New Stop-and-Frisk Law Gives Police More Power

A new bill was passed into law yesterday giving Israeli police authority to search any person on the basis of fear even without reasonable suspicion. While this law is temporary and valid for one year, some argue it will increase discrimination against minority groups including Arabs, Ethiopians and the Ultra-Orthodox. However, this may be an important step in preventing terror attacks in public places. Since October, Israel has been plagued with daily terror attacks, mostly stabbings, and the government has failed to implement a solution. This new stop-and-frisk law, while controversial, shows the government is finally trying to do something to provide security for its citizens.

Will the police abuse this new law? Probably. Israel has an ugly history of police brutality against its citizens, minorities and non-minorities alike. But will this new law help combat the current terror wave? We’ll have to wait and see.

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