now nearly passed) was introduced to prevent future occurrences of a similar type. Originally this bill was meant to retroactively include Amona and two other communities pending destruction, but the bill eventually dropped those three communities paving the way for today’s action.

We are told that although Amona is destroyed, the law is sufficient to protect Judea and Samaria in the future.  We are told that the government had to change the law to allow the Supreme Court to ok it.  Finally, we are told that today is actually a win for Zionism and Judea and Samaria.

The assumption that the Supreme Court is set to play ball now that they have been fed their quota of Judea and Samaria destruction is absurd.  We who live in Judea and Samaria must understand that the left who set up the internal organs of the state might not be in overt control, but they are embedded in the bureaucracy and judicial system to such a point that they will not simply fade away. Three generations ago they succeeded in becoming the founding members of the State of Israel.  They succeeded although Begin was far more popular with the Jewish street.  Those 29 years between 1948 and 1977 which marked the rise of Menachem Begin and the Likud gave the Left ample time to set the system up in a way that would allow them to continue to control the State of Israel without overt ruler-ship.

The Left will not go away.  Their control is too important for them.  The government dropped the ball on Amona, because they insisted on fighting the Left with kid gloves and as long as they are not willing to take the fight to the organs of power still controlled by the Left, then the government which is backed by a majority of Israelis will never be able to implement or enforce its will. If Bibi wants to be remembered as a great leader long after he is Prime Minister he must wake up and clean house entirely.  He must fight Israel’s internal enemies from a point of faith and clear direction towards a true Jewish State. The first focus must be the Judicial system. It is this tool the Left uses to rule over Israelis and it is this system that must be completely overhauled and rectified.  If the Prime Minister is not up for the task, it is time to find a leader that is.

[watch] Bibi Netanyahu: We Made Breakthroughs with Two Islamic Countries Last Week

Bibi Netanyahu touched on the following two points in his weekly cabinet address:

  • The Amona agreement (video was recorded before the agreement was accepted by the community)
  • His trip to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan last week

On the second point, the Prime Minister points out that both Islamic countries desire a real relationship with Israel and admire the Jewish people. The visits were breakthroughs in building serious partnerships emerging countries that have real economic potential and a desire to reach out as representatives of an emerging moderate Islam originating in central Asia. Israel already imports 40% of its oil from Azerbajan and has growing defense contracts with the small country that borders Iran and Armenia.


“Amona Will Not Fall Again” New Agreement Will Make Amona Permanent

Amona residents stood their ground, rejecting a bad deal Wednesday and today recieved what they wanted to from the government. The coalition voted to resettle 24 families on the same hill as the present community and push off the eviction for 30 days to wait for the houses to be built.  Amona recieved assurances and a timetable for implemention.

“We’ve decided to temporarily suspend the resistance [against the planned eviction], and to accept the government’s offer to build 52 new homes and public buildings in Amona,” said Ofer Inbar, Amona’s representative. “We decided to give the offer a chance and to [re]build our homes and lives here in Amona. We’ll keep a close watch and see if the state lives up to its promises to build homes and new public buildings in Amona.”

Amona Deal Erodes the Two State Solution

Regardless of how one views the specifics of the Amona deal, the actual achievement of the deal is precedent setting. Amona stood up for itself in an admirable way, showing that one can force a change in government policy without violence.

More importantly, the Amona deal is the first time the government has used the Absentee Law to acquire land in Judea and Samaria for te express purpose of building an actual community.  This is groundbreaking and paves the way for similar solutions to be implemented in Judea and Samaria. Given the amount of communities strewn throughout Israel’s Biblical heartland, implementing both the Regulation Law and creative solutions as was agreed on in Amona will make the already moribund two-state solution void.

Amona once again saved the Settlement Movement and the State of Israel; just as it did nearly 11 years ago.


Amona Rejects Deal With Government, Forcing Bibi’s Hand

Whether or not the government raises Amona is yet to be seen, but one thing is clear, the village’s residents understand that their mission is not personal but one that is national. The residents of Amona rejected the deal forged between Bibi Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett last week in which the Regulation Law will be passed on the back of Amona’s destruction.  The government wants the country to believe that they offered the residents of Amona an amazing deal where they would be moved 100 meters and stay on the hillside. Yet, that is not the actual deal.

