With America Entering Political Turmoil, Netanyahu Plans to Confront Putin on Iran

For nearly two years since Russias initial involvement in the Syrian Civil War, Israel’s unease at Iran’s movement towards its northern border has been soothed by an understanding crafted between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Putin that effectively allows Israel to check Iran’s ability to harm it.

With the Trump’s middleeast strategy in tatters due to Democratic overreach in forcing his first National Security Advisor out, Israel has had to take matters into its own hands concerning the relationship Iran has with Russia.

Bibi Netanyahu announced his attention to meet with Purin in Moscow this Thursday to discuss Iran. With Iran strengthening by the day, Israel cannot afford to wait for Trump to contain the Obama led insurgency as well as cleaning the Deep State network of spies from within the government.  Iran knows it has a window of time before Trump can right his ship and it is ready to make its move.

Bibi’s visit with Putin is a mission to convince Putin to once again push back against Iran with or without Trump.  Will Bibi succeed?  Israel’s future may depend on it.