REDEMPTION WATCH: Are the Anousim About to Return to Israel?

In 1492 the inquisition began and with it Spanish and Portuguese Jewry were forced to convert or fled to distant lands.  Many ended up in the new world and as the Inquisition spread to the new Spanish and Portuguese colonies these Jews became even more hidden. These Jews became known as Anousim

Now Reconectar, headed by Ashley Perry is dedicated to linking up the nearly 100 million descendents of Spanish and Portuguese Jewry with an aim of bringing 1.5 million eligable descendents to Israel.  Below is an excellent video about the intitiative.


[Podcast] Here Come the Anousim

In this podcast, I speak with Ashley Perry of the Knesset Caucus on Bnei Anousim [Marranos] and his work through Reconectar. There are so many facets this podcast touches on and shows why this movement is perhaps one of most important causes in the broader Jewish world today. There are literally millions of descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish origin. Ashley’s work is already having a tremendous impact.

Learn more at Reconectar.