Amona released a statement last night saying why they rejected the deal:

“Over the past year we led our lives with a single purpose – the desire to remain home. A desire to stay on the Amona hill.

“The struggle we led resulted in many achievements for the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria. Among other things we brought the advancement of the Regulation Law.

“Unfortunately, in the final stretch of the campaign for our homes – we were left out of the Regulation Law. We are left facing a bitter truth of an expected eviction: The destruction of our homes and community, and trauma for our children and for us.

“We were willing to accept the destruction of our private homes, and a move from place to place, if only a Jewish community would remain on the hill. But the proposed arrangement does not provide any guarantee or commitment that we will indeed receive an alternative home. In light of this and in view of the uncertainty in the proposal, the residents of Amona decided tonight, after ten hours of debate, to reject the proposed layout.”

The government is cornered now.  Bennett staked his political future on standing up for the settlement enterprise and with this rejection and revelation of the deal’s finer points Naftali Bennett has far less street creds to ensure a base of support to grow on. As for Bibi, he is no Olmert interested in showing the left that he is willing to destroy Jewish homes based on a Supreme Court ruling heavily influenced by interference from countless international leftist organizations.  Destroying Amona will not go without a fight. Land of Israel activists will not let his government’s betrayal of promises he made go unanswered and may end his career the next time there is an election.

Amona may be razed, but by rejecting an awful deal the residents have put Judea and Samaria first by showing the hypocrisy behind government actions in the biblical heartland. If they were to have agreed to this deal they would have been subjected to being in a constant state of homelessness and owing thousands of dollars on their homes.  Their response will make the present government and future ones deal with communities in Judea and Samaria differently.



Israel’s coalition crisis over the settlements regulation bill is not a normal power struggle between overweening politicians. It is not a popularity contest between Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and his Kulanu Party and Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his Bayit Yehudi Party.

It is also not about contenders for the helm challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political primacy.

The settlement regulation bill proposes to extend the authority of the Military Government in Judea and Samaria to seize privately owned land. That authority is now limited to seizure for military purposes. The bill would allow the Military Government to seize land for the purpose of private construction as well.

The political fight over the bill is not merely a fight over the community of Amona, which will be destroyed by order of the High Court if the law isn’t passed before December 25.

The fight over the law is a fight about the character of Israel.

Opponents of the bill argue that the law undermines the power of the Supreme Court and endangers Israel’s international standing. Proponents of the bill argue that Israel needs to ensure the primacy of the Knesset. They further argue that there is no point in bowing to the will of an international community that is constitutionally incapable of ever standing with Israel.

In case you were wondering, proponents of the bill have it right.

The settlement regulation bill is not a radical bill. It is a liberal reform of a legal regime that harms the civil rights of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians today are denied their full property rights. Shortly after its establishment in 2004, the Palestinian Authority made selling land to Jews and Christians a capital offense. Dozens of Palestinians have been murdered over the past two decades in extrajudicial executions by both Palestinian security forces and by terrorist militias working hand in glove with Palestinian security forces for the “crime” of selling their land to Jews.

Earlier this year, the Israeli group Ad Kan documented employees of the European-financed far-left groups Ta’ayush and B’Tselem conspiring to hand over to Palestinian forces a Palestinian landowner who expressed interest in selling his land to Jews. During surreptitiously recorded exchanges, they acknowledged that the PA would likely execute him.

The settlement regulation bill empowers the military commander to seize privately owned land and compensate the owners. In other words, it provides a means for willing Palestinian sellers to sell their property to willing Jewish purchasers without risking the lives of the owners.

As I noted in a column on the subject of the bill last week, the legal opinion published by Attorney- General Avichai Mandelblit opposing the settlement regulation bill included four arguments.

Prof. Avi Bell from the Bar-Ilan University School of Law rebutted all of Mandelblit’s claims in an article published two weeks ago in Yisrael Hayom.

As Bell showed, Mandelblit’s claim that the proposed law breaches international law is both irrelevant – since Knesset laws supersede international law, and at best arguable.

