Will Trump and Putin Allow Israel to Lead in the Middle East?

With Donald Trump’s win beginning to sink in across the international community, one thing is becoming clear,  the Donald will ultimately seek a positive working relationship Russia’s Putin.  Of course, the failing EU doesn’t like this and nor does the antiquated NATO, but Donald Trump and many others rightly believe that Russia can be a tremendous ally in stabilizing the world and fighting radical Islam.

Look for an agreement or understanding with Russia soon after Donald Trump is sworn in on demarcating unofficial spheres of influence for the two superpowers. As always, Russia views its former satellites under the Soviet Union as part of its great sphere of influence.  The Donald will not argue. The complicated part of this will be the Middle East, which to put it bluntly is pretty much becoming a massive version of Mogadishu circa 1993.

Most likely they will form a joint task force to manage Iraq, while handing over Syria to Russia. The dispute will be on Iran, which Putin has masterfully backed as a pawn against American adventurism. Putin being the consummate chess player may find it advantageous to eventually jettison the Ayatollahs. However this won’t happen right away.

Will Israel be Recognized as the Regional Leader it Already Is?

One country that both Putin and Trump see as the great stabilizer in the region is Israel.  Putin has already pushed back on Hezbollah and Iran using Syria to attack Israel’s North and under Trump the USA is finally set to move its embassy to Jerusalem.  Both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have little patience for primitive Arab squabbles as the region burns and have increasingly learned to rely on Israel’s technology and advanced intelligence gathering systems.

Does this mean that the days of gloom and doom when it comes to Israel are over?  Not at all, but what it does mean is the New New World Order being crafted between the USA, Russia, and China will more than likely rely heavily on Israel’s know-how, resilience, and stability in an increasingly chaotic environment.