Russia: Israel and “Palestinian” Arabs will Come for Talks

Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced Thursday that the Russian government has recieved word from both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government that Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to meet in Moscow for direct talks. A date for the direct meeting has yet to be determined.

The last time the two men met was in 2015 for a brief handshake.

Russia is quickly becoming the only real player in the Levant region as Ameica’s role in the region continues to contract and recede.  No one expects peace to come from the meeting, but Putin wants to go ahead with it to show that he is the future arbiter of regional disputes.

The only question for the Russian leader is whether he can hold himself back from pursuing the peace pipe dream of the Western world and instead build real regional stability.

Israel is praying he keeps composure.