Mandelblit further argued that the Knesset has no right to pass laws that supersede international laws pertaining to the belligerent occupation of land seized in war. But Bell demonstrated that the opposite is true. For instance, Israel’s Golan Heights Law from 1981 canceled the military government on the Golan Heights and applied Israeli law to the area.

Mandelblit claimed that eminent domain cannot be used to seize land for private construction projects. But as Bell showed, there are dozens of decisions by US courts permitting eminent domain to be used in just such cases.

Finally, Mandelblit argued that the Knesset doesn’t have the authority to pass laws that contradict High Court decisions. Here too, Bell showed that the opposite is the case.

Israel’s constitutional order is based on its Basic Laws. Basic Law: Knesset defines the Knesset as the highest legislative authority. In line with this, the Knesset has passed numerous laws over the years that have overturned High Court decisions.

On the basis of Mandelblit’s last argument, on Monday, Kahlon announced that Kulanu would not support the settlement regulation law.

Kahlon insisted that his party would not support any law that undermines the court’s authority and since the court ruled that Amona must be destroyed and its residents rendered homeless by December 25, Kahlon will take no action to save the community.

Kahlon insists that he is motivated by a desire to protect the court’s prerogatives. But when assessed in the context of actual laws, it is clear that his position doesn’t primarily defend the court. Rather it undermines the Knesset, and through it, Israeli democracy.

If the Knesset doesn’t have the right to pass laws that run counter to Supreme Court decisions, then the public that elected the Knesset is effectively disenfranchised. Far from securing Israel’s democracy and constitutional order, opposition to the settlement regulation bill undermines both.

Then there is the issue of Israel’s international standing.

On Monday the security cabinet convened to discuss the settlement regulation bill. According to leaked accounts of the six-hour meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Bennett that passage of the bill is liable to cause the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to indict Netanyahu as a war criminal.

He also warned that passage of the bill is liable to induce US President Barack Obama to enable an anti-Israel resolution to be adopted by the UN Security Council.

Netanyahu’s claims are deeply problematic.

Insofar as the ICC is concerned, three points counter Netanyahu’s argument. First, Bensouda is already conducting an investigation of Israel.

She opened her investigation shortly after she wrongly admitted “Palestine” as a state member of the ICC.

The ICC will continue to investigate Israel whether or not the Knesset passes the settlement regulation law. And the merits of the bill will have no impact on the ICC’s decision to prosecute or close the investigation.

The second problem with Netanyahu’s claim is that just by making it – and leaking it to the media – he empowered the ICC.

The ICC is becoming weaker by the day. Angry over the political nature of its prosecutions, African states are abandoning it. Russia also has announced it is walking away.

Israel should welcome this development.

The Treaty of Rome which established the ICC made clear that one of the court’s purposes is to criminalize Israel.

By arguing that the ICC will respond to the passage of the regulation bill by indicting Israel, Netanyahu is lending credence to the false claims that there is something unlawful about the bill on the one hand, and that the ICC’s politically motivated investigation of Israel is legally defensible on the other hand. Indeed, by claiming wrongly that passing the bill will expose Israel to ICC investigation, Netanyahu is effectively inviting the ICC to persecute him.

The ICC, like its comrades in the lawfare campaigns worldwide, always target those perceived as vulnerable to pressure. This is why leftists like former justice minister Tzipi Livni are targeted for war crimes complaints while current Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is left alone.

The most extraordinary example of this sort of political targeting came on Monday. The same day Netanyahu was making the case for the ICC and Obama in the cabinet, word came that Palestinian immigrants in Chile have filed a war crimes claim against three High Court justices. Former Palestinians from Beit Jala, south of Jerusalem, filed war crimes charges against retired Supreme Court president Asher Grunis and sitting justices Uzi Vogelman and Neal Hendel, all being accused of committing war crimes for their decision last year regarding the route of the security barrier around Jerusalem.

There is no governing institution in Israel more sensitive to war crimes accusations than the Supreme Court. To avoid just such charges, justices routinely second-guess military commanders and the government and deny them the right to use their best professional judgment to defend the country.

