[Podcast] The Obama Effect: Syrian Chaos, ISIS, and Israeli Leadership

The Syrian civil war is a direct result of the Obama doctrine: Chaos is the key to ensuring Western order.  The problem with this sort of thinking is that chaos is never managed well, especially when Islamic radicals are used as the primary tool to spread the chaos.  Listen to today’s podcast and learn how Israel has had to maneuver within the chaos and war of the new Middle East.

[podcast] From Nigeria to Ghana: Free Biafra

While attending the Africa Israel Initiative I had  the opportunity to sit down with our very own Oscar Lee face to face in Accra, Ghana.  Besides being a gracious host and a friend we shared some time on the issue of Biafra and what Israel can do to help. Have a listen!

[Podcast] Israel Doctrine: The Expanding Israelite Consciousness

I had the opportunity to speak to Carl Albert, the CEO and Founder of Israel Doctrine.  Carl is one of the many African Americans that have begun to connect to the Hebrew Roots of the Bible and attach themselves with the G-d of Israel.  We discussed the Hebrew Israelite Movement, Kemetic thought, and why Israelite is not about skin tone, but rather following the word of the Almighty.