In the decision for which they are accused of war crimes, the three justices gave qualified approval to the IDF to complete the security barrier around Jerusalem on land owned by the petitioners in Beit Jala. In their ruling, the justices actually sided with the petitioners’ claim that the proposed routes harmed their rights and insisted that the IDF prove that it had no means of defending the capital without building the barrier along the proposed routes.

And for their efforts, the justices are now being accused of war crimes.

The same flawed premise at the heart of Netanyahu’s claim that approving the bill will cause Israel to be prosecuted for war crimes stands at the heart of his claim that passing the law will increase the possibility that Obama will allow an anti-Israel resolution to pass in the UN Security Council.

The problem with this argument is that it ignores the basic fact that Obama’s desire to stick it to Israel at the UN Security Council has been a consistent feature of his presidency for eight years. Obama has wielded this threat against Israel without regard for its actual policies. He has threatened us when the government froze Jewish building rights. He has threatened us when the government respected Jewish building rights. If Obama decides to enable an anti-Israel resolution to pass through the UN Security Council during his remaining seven weeks in office, he will do so regardless of whether the Knesset passes or scuppers the settlement regulation bill.

The only thing likely to prevent Obama from harming Israel at the Security Council at this point is a clear message to the UN from the incoming Trump administration.

For instance, if President-elect Donald Trump announces directly or through an intermediary that Security Council action against Israel over the next seven weeks will induce the Trump administration to withhold US funding from the UN, UN officials will likely stuff draft resolutions to this effect into a drawer.

Netanyahu’s actions do more to harm his future relations with Trump than advance his current relations with Obama. If Netanyahu blocks passage of the settlement regulation bill, he is likely to enter the Trump era as the head of a government on the verge of collapse. Rather than be in a position to reshape and rebuild Israel’s alliance with the US after eight years of Obama’s hostility, Netanyahu may limp to his first meeting with the new president, the head of dysfunctional government beyond his control, and at the mercy of a legal fraternity and an international judicial lynch mob that he will have just empowered.

Originally published by the Jerusalem Post


When it Comes to Amona, What is Bibi Netanyahu Afraid Of?

Amona, a small community of approximately 40 families near the community of Ofra north of Jerusalem is set to be demolished by order of Israel’s activist and ultra left leaning Supreme Court. The technical reason for this, is the community rests on “Palestinian” private property. While it’s true a small portion of the community rests on “Palestinian” land, most of the community does not. The Palestinian who with the help of Peace Now brought the complaint directly to the Supreme Court,  has had nothing to do with the property as his family abandoned it more than a generation ago. In fact, the property was of no interest to the Arab until Peace Now who is funded by the EU unearthed this fact in a document.

Although Amona is slated for destruction on December 25th, there is a law that has been tabled in the Knesset entitled the Regulation Law or Normalization Law. The purpose of this law is to retroactively legalize any Jewish community that the State of Israel knowingly provided support in order to grow even if the community is built on Arab private land.  The absentee land owner in each case would be fully compensated.  In most societies these laws are standard. So why is Bibi Netanyahu so afraid of passing this law?

One word: Obama.

The passage of this law  prevents the precedent that the destruction of Amona brings, which is to destroy the communities of Judea and Samaria through judicial fiat.  The Regulation Law also inadvertently applies Israeli sovereignty to large areas of Judea and Samaria.  True it won’t be called this, but everyone knows that’s what it is. Bibi has already been informed by the US government and EU that there will be severe punitive measures at the Hague with the passage of this law.  Expect Obama to use the passage of the law to abstain from a UNSC vote recognizing the final borders of “Palestine.” These threats are well known and with 50 days to go Bii is just trying to hold out for a new far more amicable President Trump.

In a perfect world Bibi would get his way. The law would be pushed off until after Jan. 20th, but Amona’s destruction sets a precedent that his party the Likud and Jewish Home have vowed not to let happen.  If Amona falls the collapse of the government is almost certain.  December 25th is the date to watch, but with the 1st reading of the Regulation Law already finished with its passing (there are two more readings necessary), the trigger for international measures against the only Jewish state may begin by Hanukkah.


Break the BDS

The Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama Boil

Originally Published on Sultan Knish

Halfway to the sky sits a tiny village of little white houses that has attracted the ire of the White House.

The village of Amona with its small white houses and red roofs could easily be mistaken for some lost Italian village or a dusty California town. But the White House would not have “boiled in anger”, as one anonymous official claimed, over the doings of some Italian village.

There’s only one place on earth that makes Obama’s blood boil. It isn’t Iran or North Korea. It’s Israel.

Amona’s small scattering of houses have a fraction of the square footage of the White House. The 40 families living there in defiance of Islamic terrorists and left-wing lawfarers would hardly be noticeable if they all crowded into the White House foyer. And yet they’ve been condemned by the State Department in more virulent tones than most Muslim dictators.

What is it about this handful of Jews caught between heaven and earth that outrages so many?

That may be the great question of history. It will not be solved among the sheep pens and orchards, the little white houses of Amona and their inhabitants, who despite the rage of the big White House, continue to go to work each day, to raise their children and to worship in the way of their ancestors.

In the official parlance of the media, Amona is a “settlement”. That is to say it dates back a mere 3,300 years to the time when Joshua, born a slave in Egypt, commanded the Jews, “’Go and walk through the land, and describe it, and come back to me, and I will cast lots for you here before the Lord in Shilo.”

Today Shilo is a city of some 3,500. Like Jerusalem, it is also deemed a settlement. But on the list of places described by Joshua’s men, the mere speck of Amona appears before Jerusalem.

But then Amona, unlike Jerusalem, vanished from history. For thousands of years the name would have only meant something to the most dedicated biblical scholars. And then the left went to war against Amona. And out of that hatred the forgotten town was raised up from its forgotten place in history.

The handful of families living in Amona have been the subject of more legal proceedings, international debates, threats and international outrage than most genocides. 3,000 feet above sea level, its residents look up at a kind blue sky and down at an angry world that is unwilling to let them live in peace.

They meet the challenges of gravity and rage with simple faith. Asked about the threat of Islamic terror, a 5-year old girl answered, “As God helped Joshua, so he will also help us.”

Amona and its residents need all the help they can get. They have been under siege for decades. What the Islamic terrorists couldn’t do to the residents, lawyers and activists who receive funding from the Soros network and assorted international left-wing billion dollar organizations, strive to accomplish.

Demolition and eviction orders have been issued. Police have converged on the handful of buildings with clubs and yells. In one such battle a 15-year-old girl, whom we only know as Nili, stood in their way. The image of the teenage girl blocking the path of dozens of riot police in black became a Pulitzer Prize winning photo. “Anyone who looks today at the ruins of the houses in Amona – understands that in this operation there was no sense whatever, except destruction,” she said in an interview.

There is still no sense whatsoever to the war against Amona except destruction. It isn’t about the land.

Amona’s main antagonist is the extremist left-wing group Peace Now. There is nothing peaceful about Peace Now which seeks peace only with Islamic terrorists. One co-founder, Uri Avnery, declared, “The time has come to bury them.” Another Peace Now co-founder, Yigal Tumarkin weighed in, “My true contribution would be if I grabbed a sub-machine-gun, instead of a pen and pencil, and killed them.”

The children of Israel’s small towns and villages excite such unnatural fury from left-wing notables.

Under pressure from a radical left-wing judiciary, Israel’s government decided to relocate the families of Amona by building houses for them in Shilo. It is this which reportedly made Obama boil like a little teapot. The Jews of Amona are not to be permitted to live in their town. Or in any other.

According to some anonymous official, the plan to build houses for the evacuees in Shiloh is “of great concern” to the White House. Anyone wondering why Obama isn’t concerned about ISIS or the economy had better realize that his eye is firmly fixed on a small town in Israel up against the bulldozer.

And he’s determined to see to it that the bulldozer wins.

State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner claimed that building 98 homes would endanger peace. Peace in Israel is as dead as the dodo. But somehow it never seems to be endangered by any amount of Muslim suicide bombings, stabbings or rockets. The Palestinian Authority funds Islamic terrorism by paying salaries to terrorists using taxpayer money dispensed to them by Obama.


And this butchery of Jewish families and massacres of Rabbis in no way endangers peace.

It is only the very real risk that the families of Amona might find some shelter that renders the glorious infrastructure of “a viable Palestinian state more remote”. Like Haman, the Islamic terrorist state cannot stand to see a Binyaminite, no matter how alone, standing tall in defiance of its hunger and malice. These handfuls of homes represent, according to the State Department, “perpetual occupation.”

State has a point. 3,300 years isn’t quite perpetual, but it’s a lot longer than Toner has been hanging around D.C. It’s a long longer than appeasers who know not to eat with their left hand and to curse Israel when visiting Muslim countries have been sliming their way around Foggy Bottom.

Can a few dozen families really “block” the rise of an Islamic terrorist state in Israel? During Israel’s War of Independence the small village of Kfar Darom held out against sustained assaults from the Muslim Brotherhood. Among the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists was an Egyptian Jihadist named Yasser Arafat.

Moral courage enables a handful of people to do what the massive array of government cannot.

Nili explained her actions by saying, “You see me in the photograph, one against many, but that is only an illusion. Behind the many stands one man… but behind me stands the Lord.” Today that man is Barack Hussein Obama. The residents of Amona stand in the way of his dream of an Islamic Palestine.

Who are the people of Amona? For the most part, they are children. Amona has nearly 200 of them. 5 children are on the small side for a local family. Today Amona could pass for a village, tomorrow it’s a town and the day after it’s a city. That has been Israel’s history. In a world where the great cities of civilization are overrun by the terrible tide of Muslim demographics, it is a place whose people still believe in the future. Such little villages full of white houses with red roofs are fortresses of hope.

In Amona, you will find deer meandering through the street. The Nizri family, with eight children, sees to the casks of French oak in the winery. There are raspberries to pick, tools to mend and a life to build.

It is not mere height above sea level that enables the people of Amona to tower above their enemies. It is their determination to live lives of ordinary courage. They have attracted the ire and enmity of some of the most powerful people in their country, their region and the world. And yet they go on.

Obama boils in his anger like a lobster in a pot. The UN Security Council has scheduled a special meeting where Israel will be denounced by the likes of Venezuela and Angola. And in Amona, the children play.



Globalists Continue to Pressure Israel to Destroy Jewish Houses while Building Homes for Arabs

Israel’s Civil Administration, the section of the army in charge of administering Israeli control over Judea and Samaria authorized new Arab buildings near Jewish Susiya.  The government has been under intense pressure to provide building permits for Arabs in Area C, the area of Judea and Samaria under complete Israeli control.

While Arab squatters from Yatta continue to illegally build and set up a fake village on top of the remains of the ancient Jewish village of Susiya, the government in Jerusalem has folded to international pressure and agreed to allow Arabs to build houses nearby.

National Union faction head Uri Ariel was outraged.  Yet, the program is part of Defense Minister Lieberman’s new program of reward for “moderate” Arabs while coming down hard on extreme ones.

“The program’s goal is to do good by those prepared to live in co-existence with us, and on the other hand make things harder for those planning terror attacks,” Liberman said, according to Ha’aretz.

However, this reasoning is dubious as the EU has been publicly advocating for new Arab houses in the area for months as well funding the illegal encampment nearby. More than likely, Lieberman’s carrot and stick policy is coverage for his inability to stand up to international pressure.

Obama and EU Forcing Israel to Kick Jews Out of their Homes

Meanwhile, the Jewish community of Amona slated for destruction has sent the government scrambling for solutions to the ruling of the Supreme Court that insisted on leveling the Jewish community.  Although the government is trying to find a way to legalize Amona in order to prevent a coalition crisis, chances are slim Bibi Netanyahu will be able to stall long enough to find a solution.

The Obama administration has stepped in and urged the Israeli government to knock down the Jewish homes effectively leaving the inhabitants homeless because as State Department spokesman Mark Toner has insisted that the 98 homes of Amona are an impediment to peace.

The government in Israel seems incapable of preventing an infringement of the Jewish people’s basic sovereignty in its historic homeland. Until it understands than any folding against international pressure gives more power to its enemies, more and more Jewish communities will be in danger.